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Marijuana Stocks – Newstrike Resources (NWKRF) (HIP) $90 million – under $1 – RICH TV LIVE – March 2, 2018 – I love this company and I think it is too good to be true to find a licensed medical marijuana cannabis producer that has tons of money and is trading under $1!!!

How you doing it’s your boy rich and i’m back with another winner for you this is called new strike resources the american symbol is n wk r f the canadian symbol is h i p new strike resources now why do i like new strike resources okay now there’s many reasons but let’s get right into it first of all i got into new strike resources much cheaper around like 40 45

Cents earlier in the year actually last year near the end of last year and i saw it explode i did not have amazing execution i did win on my trade but i could have got it out at a much higher price as you can see it went from 40 cents exploded all the way up to 2 dollars and 40 cents and then came all the way back down to 90 cents exploded all the way back up to a

Dollar 76 came all the way back down to $1.00 oh 9 back up to a dollar 20 back down to 81 cents back up to 98 cents and then they came all the way back down to his lowest 60 cents and now they’re right back to 73 cents now these are american prices okay now if we look at the canadian side we can see that the canadian side is trading at 92 cents right now and the us

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Side is trading at 71 cents now why do i love this company there’s many reasons now i own 10,000 shares of news retinue strike resources and i’m going to tell you why i like this company so much let’s read the news new strike closes over a lot mint option and advances licensing of niagara facility new strike resources limited hip in canada and new strike in the us

Nw krf in america is pleased to announce that as previously announced over allotment option permitting the underwriters to acquire an additional 9 million units at $1 32 cents per unit now why would someone buy these units at $1 32 if it was at 90 cents unless they believed it would go higher it has been exercised in full providing new strike with an additional

Gross proceeds of 12 million dollars the / allotment option was issued in conjunction with the company’s previously announced short form prospectus offering of 60 million units at $1 32 which closed on february 16 2018 the exercise of the / allotment option increases the total gross proceeds of the offering to 92 million dollars all units were sold pursuant to an

Underwriting agreement with a syndicate of underwriters co-led by in for financial inc and core mark securities inc and including 8 capital and haywood securities now my question is why would a company with a license to produce medical marijuana and the company that has 92 million in the bank be trading at 90 cents in canada and 69 to 70 cents in america because


It’s a winner people you can book it hiep resources new strike resources under the symbol hip in canada and wk rf in america will be a huge winner i’m putting my money where my mouth is i own 10,000 shares of this winner and i believe it’s going to the top this could be a 10 bagger easy in the next couple of years maybe even sooner all right party people this is

Your boy rich bringing you another winner because that’s what we do if you like this video please smash the like button if you have a comment please comment down below do you like hip resources do you like new strike resources do you like n wk rf is it a winner if you like it why do you like it if you don’t like it why don’t you like it and if you’ve got a pick

You want me to review drop it in the comment down below and if you haven’t subscribed please smash that subscribe button all right party people this is your boy rich have a great weekend another winner for you please do your due diligence rich tv live is simply for education entertainment purposes we are not licensed advisors invest in something because you love

It not because you heard it here are rich tv alright people this is your boy rich and i’m oh peace

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