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Hey guys how you doing this is your boy rich from rich tv live and you too can join the club at where you can learn how to win and trade hey guys how you doing this is your boy rich from rich tv live and you can go to rich tv dot io join our global community of investors and chat with other members about stocks cryptocurrencies and trading

Platforms like margex the margex platform exclusively here on rich tv live learn how to trade bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies and make money when the markets go up make money when the markets go down and make money with up to 100 times leverage let’s take a look at marjek’s platform shall we okay so i’ve just set up an account at you can see

Here welcome to marjax congratulations you have successfully created your personal account at marjax this shorting tutorial this short tutorial will guide you through the main features of margex which will help you make your trading experience enjoyable and maximize your profit potential just hit continue and you can see here price manipulation protection

Margix unique ai based technology mp shield protects our clients from price manipulation that often leads to unfair liquidations on other trading platforms on margex you will never see or experience significant price deviations from global average market prices once again we hit continue deep liquidity and minimum slippage margix combines market liquidity

From a wide range of liquidity providers in a single deep order book this allows for high liquidity minimum slippage thinner spreads better entry and exit prices and instant market order execution even on large orders manage your risks with stop loss and take profit we know how frustrating it is when you open positions get liquidated while you’re not around

Your device margex allows for simultaneous placing of stop losses and take profits orders powerful trading engine no more order submission errors or loss of capital due to delayed orders margex trading engine can process more than 100 000 trades per second with eight ms average order execution time make a deposit and go simply make a deposit you’re only a few

Steps away from trading at marjax create an account confirm your email and then fund your account so if you want to fund your account click fund your account and it takes you to the options of depositing bitcoin ethereum usd coin usdt dai just to name a few so you can purchase with visa you can see right here visa changely and change now so very easy you’ve

Got an address that you can deposit on you got questions and answers so very very slick platform and let’s just go back here to the chart the chart looks nice and you can see the available balance we got an available balance here and if we want to make any trades all right so what i want to do here is i want to show you how to actually do a short sale so

First and foremost i want to put in how much money i want to invest so at this i can say i want to invest 25 i want to invest uh 11 right so let’s just say we’re going to do 25 for this trade and i want to sell i’m going to do 20 times leverage for this trade now bitcoin’s been making a move up so for this trade i’m going to say okay you know bitcoin’s been

Making a move up i think it’s going to go down and i think it’s kind of personally i’ve been watching bitcoin and it’s been it’s been a good buy under 39 but it’s typically been selling off over 45 so we’re right now at 46 6. so this is probably a good sell zone you can see that first red candle coming in for a sell so i’m gonna hit sell at market all right

And i’m gonna hit sell boom deal open sell market order place instantly placed you can see here the order is now placed my cell is in my for my quantity you can see my margin level you can see the open price and you can see the current price so the estimated liquidity price and the take profits or stop losses commissions and so far the realized profits and

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Losses were down 40 bucks but we just put in the trade so we’re not too concerned about that and the roe return on investment so far 1.99 percent but we just did the trade and you can clearly see when we zoom in here that it’s going down like that red candle came in now it looks like a little bit of a green candle but i’m pretty confident we’re gonna see this

Go down so just did a short i wanted to show you how simple it was really really simple to put in that trade all right we’ve got a successful trade we’re in winning we’re in profit we’re up one percent one point two four percent 121 dollars in realized profit we’re gonna hit close close market bam order closed and we won our trade and perfectly called the

Short you could see how it went down we called the short we closed the trade and that’s profit in the pocket you also have a referral code with commission rates if you want to earn bitcoin through referrals they provide that as well you can see here margex your reliable way to trade bitcoin with up to 100 times leverage designed by traders for traders so

What do they do they pretty much solve problems that we see right now with different exchanges and platforms they offer their trading services to people in the name of the audience’s country depending on where you are in which country you’re in and we’re here in canada so they provide up to a hundred times leverage with no kyc no know your customer so it’s

Very easy to sign up i actually signed up to it myself open up an account and you can see you know i’m just getting started here and i’m just learning this platform i think it looks pretty good you can see at the bottom of the screen they got the price of bitcoin ethereum ripple litecoin eos and they show the platform here looks pretty cool margic marjax

Offers a broad range of powerful tools to harness your trading skills and boost profits so you can see here user friendly interface use isolated margin to manage your risks the whole market data is at your fingertips go long buy or go short sell so you can literally short you can long or short with huge leverage here easy to sign up and it’s a reliable way

To trade bitcoin ethereum usdt in total 11 currencies and up to a hundred times leverage meaning you earn more not only when crypto is on the rise but also when the value drops of course that requires a thoughtful approach to trading but that’s what we do here at rich tv live we teach you how to buy low how to sell high how to take profits and how to identify

What’s happening in the market and you can always use stop losses and take profits to protect your account by the way commissions are very low for example if you make a deposit in usdt for trc 20 you have a commission of a dollar which is kind of ridiculously low so i would like to have a i will have a link to the marjax below in the description of the video

You can use my promo code to get a free starting bonus actually their system is very intuitive very easy to navigate it literally took me five minutes to start very easy set up stop losses take profits and be sure make make sure you don’t make any mistakes and yes i don’t have to look at charts all the time you know and i do look at charts a lot i’m going

To be honest with you i’m pretty much looking at charts all the time but i don’t always want to necessarily be watching one specific asset or one specific platform because if you guys know me i’m watching all the markets all the time 24 hours a day seven days a week now why would you choose margiex trading structure because of their privacy secure trading and

