Marijuana Stocks – ABcann Global (ABCN) (ABCCF) – 70 million Financing – RICH TV LIVE

Marijuana Stocks – ABcann Global (ABCN) (ABCCF) – 70 million Financing – RICH TV LIVE – March 4, 2018

It’s called app can global corp abc n dot vn in canada and it’s abc cf in america ab can global corp why do i like this company it’s that two dollars and eight cents right now in the last month it is up 27% in the last six and in the last year it is up from 80 cents to a hundred and sixty percent up in the last year alone and it’s been as high as four dollars and

Six cents so it has gone a lot higher than where it is right now and i believe it can go much higher ab can global corp formally hand a capital inc produces themselves in medical marijuana the company has standardized marijuana products produced and sold in a number of continents let’s read their news ab can global completes 70 million baht deal financing and a

Four point eight exercise of underwriters over a lot mint option what another 70 million dollars for ab can it’s a convertible debentures wow they’re doing a convertible debentures where they are receiving the offering was conducted by a syndicate of underwriters led by canaccord genuity corp and eight capital and including gmp securities lp & p i financial

Corp it’s a lot of firms here in vancouver collectively the underwriters in addition the offering include eight hundred and sixty two thousand five hundred warrants defined below and four thousand five hundred convertible debentures sold pursuant to the exercise of the underwriters over a lot made option for additional aggregate gross proceeds of four million


Seven hundred ninety three thousand two hundred and fifty completion of the offering further increases our cash position to over one hundred and thirty five million dollars wow and will allow us to pursue multiple opportunities and execute our strategic vision stated barry fishman app conceived executive officer the ceo loves the hundred and thirty five million

In the bank and why rich t v live loves ab can global corp at two dollars and eight cents in canada and a dollar sixty two in america a hundred and thirty five million in the bank come on guys let’s be honest this is gonna be a huge winner and i’m gonna be honest with you guys i own shares rich tv live is strictly for education and entertainment purposes do not

Buy anything that i talk about on my show please buy something because you love it always do your own due diligence and invest in something that you love okay now when i read these press releases i always like to see where they are converting their shares each unit is comprised of one common share of the company and a half of one common share purchase warrant

Each warrant entitles the holder thereof to acquire one additional common share each and award share of the company at an exercise price of four dollars and twenty-five cents per warrant share so in order for those shares to get exercised the price would have to be four dollars and twenty five cents are they do we need to read between the lines here do we believe

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This is going to go to four dollars and 25 cents i believe somebody here believes this will go to four dollars and 25 cents and we are currently at two dollars and eight cents i’m not going to go through the entire press release but this is a company that i absolutely love i am a shareholder about ken i have been buying out ken since it first did its ipo and i

Have to thank this release to one of the subscribers one of our loyal subscribers i have to give it up to attila the medical marijuana gorilla who happens to be from nappanee and that is where this company is situated out cat holds production and sales licenses from health canada its flagship facility is in nappanee ontario contains proprietary glo plant growing

Technology centered on its specially designed environmentally controlled growing chambers this approach results in the production of pharmaceutical grade cannabis products and this is why i love ab kent the company is expanding its cultivation capacity and pursuing partnerships and product development opportunities domestically as well as in select international

Markets such as germany australia and israel wow so a huge opportunity here with ab can global corp huge press release just came out i wanted to bring it to your attention it was brought to my attention by attila the medical marijuana gorilla and as you can see it was much lower at 80 cents and it’s currently at $2 in canada and even in the last month its up 27%

In the last three months 56% and in the last year 160 ab can it’s a big winner two dollars and eight cents right now it’s a weak sell on bar chart it’s been much higher here just recently pretty much hitting its all-time highs not too long ago about five weeks ago could we see a bounce from these lower levels here i believe we will see more price appreciation

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Long term in ab can this is your boy rich abc n in canada and abc cf in america ab can global corp it’s another big winner this is your boy rich and i’m o piece

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Marijuana Stocks – ABcann Global (ABCN) (ABCCF) – 70 million Financing – RICH TV LIVE By RICH TV LIVE

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