Making the 200 Stimulus Check Last for a Month

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How’s it going everybody this is beat the bush we’re about to get a $1,200 stimulus check so today i’m gonna show you how you can stretch this to last you over a month there’s a certain need to make your money last at times like these and i personally am not immune to all of this because even as a youtuber i make youtube revenue and what i’m seeing is at first it

Was down about 10% and now it’s as bad as about minus 25% given the same amount of views you really just have to look at the basics that you need which is food water shelter and internet because you need internet a lot these days when i reviewed my expenses what’s odd is that it’s not that different from my day-to-day life other than that i probably am not gonna

Go to any restaurants at all going forward as long as this isolation remains in place i will probably hold on to some of my electronic purchases because everything that i have i can just make do for example i have a need for a new hard drive but i can still make do without it i can just try to clear up my other hard drives just kind of make a little bit more room

Because i have time now to do something like this and you can essentially trade your time for a lot of convenience and you don’t have to buy a lot of convenient things and do a lot of things yourself for example you don’t have to get takeout instead you’re gonna be at home all the time so why not buy a lot of raw ingredients make it yourself make your own brownie

Mix or whatever you can make your own dinner and you can save them a lot of money that way therefore by the time you get this twelve hundred dollar stimulus check you’re essentially not gonna go over budget you can just spend only this thing and let’s check and hopefully they’re gonna give another stimulus check if this lasts much longer than one month now i’m

Actually not treating my home as a prison where i cannot go outside at all sometimes i might want to just step out into the front door you know walk half a block away if i don’t see anyone else then i would but if i see other people i’m not gonna go out there i have gotten in my car two times since this isolation and went around driving everywhere today i went out

Just to take a look just kind of spy on everything and see how many people are out on the streets see how many people are out on the freeway and stuff and to my surprise and it actually makes me feel a lot more calmer to see a lot of people out there although i think it’s not actually a good thing because we’re trying to socially isolate ourselves right so that

We won’t give a disease from one person to another and over here in the east bay area when i went out i still see a lot of people walking around and i see more than a few people congregating i see people walking down the streets you know but certainly a lot more people have their masks on people are going to grocery stores and things like that but it’s not the same

Sights as other very very lockdown cities right where you can walk down the streets and you don’t see anyone at all i can take a peek at the freeway and i see at least ten cars on each side of the road alrighty i went past the gym and i noticed that it’s closed no one’s in the parking lot i checked out a lot of different restaurants and it seems like they are open

A lot of them are open and i’m just surprised that you know they didn’t just closed down everything right now it seems like no one’s in the many restaurants that i saw but then they still have take-out so you know reasonable over here not as close as i imagined it to be now i’m gonna go through my expenses i’ve done this before i’m gonna do a concatenated version

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Because some of my expenses has changed a little bit i’m gonna update you guys on what they are and essentially without going to restaurants without buying gadgets and stuff without any kind of travel i’m essentially going to reduce my expenses all the way down to 1350 1200 or so which is roughly the amount of the stimulus check so if i personally can qualify for

One i’m not sure if i eventually will or not but if i do get it i can essentially take this check and just live on it for a entire month and i think after this one whole month if we still have some isolation thing they’re probably gonna introduce yet another stimulus check so two months in a row i can essentially live on these things even without any youtube income

Housing property tax and hoa all of this cost me four hundred seventeen dollars a month it’s increased from four hundred dollars you might be asking why the heck is it so low is because i paid off my house i’m only paying property tax hoa i combined all of this to sort of offie escape things you know i’m just gonna call this my housing costs per month the healthcare

Insurance it has increased from three hundred seven dollars to 364 this is really ridiculous you know just in a span of a year or two and my monthly cost has increased about by $60 i feel like i have to decrease other things to compensate my groceries before i went into this isolation i spent about $400 i bought a lot of groceries from different places i bought a

Lot of sardines i bought some flour all kinds of different kinds of food and generally it’s not that expensive every single meal might cost me somewhere between two and four dollars so every single month you can go $30 times four it’s about 120 dollars every single month just add in a little padding there i’m just gonna call it about $200 my car insurance is ninety

Four dollars and 44 cents as you guys know i just bought a new car and i have the tesla insurance and this is what it’s costing me $94 my internet service is $55 and i really really have to keep this because i use it all the time i need it to upload videos there’s no way under this isolation am i going to produce a video and then go out to some mcdonald’s or starbucks

Or something and then upload it there no way am i gonna do that so internet is sort of one of the life things that you need other than food shelter and water gas and electric runs about fifty five dollars every single month and i lump this in with housing i consider this housing because when you have a house right you just don’t have a hut with no utilities with

No running water and no toilet and stuff right so gas and electric is one of them i have water about $24 a month trash is about $20 a month if you live in an apartment sometimes its included with the rent but i personally have to pay for it myself i have a scooter a gasoline moped type of thing i think it’s about 150 cc it cost me six dollars and fifty six cents a

Month and this might be something i can cancel i might be able to just you know just lop it off and say i’m not gonna pay this i’m not gonna drive it for the name six months and save myself seven dollars a month it’s actually not that much money if i’m not gonna use my car all that much right if i’m only gonna use it as a joyride i’m not gonna go to a restaurant


