Marijuana Legalization 420 Vancouver

Marijuana Legalization 420 Vancouver – 4/20/17- 4K

Hey guys we are live for 20 crazy beautiful girl where come keep walking down keep a way out there in the end zone there there’s throwing joy but only the people sitting down i strong everybody must get stoned if you’ve got too many joints and someone sitting next to us no choice make sure they get a joint too try to get to the edges now try to walk out

To the edges and get the people who are at the edges who are sitting down at the edges literally everybody must get stoned here trying hey carly marley over to the right there’s the people that leads to the right there try to walk through there walk down right to the end charlie do get to the end there’s some people there look very stressed out not relaxed at

All the nice thing about cannabis is makes you relaxed hungry happy inspired and focused and in the right mindset for gathering in large numbers and protesting it justice and creating a new world inside the dying husk of the old one some important fact to remember are nobody’s ever died of an overdose trying to get it over there and when he has ever died of an

Overdose there’s no real withdrawal symptoms to speak of except you miss it now hold on a sec we’re going to try to light these all at 419 at the same time so that we have a big cloud going on all at once probably got now it’s four-thirty we got seven minutes left make sure everybody has a joint in their hands and everybody has a lighter gear bah get ready and

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Light them all at the same time at 419 where are your bloody boards friends even over here is celebrate canada we’re also here to protest prohibition because while we got everything here today free a lot of our friends are behind bars was still being arrested every single day to take us well we’re still free i face life in prison myself i might not be free for

Long i’ll be with my husband marco in toronto but i promise you all that we activists here will not stop fighting for your freedom we deserve justice and equality we are peaceful people and we’re here to celebrate this beautiful culture that the government intends to keep criminalizing call your representative and tell them to let the cannon caboki freeze no more

Marijuana arrest though prison for pots amnesty for everybody who’s been unjustly demonize and persecuted under these laws because look at you you’re beautiful you’re peaceful we love each other and we love this let’s get soooo signal and cal ottawa that no matter how much they try to keep us down they tried to bury us they didn’t know we were seized overgrow the

Government legalize cannabis for real we are gonna keep breaking the law out the open till all the wawas are gone all the flower criminals are free we’re not gonna stop until we have export and import right sue ruis lbc but all over the world we want marijuana tourism we want but and breakfast sorry we want the marijuana tax and we don’t want to be limiting 30

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Grams we want we don’t want to be living at the 30 pound what time we got one more minute left let me just tell you this is beautiful you’re beautiful don’t let anybody tell you you’re crazy or you’re stupid you’re intelligent you made a smart choice to use cannabis alright we still got two minutes left does everybody got their lighter okay we’re gonna do this

All the one to go show them what organized crime really really means we’re organized crime and we’re proud we are so organized we manage to have this go on every year with no major injuries no major issues just a little bit a letter that the city sometimes forgets to pick up no problem other than red eyes and dry mouth and you know what we don’t need a car for

That we can handle that well on our own thank you

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Marijuana Legalization 420 Vancouver By RICH TV LIVE

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