Make Lunches to Avoid Inflation

Ever wonder how to really REALLY get your food costs down? Inflation is at an all time high and sometimes, reducing your grocery bill might be a requirement. I routinely eat at this low cost sprinkled in with some luxuries of higher priced meals here and there. The idea is to normally eat at this low rate and sometimes eat a bit fancier. In the end, it’s healthier to consume less meat and a more healthful way to eat.

Inflation has caused food prices to rise dramatically and yet my grocery bill has actually been going down today i’m going to share with you my tips and tricks on how i get my food prices down to about one dollar per meal this video is brought to you by moomoo a free stock trading app you can get up to 10 free shares of stock just for signing up and making a

Deposit this is actually their best promotional deal that they ever had i know that this app is not quite mainstream yet and so the promotional deals are actually a lot better than others once more people sign up like many apps are gonna reduce these kind of incentives check out my referral link down in the video description below first thing you can do is be a

Savvy shopper my local grocery store is safeway 3.99 a pound for ground beef this is actually pre pandemic regular price so considering beef prices has more than double this is a pretty darn good deal sardines i bought this at costco typically for about ten dollars per six pack when it’s on sale but recently it went on sale for 750 for a six pack now you might

Wonder how does this translate to one dollar per meal if you have a quarter pound of ground beef this is one dollar per meal of course you have to add in the other things like vegetables and rice but you can actually reduce the amount of meat even further if you replace some amount of beef with other things such as beans or eggs this is going to reduce your amount

Even further and really creating a one dollar per meal at 750 for six cans this is about a dollar 25 per can of sardines a little bit over a dollar per meal but it’s around there second tip is to buy your meat in bulk and pack them this is the actual four dollar per pound ground beef and i split them in 12 packs it was 12 dollars so it’s one dollar per pack i

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Plastic wrap each one i write the date and also what is in it it’s very important to write the date because once it’s been in the freezer for a couple months you’re gonna forget how long it’s been in there if you don’t label it and you take something out of the freezer it might just be some kind of mystery meat surprise by the time you defrost it it’s like some

Kind of bull ball moo moo moo keep in mind that if you buy in bulk and freeze don’t buy too much because meat actually lasts between 6 and 12 months and ground meat like this lasts about three to four months in the freezer if you buy the whole chicken and cut it up yourself it’s a lot cheaper than buying let’s say just chicken breast pieces usually buying a whole

Chicken ranges from two to four dollars versus chicken breasts only it might be like ten dollars a pound i make milk tea in the morning and i have a very definite need for some kind of creamer ever since i switched to pure almonds and make almond milk myself i actually never run out of milk because i always have some kind of dried almonds and i can make it pretty

Much any time a one pound bag of almonds might cost about ten dollars and this lasts me about six weeks or so comparing to buying a half gallon of milk it’s five dollars per week so it’s quite a bit cheaper so no more milk going bad if you don’t finish it in time if you use it just as a creamer no more running out to buying milk and most of all if you buy almond

Milk if you make it yourself then you’re not going to get all these additives they add to it i actually got this bag for free and i recommend you guys to try this out which is this thing called cvs care pass because this is absolutely just free money you get ten dollars worth of credit put in there but the catch here is you have to sign up for a five dollar month

Subscription but you get the first month free so what you do is you sign up for the first month you go get your ten dollars worth of free stuff including a bag of almonds like this and then you just cancel it right away if you want there’s no referral or anything just go search for cvs care paths and go get that people these days have way too much meat and having

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Too much meat is actually cancerous is really really bad for you so you really actually have to eat like a really really poor person people in the third world country like rice and beans and meat is more like a holiday treat a sedentary man typically needs only 56 grams of protein a woman needs only 46 grams per day this translates to two cans of sardines or two

Portions of four ounces of ground beef per day now this is only true if you only eat beef as your only source of protein or you only eat sardines you can actually mix it in with other cheaper things like beans or like eggs beans like this is around one to two dollars a pound and you’re not gonna eat one whole pound of bean more like one tenth of a pound so if you

Mix this in with your higher cost animal protein you’re gonna significantly reduce your cost per meal likely towards one dollar per meal now at this point you guys might think i am such a poor poor person i live in poverty or something this is not true i still go have my usda prime rib eye i have one of them still in my freezer i just had barbecue beef ribs other

Day and i really prefer wild caught sockeye salmon all of this stuff might sound a little extravagant but the point is i mix in more expensive things once in a while just to satisfy my urge to have something really delicious it’s like what people used to do when people are healthier they’re not getting a whole bunch of diabetes and where there is not too much

Abundance of red meat in the summer months i find myself not needing to buy fruits because i have a loquat tree and also a fig tree when the season comes in i actually reduce the amount of apples and oranges that i buy to completely zero and i just eat the stuff off of the tree every single time i walk by the tree i just pick couple of them and bring it into the

House i never water the loquat trees i water the fig tree maybe like a handful of times a year and they still give huge amounts of fruits every single year for example loquats i get them in may and june and for figs i get them from july to september so how do you take advantage of this yourself you start planting some fruit trees in your yard if you have a yard

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Another way to save money is through your supermarket rewards program get very familiar with it and how you can get the most rewards out of it for safeway every 100 of gift cards that you buy not visa gift cards it has to be like amazon gift cards or whatever but you get two rewards points if you buy 600 worth of gift cards you get about 20 worth of rewards credit

At this store now it doesn’t actually make sense to go and buy gift cards on purpose because you’re actually spending 600 you don’t want to do that what you want to do is for places that you already shop at you buy credits such as amazon the last item i want to talk about might not be a cup of tea for everyone which is to avoid processed foods what are they chips

Cookies cereals things in jars things in cans things in plastic packs fruit juice drinks in bottles so does everything in the aisles of a grocery store i basically skip when i go shopping at a supermarket i walk around the perimeter you go towards the left and you walk right past all the fruits and vegetables and then you get to the meat towards the back you might

Go across some dairy i avoid frozen vegetables frozen tv dinners i don’t even eat much ice cream or frozen burritos all those things just just there’s none of it in my fridge maybe every month or two i might buy a bag of chips i stopped drinking as much when i realized how bad it is for you i just don’t enjoy the sleeplessness if you drink a couple of drinks the

Next day you just feel terrible the whole day is ruined i always leave it for drinking outside you know as a special occasion type of thing once i stopped buying it i realized that my grocery bill dramatically dropped a lot lower so i just want to plant the seed of health for everybody just kind of keep it in mind i’m not forcing you guys to do this just know that

This is healthier and it saves money don’t forget to give me a like on this video and subscribe for more thanks for watching you

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