ManifestSeven Holdings Corporation (CSE: MSVN) (OTCMKTS: MNFSF)

ManifestSeven Holdings Corporation (CSE: MSVN) (OTCMKTS: MNFSF) (” M7 ” or the ” Company “) disrupts the California cannabis landscape by seamlessly integrating multifaceted retail and distribution operations into a unified statewide platform that supports compliant and efficient commerce, both for cannabis consumers and enterprises. M7 offers local on-demand delivery, as well as a traditional brick-and-mortar retail experience, to consumers through its dispensary brand, Weden. It also provides best-in-class distribution services for cultivators, manufacturers, and dispensaries, through its full-service distribution brand, Highlanders Distribution. M7’s 1-800-CANNABIS portal ties this all together with a centralized gateway through which cannabis businesses and consumers can access M7’s comprehensive suite of products and solutions. #manifestseven #stocks #richtvlive

Hi how you doing today i’m your host rich here we have a rich tv live with our very special guest the ceo of manifest 7 holdings corp sturgis carbon how you doing today sturgis doing well it’s good to be here thanks for having me thank you for joining us excited to speak with you and learn more about your company why don’t you start off by telling us a little

Bit about manifest seven holdings corp and what made you want to become the ceo yeah so uh manifest seven is currently focused on building the first true integrated b2b and b2c platform for legal cannabis in california and we’re sitting in the largest market in the world so we do everything from long haul full service distribution to local last mile down to

Owning and operating dispensaries and then ultimately delivery to the front door of the end user so all that seamlessly integrated into a singular platform accessible through 1-800 cannabis which everyone can remember i got into space a long time ago actually about seven years which is like geological time in this industry and it really goes back to where

I started i’m a 20-year recovering investment banker uh i got my started investment banking and technology at the literally the height of the internet bubbled just as it was beginning to crash and so to a large extent i i think over the last 20 years i’ve developed a skill set as a bear market banker but when cannabis kind of came calling five six years

Ago seven years ago if you looked at the market and you had been through kind of the late 90s early 2000s you had been to that movie before and you knew how it was going to end and so sure enough we saw kind of the same 1.0 ramp up a correction and now we’re in the consolidation and moving into the sustainable hockey stick so i saw the similarities between

My first experience starting out you know as a young banker to this context today and the relationship was so one-to-one i just had to jump in that’s great well yeah the timing is great and like you said there’s a lot of things coming along the pipeline here what are the three main focuses or what are the main focuses for the first three quarters of 2021 so

We’re um focused on a couple of different things number one in the distribution side of our business that’s a very organically driven growth strategy so we’re investing in inventory and vehicles we’ve already built the infrastructure we have the clients the full services suite so the expansion of that business throughout california is really going to be very

Ground up it’s more mature we’ve been in it longer it’s got a serious running start and it’s really been constrained primarily by resource which we now have on our retail business uh it’s it’s a much more acquisitive inorganic strategy so you know we’re looking at dispensaries and kind of key strategic markets around california particularly to the extent they

Unlock the delivery service from a licensing perspective and then delivery in california on the retail side is also very fragmented and is ripe for a roll-up so kind of you know initiative number two or priority number two is is the m a side on the retail end of our business and scaling that way and then i guess number three is getting the message out on our

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Stock you know we’re a pretty differentiated company um we’ve been around for a long time we’ve got a great operating history we’re poised for some serious growth in the next 12 months and it’s really just a function of amplifying that message so the market is aware of it now the cannabis space is starting to pick up because of the biden administration now in

Place and possible federal legalization huge catalyst coming specifically in america can you tell us what sets manifest seven holdings corp apart from the rest of the cannabis companies out there yeah and this is actually kind of a key philosophical difference um most of the premiums in the market for the last couple of years have been paid on companies that

Are multi-state and the way that they became multi-state was they had to vertically integrate so they literally do everything from growing the plant to extracting the oil to manufacturing a brand to putting those brands on the shelves of their own retail outlets that’s that’s a lot to do and it’s not really sustainable and to a large extent it’s supported by

The artificial barriers that exist between the state today you know when you remove the interstate restriction you don’t have as much of a need for like a million square foot grow facility in oklahoma this is going to normalize into a global supply chain well there’ll be some limited locations everyone knows what they are where it’s economic and ideal to grow

The plant and then the supply chain will build up around it right now we’re contorting ourselves into this vertically integrated model and we’re missing the specialization aspects of it so what manifest 7 has done is said we’re going to do distribution and retail in a very focused disciplined and integrated way into the exclusion of everything else upstream

And what that means for us long term is as we grow out of california and in other states all of those businesses all of those operations are complementary and synergistic with each other they’re not redundant so when the state ban lifts if i’ve spread my model across the country it’s connective tissue that ties it all together in the domestic business it’s

Basically the legal use of the federal highway system a lot of the other operators by the time that you get there they’re going to be facing a lot of legacy redundant infrastructure that they just don’t need and they’re going to have to contend with that so it’s positioning now and skating to the puck of where this all goes especially here in your point the

Increasing inevitability of federal reform manifest 7 holdings corp recently announced that its direct-to-consumer division has commenced local on-demand delivery operations in brisbane california can you give us an idea of what this means for the company and what’s up what type of potential revenues could be generated our community loves to hear about

Revenues what are we looking at well i’m happy to talk about revenues really where we should be focused on the bottom line because these are all creative profitable businesses and you know from a revenue perspective one market varies from another brisbane is a is a key strategic operation for us because of its location so a couple of things we’ve had a home

