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How to make an AA to D cell adapter with tape and foam. They do not sell C or D sized Sanyo eneloop NiMh batteries so you need to buy an adapter that goes from AA to C/D sized.

Hey what’s up everybody this is beat the bush and today we’re going to make an antelope double a battery 2 d cell size adapter now remember safety is our number-one priority not just kidding we don’t need to wear all of this a lot of people use nickel metal hydride and lube batteries one of the main features of these is that they have really high capacity and that

They last a long time on the shelf meaning they have really low self drainage but they don’t sell these guys in c or d size so you end up having to go online and find a little plastic adapter that makes them bigger than they are you just pop them in they become d cells and they you can put them in there like that three of them emptier for this flashlight see the

Spring here it’s a little bigger than the n1 so when you when it comes in it doesn’t actually fit i have to find this washer somewhere or you can put like a quarter or something and then you put it in and then it will work if you look up how much these guys cost probably get them around $2 roughly this thing being about the same cost as the battery kind of makes

Me go hmm you know i want it to be reusable so you need two kinds of high-density foam to wrap it around the battery and make it bigger i found that i was using this bubble wrap and i thought it worked well it would work well the first time but see the second time when you put the battery in it kind of like scrunches up like this and then covers the contact so it’s

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Not very good for reuse so i would advise not to use the bubble wrap if you want to be able to reuse this homemade battery adapter you see i have two layers of high-density foam here the first layer to make it as big as a nickel and then the second layer to make it as big as one of these esai batteries let’s just do one i just roll it around and then just cut it

Right where so that it’s one layer thick tape it a bit loosely because you want it to be able to slide in and out later and then you just take the second letter get about and wrap it around one layer like that put four bottles in there and make a make it so that this edge does not quite reach the the tip of the battery you just want it wide enough for most of the

Length so you can just go like that have it a little tight here so that it would hold the five-cent and then a little looser here and then with this at the bottom you go and cut cut it close to the five-cent and then you just put some tape on the on the very edge here this holds it king okay so now it’s ready just as good as this one and you make sure that actually

Slides in and out easily and put one of these guys in okay works okay so these guys come out to recharge and you can just put them back in and off you go so that’s all i have for you today i know a lot of people want to do the same thing so i hope this helps people to make an adapter without having to buy it thanks for watching this video like it and comment down

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