Malaysia’s Anwar Ibrahim on Goldman and 1MDB

The prime minister in waiting has been the leading opposition politician for more that two decades. He talks to the FT’s Stefania Palma about 1MDB, Chinese investment and his own future

Malaysia’s prime minister in waiting says goldman sachs was used as cover for the corruption scandal at the 1mdb state investment fund and anwar ibrahim now wants the investment bank to pay back the fees that earned the world’s biggest financial scandal also brought down malaysia’s government in may elections i asked mr. anwar about how the country intends to deal

With goldman the probe into 1mdb is reaching a new stage with trials looming for bankers but also former prime minister najib razak what is malaysia prepared to do against goldman sachs which has been dragged into the scandal and what is next into the investigations into 1mdb the complicity of goldman sachs has in actual fact been used by the imdb to give some sort

Of credence to them and therefore is a cost to the country so a positive litigation or some sort of negotiations where we can recoup a substantial amount the losses to be given back to the people of malaysia do you think it would be possible to recoup even more than the 600 million dollars in fees and how would you go about that it has to be more than the commission

That they took but i think we will leave it to the team to negotiate china’s belton road initiative has led to massive infrastructure spending across asia but as a result countries are building up huge debts to china on taking power malaysia’s new government immediately put a series of these big china-backed projects under review i asked mr. anwar about the fate


Of the biggest of these the twenty billion dollar rail line linking malaysia’s less-developed east coast to southern thailand and kuala lumpur i would assist invisibly the chinese major emphasis the project is mainly due to our own financial constraints and the cost is exorbitant we need to relook at it so the initial decision was to cancel as announcement to

Maja there but i think there are efforts to try and relook at the subject if it’s said to be economically feasible and if the course is not exorbitant looking at the bigger picture the trade investments relations china is pivotal to the growth of the economy and they cannot be described disregarded whether it is outright cancellation or in negotiating that in

Destined to be discussed mr. anwar was not able to stand in mays election as he was still in prison a pact with current prime minister mahathir mohamad gotten pardoned and in exchange for his support in mays election mr. anwar is poised to be the country’s next leader the deal with mahir was always that he would hand over power to you but obviously you two have

A long history of confrontation is there any reason to doubt that he will stick to this promise well if you look at the past at times we were extremely cordial together working brilliantly ict and of course was this rancorous exchanges now we have entered to this arrangement for the sake of the country and the agreement was to design all the coalition leadership

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Including my mother i have no reason to doubt that it is committed to the agreement and he would only he has said it a couple of times and our relations have been cordial and the working relationship has been good so you are a hundred percent confident than in a couple of years time you will be the new and next prime minister of malaysia for now god willing and we

Say here things should be smooth could see a smooth transition because we need political stability in these difficult times and we need to focus our efforts to revive the economy so i guess you would say that’s you fully trusts prime minister mahathir in this transition of power to you in the future there’s no reason for me to doubt thank you very much

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Malaysia's Anwar Ibrahim on Goldman and 1MDB By Financial Times

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