Delivery presence in northern california out of oakland for the last three years we’ve migrated our distribution business from that facility in oakland also to brisbane which is multi-use so we now have a scale optimized facility in brisbane for distribution and that’s taken our tax exposure down from eight percent to one percent so there’s a lot of margin

Expansion for us that gets us to profitability much quicker at the same time we launched a delivery operation out of brisbane too whereas oakland is now dedicated as a delivery service on the greater oakland market brisbane gives us an almost monopolistic coverage of the the region from san francisco into san jose which at the moment has not been licensed for

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Any retail at all so that entire kind of territory is totally virgin and we have the ability not just to put a store there but actually bring the product directly to those end users so for us delivery you know out of brisbane is just a replicable model it’s picking the major markets to put that service there you know to to cover that population and then you

Take a step back and think about it in a state this big every one of those operations is key in providing overall coverage so i look at our delivery centers a lot like cell phone towers in the late 90s you need to have enough of them spaced around the state with a tight enough kind of radius for service coverage to be responsive to the customer retain the

Customer and ultimately own the customer over the long term so it’s a proliferating strategy market by market across california i think that’s a great strategy and like you said it’s an enormous market you know being in canada california is like the size of canada yeah so you’ve got all of canada in one state and it’s it’s it’s enormous it’s huge potential

And you’re in the right place when it comes to cannabis in my opinion can you tell us about manifest seven holdings corp team and what each member brings to the table yeah so we have a little bit of a unique team um we uh you know like i said i come out of the capital markets in corporate finance i was principally a transactional guy which actually is i think

You know pretty appropriate for a space that’s consolidating this quickly at the moment um but we’ve tried to infill you know across the c-suite and the level below it a healthy mix of folks that are coming from you know either an emerging markets a capital markets or corporate finance background so we have fiscal discipline the right kind of governance risk

Management a more sophisticated professionalized approach to managing the enterprise and interspersed with uh that that team are folks that we’ve pulled you know either directly from the cannabis industry for the product expertise or across distribution and retail in other spaces to make sure that we have the right channel expertise augmenting the broader

Visionary strategy at the c-suite level so if you take a sampling across you know my management team we have uh executives here with backgrounds that are as diverse as warner brothers and disney to paul hastings of the law firm to some major corporations you know multinational corporations across a variety of spaces so it is a professionalized seasoned team

That has been through the emerging market process both from a you know a capital markets perspective as well as an operational one so we’d like to hear now here at rich tv live we have a community that spans the globe over 100 countries are watching rich tv live every month so we’re going to give you an opportunity to be in front of all of those investors

Our community loves tightly held stocks companies that really appreciate their share structure and treat their shareholders as if they respect them and they want to build shareholder equity and create shareholder value that’s extremely important to us can you explain your share structure and how much is held by insiders um yes so we have roughly about 215

Million shares fully deluded outstanding about 100 million of them issued uh in outstanding uh you know there’s pretty tight controls from an escrow and a lock-up perspective across the entire capital structure so we have a pretty well managed float i don’t have the exact number off the top of my head as i sit here today but what i can tell you too is unlike

A lot of companies in the space we’ve been very disciplined about the amount of capital we’ve raised so where you look at competitors of ours that are in the nine figure range you know we’ve built all of this on less than 40 million over the last 40 years to get it where it is we’ve done a lot of stuff off balance sheet to stretch you know investor dollars as


An example very early on uh we established with a family office partner a sidecar real estate fund to buy strategic properties and lease them back at the front end of it not when we’re distressed and need the cash why did we do that we did that ultimately to accrete shareholder value my job is to invest in the operations and get to profitability not to go on

Real estate adventures that are illiquid right so every step of the way it is about shareholder value how we can you know professionalize the enterprise to deliver a true institutional grade company for the benefit of those shareholders as well if there was one thing you would want the shareholders or potential new investors that are watching this interview

To know about your company manifest seven holdings corp what would it be we’re going to surprise everybody you know we we have been very quiet intentionally we listed last year for specific strategic reasons one of which was i think we called the trajectory federal reform is on and we wanted to be public when that happened we also had some financing events

Lined up that were tied to the listing that we’re now availing ourselves to but ultimately we’ve been very quiet if you look at our stock it is i think you know a bit of an iceberg there in terms of everything that’s happening under the surface there’s a lot of growth coming this year and a lot of profitability that’s primarily where we’re really focused so

I would say just just continue to follow us because over the next couple of months we’ll be making some announcements that i think will be the market will find very interesting uh particularly given kind of you know the nascent couple of months in the early days of our trading there’s going to be investors that are going to see this interview see this video

And be interested in contacting you potential joint venture partners other cannabis companies as well that we’ve talked to that are going to see this video that might be interested in doing business with you what’s the best way for them to reach you so you can go to our website that’s manifest the uh and we also have a ir page uh as

Well that you can access right right there and that will come directly to uh our head of ir directly uh and i’ll be right in touch fantastic well thank you so much for your time today sturgis carbon the ceo of manifest seven holdings corp put it on your watch let’s put it on your radar remember rich tv live is strictly for education and entertainment purposes

Always do your due diligence always do your research before you invest in anything that we discuss here on our show my opinion right now is this is a company that we’re speaking about for the first time typically when we do that we’re finding companies first that are undervalued underappreciated underexposed so hopefully more people will get a chance to learn

About this company if you guys like this video please smash the like button comment down below share the video everywhere and subscribe if you’re not winning you’re not watching like we said we bring you the winners and we’ll bring them to you first thank you sturges for joining us and have yourself a great day thanks for having me you too keep up the great

Work and for those of you guys that are watching have yourselves a great day

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