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Current version of Sonicare toothbrush I recommend: Electric toothbrushes have an inherent problem of trying to waterproof the internal electronics. The combination of constant water flowing downwards through a seal that vibrates means the water WILL get through pretty quickly and kill your toothbrush. High-end toothbrushes have a non-replaceable battery which means it will eventually fail and you will have a useless toothbrush while the rest of the until still functions just fine.

How’s it going everybody this is beat the bush today we’re going to talk about electric toothbrushes like these and how to make them last forever a long time ago i got a really fancy philips sonicare toothbrush and it was this rechargeable thing it’s really slim it’s one of those top-of-the-line ones it cost me about $90 at the time i think it was like 10 years

Ago it’s kind of like this one this is an oral-b one it was fully rechargeable but it was completely sealed except for the top thing that you can remove and put back on it’s completely sealed the rechargeable battery is inside the idea is that you stick this up right onto this little inductor thing it and it charges your battery and it’s really fancy it has like

Bunch of leds and stuff the thing is vibration and moisture and electronics never mix if you ever noticed if you use a shower radio and if you put it anywhere near a splash that radio will probably only last you as long as maybe one year or two year because the splashing of water even if it’s waterproof eventually it kind of erodes the rubber the seals and stuff

And it gets inside the electronics once it’s inside the electronics is starts to short things out same thing with the electric toothbrushes this is not an inexpensive one but when you have a philips expensive one usually it has a lithium ion battery in there and it’s not replaceable so for something like this if you have the brush head over here you’re going to

Have a little bit of water and it eventually goes down mix this way onto this moving part and you see it’s moving like this and so the water is eventually going to seep inside and then eventually makes its way into the electronics there’s no way to avoid that because there’s eventually going to be a seam unless they do it magnetically and like in this case for

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Sonicare yes they do do it magnetically inside there’s a magnet it moves it it moves it inside and it moves this back and forth but the thing is this toothbrush is split in between and so there’s a divide and if water goes in there and you sit it upright like this the water will eventually go down inside and break your tooth pill so what i found the easiest way

Is you put the brush head on you need to take it off every single time and then when you store it you put it upside down like this and let the water drain out therefore no water would ever try to go in by gravity so you turn it every time when you’re finished you put it upside down like this and this particular one i’ve been using for over five years and it still

Works however i don’t see this lasting much longer if you keep on using this every single day and put it upright in its charger the water will seep in and eventually break this what you can do is after you use it remove your toothbrush put it upside down like this because there’s going to be some residue or water here put it upside down and like a cup or something

You can’t charge it right if you put it upside down but at least you’ll have the water drip down if you do that then your toothbrush will last as long as your internal rechargeable battery maybe you can do this for like two three years or something but then it’s not replaceable because you can to open this up if you open it up you’ll likely have a really hard time

This is plastic here this is kind of rubbery plastic that’s molded on it can’t open this and close it back together in in a pretty way with this one how do i get around the rechargeable thing because i want to have rechargeables to fully charge and little loop batteries roughly lasts me about three to four weeks so every every three or four weeks i got a recharge

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It and i recharge it with this and the loops are pretty good because they contain a lot of capacity and they have really low drainage when it sits there i like using these you can actually buy one of these guys is actually really cheap when i bought this it was only $17 and right now you can actually get sonic air electric toothbrushes i think they’re like $15

And they’re double-a batteries it’s a newer model than this one because this is really old i’ll put a link down below in the video description on where you can get that and if you get it it will help out this channel so please go get it if you’re looking for electric toothbrush and you want it to last a really long time care with this it comes with a climbing

Batteries you can just use those up and then toss them and then you need to get some eneloop batteries so you can charge them the weight it uses is yeah you use it normally and then when you’re done 2 minutes there’s a 2 minute timer in there vibrates and tells you that it’s 2 minutes it’s up you remove for this the head you put it upside down just like the other

One and you know you can just recharge it whenever it’s needed since you’re putting rechargeable batteries and you got to make sure water doesn’t get into the battery section so you got to take care when you’re using it you don’t have the water drip down because if it drips down and a little bit gets in the crack um and and then when you flip it over if you do it

Over like a week or two eventually a little bit of water will seep in and it’ll start to destroy your batteries in there so after you use it you got to make sure the bottom is not wet it is what you gotta take special care to dry it off including inside the seams if you want this to last a long time lastly i want to talk about the philips sonicare toothbrush i

Really like the way that it vibrates a lot because when you put it in between your teeth you’re supposed to brush your teeth so that when you’re brushing your teeth you can actually feel the bristles in between your teeth and you gotta brush all the way in the back here so way i do it is i stick it all the way in the back so that the end of this thing can it’s

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Like touching the back of my mouth that’s where you’re supposed to go because a lot of times people brush this you know force up here right and when you’re when you’re actually using a manual toothbrush you go like this you don’t want to jam it back and it’ll hurt yourself right but with this one its vibrating so you can just kind of like park it back there go

Move upwards move down and then pour the inside on this side you move it all the way in in the back and you just kind of feel around for the bristles to go in between your teeth and you can actually feel things getting removed the last thing i want to talk about is that the link i put down below is for sonic hair and it’s really really low price compared to you

Know the ones they try to sell you at the sword oh nice one they put on the display you always see them for like $70 $150 that’s just crazy i just bought one of these double-a power it works the same that that’s the weird thing it works exactly the same it vibrates it exactly the same you’re not getting any reduction in quality so do you want to spend $150 or one

Tenth of that you get essentially the same quality of service i guess out of this thing except you’re not going to have like you know you can’t have it on a nice display and people will glue it looks like a really cool toothbrush just everything does anyone go and comment on your toothbrush anyway so just buy the cheap one it’ll last you forever and that’s all i

Have to say about this so don’t forget to give me a like over here comment down below if you have some questions about toothbrushes or if you just like this video please comment and don’t forget to subscribe thanks for watching

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