If i’m not gonna go to the you know san francisco or something then you know what’s the use for the car i don’t need it so potentially if i’m hurting which i’m not really hurting all that much i could potentially cancel my car insurance and just park my car here if i need to go somewhere i can ride my bike i can use my electric scooter i can use my gasoline scooter

Different kinds of transportation modes i can use instead of paying for my car insurance so all of this adds up to 1,200 $35.60 not that much and the stimulus check of $1,200 probably gonna cover this pretty well now what’s more important than the things i do pay for is the things i don’t actually pay for now and then we go over these things school loan some of

You might not have the luxury of not paying for a school loan i paid mine off a couple years ago i think i made a video about that but you see the advantage of paying your loans off now right because once you pay it off if you come into crises like these you no longer have to pay for them your burn rate is extremely low you don’t need that much money to survive

You’re not gonna default on your school loan mortgage payments or something you’re not gonna stress out over it so paying these loans off really really reduces my stress my cellphone plan is zero landline i don’t have a landline video service i don’t even have video service i don’t have netflix or no cable no hulu whatever i’m just using the trial subscriptions if

I ever want to watch anything and i noticed these subscription services like cbs all access right they extended the trial from one week to one whole month so you might be able to take advantage of those and just sign up for them for a month and just make sure you cancel them before that one month is up market thing on your calendar no magazine subscriptions if you

Have one this is probably the time to cancel it food subscriptions i don’t have any of that i’m not even going to grocery stores right now because what i plan to do for maximum safety i already have two months worth of food right so what my plan is i’m just not gonna go out i’m not even gonna go to the grocery store because the danger is exponentially increasing

Right now and i do not think it’s worse for me to get it even though if i get it right i probably will survive but once i get it it might mean i have to quarantine myself for like two or three weeks before i can go you know go outside and you know do other things so on top of this any kind of maintenance like home repair maintenance some things are gonna be falling

Apart sometimes can put those off car maintenance i can put those off because you know my brand-new car i don’t need to pay anything for maintenance gasoline i still have the gasoline moped right but the cost of filling that up it’s incredibly low every single time i go to the gas station it’s only half a gallon and that cost like two dollars so you know we don’t

Even have to care about that fast track which is our bay area electronic toll if you don’t go anywhere you don’t cross bridges then you don’t have to pay anything for a fast track i have a clipper card which is something that you used to take buses the mass transit system called bart over here in the bay area again you don’t go anywhere so i’m not gonna spend

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Anything on that restaurants a lot of people might not like to cook right but i see a lot of people getting takeout for example a lot of people are getting to go pizza maybe they’re gonna order from restaurants i’m taking this chance to like not use any of those at all because i see that as being a nonzero chance of getting you know getting something contagious

From the food i have read articles saying oh the chances are very very low but to me this is kind of like if someone sneezes on something right on the packaging of the food that essentially is a mode of transmission they sneeze on it you bring it home you touch it you know you touch your face because you think everything is safe because you’re gonna eat it maybe

Wipe your mouth or something so you can read all the articles you want and say okay it’s a very very low chance i’m just not gonna risk it i’m just gonna be like this is gonna be a completely sterile thing for me if i stay home if i don’t go out if i don’t go to restaurants if i don’t even go to supermarkets i’m just gonna use up my supply first from this point on

I’m gonna eat up everything until i have nothing left and then i’ll go out i would think that is the maximal safety that i can possibly have obviously no travel expenses i’m not gonna go on flights i’m not gonna get hotels you know so that’s zero you’re not gonna buy any clothing most of time these days i’m just warning sweatpants anyway today it’s a special day

Because i thought i’d wear like a shirt and jeans for you guys right instead of being in my you know i just woke up kind of get up over here i don’t buy any gadgets there’s no fun mining anymore so all of us you know all those things i’m going out for the past two weeks this is exactly what my expenditure is i bought nothing from the grocery store after my initial

Period were you know i try to get all the supplies and then you know it’s it’s like completely cold turkey of not buying anything i didn’t even buy anything online on amazon so there you have it this is my expenditure what i really have been doing these few days and i hope this gives you some ideas on how to reduce your expenses i think it’s probably better to

Do your cancelling now and not go okay well i’m gonna wait two weeks and see how things turn out because i personally think it’s this is gonna be quite drawn out it’s definitely gonna last another week it’s definitely gonna last two more weeks and i feel like when we get there they’re probably gonna go okay we’re gonna extend it a little bit more because there’s a

Bunch of infections still going on out there and our infection rate is actually still going up especially in california in new york so this is gonna take some time for us to you know hang out over here you can watch my videos and gonna have a chat like this don’t forget to give me a like on this video i hope this video helps you out on how to minimize your expenses

Especially if you’re one of those that got laid off and maybe you’re just waiting for the stimulus check maybe you’re trying to get unemployment and you can just basically use those things only and live just fine or even live pretty comfortably as i am right now and as always don’t forget to push that subscribe button and ring that bell icon thanks for watching

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Making the $1200 Stimulus Check Last for a Month By BeatTheBush

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