Transparency in every aspect now full disclosure this is a sponsored video always remember that rich tv live is strictly for information and education purposes they also have price manipulation protection that’s why you don’t see any sudden liquidations and we’ve seen from other platforms when volatility gets high all in all marge x can be a good alternative

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Or your main trading platform they do maintenance but other than that pretty stable unlike some other exchanges their engine can work with 100 000 trades per second with eight millisecond average order execution time very good all in all margix is a great platform for smart trading and for smart in trading and it’s easy to get your head around it but of course

If you’re an experienced trader margex will suit your needs very very well i’m an experienced trader so that’s why i funded this account and i’m going to be testing it out i’ll keep you guys updated on the results your trading profits can be increased significantly by using leverage and obviously leverage is very risky but used properly you can grow quickly so

Basically you can get your crypto working for you as opposed to sitting in a dead wallet like right now i’ve got a lot of crypto sitting in my ledger in a safe deposit box so you know i decided move some over start letting my money work for me and this is a platform that i’m now going to be using and i’ll keep you guys updated your trading profits like i said

Can be increased significantly by using leverage so how much of your capital is used in the trade you can use 100 you can use 200 500 or a thousand and you can see here how your leverage is giving you more buying power that’s why some investors like to use leverage obviously it’s not for everybody but for some investors that are prepared to use profits as

Stop losses and take profits and be very using the right trading fundamentals and strategies and and what we teach which is be a smart trader um it can be used very powerfully and you can grow your account so what is marjax margic is a marjex is a bitcoin based derivatives exchange trading platform that gives traders the ability to trade with up to a hundred

Times leverage margix provides traders with access to global crypto markets what are the main features of margiex you can just simply register deposit and then enjoy trading obviously i showed you guys how i’ve already done that and margex has created a quality platform for trading cryptocurrency derivatives we are most impressed by the exchange’s design and

Overall user experience which is truly first class and this is one of the tutorials and testimonials here empower your trading efficiency with the markets most robust solutions just simply start trading and everything you need to know here live demos referral programs about marg x their fees help center contact quick start guide video tutorials how to make a

Deposit how to buy bitcoin you know very simple you want to how to buy bitcoin click on it and they literally break it down really really simple so i like it i think it’s good quality platform obviously i’m just learning about it if you like these videos please smash the like button comment down below share the video everywhere and subscribe if you’re alive if

You’re not winning you’re probably not watching we bring in the winners and we bring them to you first so really simple platform i mean you could see here leverage 60 times i could change this if i chose you can make it bigger you can make it smaller you can use a smaller percentage of your order size you can use a larger percentage of your order size you can

Use a hundred percent of your order size right so it gives you different options here you can put limits in so you can you know decide that you want to use different prices different limits you can choose your leverage style right here like let’s say we want to go market and let’s just say we want to do 25 and let’s just say we want to 100 times leverage

You could do that you could do 80 times leverage you do 60 times leverage you can do 40 times leverage you can do 20 times leverage you can do five times leverage so all those different options are there and this is you know considered right now what i would say a friendly platform they they say that they are the friendliest to use ai a ui in the industry


Nominated by finance magnates uh you can make money when the market falls and when it’s on the rise through 100 times derivatives leverage you do it by shorting with leverage you can also sell at market which gives you the ability to short if you click sell at market it will give you the ability to short right here you can short so very very powerful tools

But also at the same time extremely risky so you do this by shorting with leverage not by purchasing risky coins or nfts leverage is associated with risk more leverage equals more risk not complicated to start advanced enough for pros available collateral deposit options so if you want to make a deposit you have many different options so you just hit wallet

Here and you just click deposit and you have many different options available you can see here there’s lots of information here quick start guide on youtube you can follow them on twitter and lots of information here on how to you can see my balance there in bitcoin so if i want to deposit just click on deposit you want to withdraw just click on withdrawal

You can do that with ethereum usd coin and like i said many different options i’m going to trade click on trade and literally get started that’s bitcoin you can see the bitcoin chart really on the move right now this is ethereum looking strong as well ripple looks like everything is really on the move right now litecoin eos so all of these charts actually

Look really strong right now bitcoin looks very very bullish up two percent but look at ethereum up six percent right now really really strong all deal indicators trading fees financing profits and losses are on the screen available in real time for any deal simultaneously use stop losses and take profits for each trade no need to check what’s happening

Every minute unique mp shield which is trademarked ai based system to protect users from price manipulation prevents from unfair liquidations so a lot of cool features here you can see they got cardano so some you know some of the best coins that you want to trade celina one of my favorites which is right now up nine percent and on fire so lots of quality

Assets you can see here the assets price on margex never deviates from the top spot exchanges which is extremely important to me i like to see that i don’t want to see the prices be different or too far different than other exchanges here’s uni and adjustable isolated leverage up to 100 times on all assets and we just mentioned some of the available assets

Very high liquidity backed by 12 liquidity providers competitive reasonable fees no kyc no know your customer so very very quick and referral program with 40 commissions flat rate for everyone for referrals love to know what you guys think if you like this please smash the like button comment down below share the video everywhere and subscribe they’ve got live

Chat for support help center and video tutorials referral section settings so everything you need to know all in one place and very well organized all right thank you for your time hope you enjoyed the video this is rich from rich to be live you can see active orders position history order history when you start putting in your trades as well let me know what

You guys think about this video what do you think about marjax comment on the video smash the like button share the video everywhere allows the video to go more viral and i’d love to know what you guys think have you used marjax before is this your first time hearing about it love to know your comments put it in the description this is rich from rich to be live

Make sure you go to rich learn to trade stocks and cryptocurrencies this is rich from rich to be live and i’m both you

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