Marijuana Stocks – RICH TV LIVE – #26

Marijuana Stocks – RICH TV LIVE – #26

Let’s go up i am doing good how you doing today my friend you called me just in time we are live on youtube the whole world is watching how you doing today so you had some breaking news for me and we had to go live and we have to talk about it before i go into the breaking news let me just give some of the stocks that are on fire right now before the close today

Guys us rm is up fifty percent it’s absolutely on fire 58 million shares have traded us are em put it on your watch list guys put it on full alert it is one of the hottest stocks in the market today us are em and let’s take a look at some more we’ve got be l ph b l ph guys up thirty percent right in our wheelhouse at a dollar 34 trading 7.5 million shares put be

Lph on your watch list put on your radar it’s on fire and let’s take a look at e sp our guys at forty dollars up sixteen dollars today it’s up almost seventy percent on the day just hit thirty nine dollars and eighty nine cents traded 28 million shares e spr put it on full alert a big board stock that has got the big mo for momentum and another company that’s

Hitting a dead cat bounce today it’s got all kinds of news of court battles and a que northern dynasty minerals up 14.8 % today doing a dead cat bounce traded 7.8 million shares look at that chart is absolutely on fire here’s a penny stock for you guys i be rc i brand corp doing a dead cat bounce itself it’s been down lately up twenty-five percent a sub penny

Stock be careful but it’s got some movement right now it’s got a little bit of momentum you want to maybe put it on your watch list now the company that we want to talk about today and the reason why it till is on the phone until i do you want to tell me you’re breaking news yes i chose some very very interesting news in the marijuana space and apparently i’ve

Been researching the situation is what’s occurred to one particular company but because of my research i’ve also found out that this news is going to eventually affect every single one of the licensed producers here in ontario which is tremendous news now what’s happened now with supreme pharmaceuticals has been trying to get their sale license as a as of recent

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Their sale license should they should have got it at the end of january and i was wondering what the delay was so i’ve been doing a little bit of research content contacting people and if you check on the supreme pharmaceuticals their own site there is an article there about the nutrients that supreme has been using for their entire crop since they started

From the time of their cultivation license they’ve been using this nutrient and even though health canada knew they were using this particular nutrient they’ve never said anything to supreme pharmaceuticals but when they inquired about the license and they were they were inspected in january for this sales license they were informed by health canada that the

They’re holding back their sale license because of the use of this particular nutrients and it’s remo nutrient and fertilizer products and you can you can look on their site and rather read a little more about both these sites have you know supreme and remote both have articles about what’s going on here but the big news is what remote only was eventually this

Is probably going to affect every one of the licensed producers because all of them were kind of using attributes it’s a it’s an unregistered product that people use in the marijuana growing industry and it’s affected supremes supremes sale license what’s more even more important is there’s their particular company is now has been set back so far it’s just very

Disturbing so guys if you guys so what it till is saying if you guys have sl supreme pharmaceuticals in canada you’re seeing that your stock just went down seven percent today so far this is live guys and spr wf in america same company this is the american symbol this is one of those companies that was working on getting a license to help canada and because of

One of the products they were using to grow their crops health canada is going to put some type of penalty or some type of sanctions or some type of recall now on supreme pharmaceuticals for one of the products they’ve been using to grow their crops that are literally that these crops are little you said that this crops that are just waiting to be sold they

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Have several crops in their vaults several crops rich in their vault that not be sold now because health canada not giving them their sale license until all of this is resolved wow now it might be in the worst news that i heard and i don’t want to keep the worst news but there’s an actual possibility that the entire crop that they grew may be destroyed well

That sounds very familiar because that’s the same type of issue that we’ve seen happen with organogram where they had pesticides in their crops and they had to be recalled well these these are pesticides there is a nutrient that they used through the growing process in the early stages apparently it fits or more of the root growth but because it has not been

Registered as this nutrient hasn’t been registered with health canada that they’re holding back their sales license until further work is done i really don’t know how they’re going to resolve this whole thing but it’s serious enough that the remo products actually i got off the phone with them and they actually told me that this is probably going to affect

Every licensed producer was big news this is the new wow so and so sorry look what was your source who did you speak to act supreme pharmaceuticals i actually spoke to john fowler and to tell you the truth you know rich i don’t like to say anything negative i like i love supreme pharmaceuticals for a while but john fowler and stands there’s a gentleman who

Does the stansted anesthetic i’m sorry i can’t pronounce his last night i spoke to both those people end up what bothered me the most was i got in touch with club john fowler in february so after they were inspected in january and weren’t given their license there wasn’t any really news of that until just recently here in march but when i spoke to him at that

Time then i was asking him where their sale licenses and how come what’s taking so long and obviously he doesn’t have answers for that but he already knew the situation with this nutrients because i’m in february when i called him he actually said to me that i should get in touch with them that i should actually get in touch with my municipal politicians to


Complain about the length of time that health canada takes to give up these inspections and licenses they say they’re severely understaffed but it’s probably true but mr. fowler already knew about this situation and instead of saying to me while we run into an issue i can’t talk about it he directs need to speak dubai np so i was a little bit disappointed to

Find out about this news here because now on supremes pharmaceutical site d connection see the article that they talk about in reference to this nutrient issue that’s going on now so all the stocks are coming down because of it of course they are and now we’re bringing this news live on rich tv and we don’t even know who the hell’s watching but all i know is

Since we’ve been talking attila the stock has been going down a stop that a stock that i hold ah what do you do when you play the markets guys you wait for it to go down more and you buy more because i’m telling i’m telling you guys right now i’m calling this right now this is going to crush this stock big time and if this affects all of the companies if all

Of the companies are using this product this will affect all of the 230 medical marijuana companies that exist well there are a lot of licensed producers that we’ve been using this talk and says every one of them will be affected and i use the word will wow now they might be saying that because they just don’t want to be the only one in that sandbox that is

Not necessarily true now from what i hear for the people that i know that are in the industry is that the guys that are running these companies don’t know anything about growing so

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