Market Psychology – What Millionaires Know That You Don’t

Millionaires understand the psychology of the stock market. They use their knowledge to trade opposite to retail traders, predict market sentiment, and analyze their mood. This video will teach you the secrets millionaires use to understand market psychology and generate massive profits in the stock market.

Hi guys it’s stock curry i’m a former investment banker with over 20 years of experience trading stocks in today’s video i’m gonna share with you a secret that millionaires know that you don’t so let’s get into it what i’m talking about today is market psychology market psychology is the knowledge of how emotions play into the stock market and then using that

Knowledge to make significantly more money for you and your family millionaires understand that humans have certain emotions that drive them to do certain things in the stock market one of the things that people do is seek pleasure this is known as greed in the stock market seeking pleasure is what causes people to get fomo or fear of missing out and buy stocks that

Are running up massively seeking pleasure is also what causes people to buy options that are far out of the money in hopes of making massive profits the other thing people do is avoid pain this is known as fear in the stock market and avoiding pain can cause people who have been losing money on a particular stock for weeks or months on end to capitulate capitulate

Means to sell at a loss when a stock is in a downtrend millionaires understand that retail investors do these two things they seek pleasure and avoid paying have you ever noticed how you’ll buy a stock that’s been running up maybe some youtuber or someone on twitter talked about it and so you buy in hoping to ride the run up you think you’re trading the momentum

And then the second you buy it the stock starts to fall and then you hold the stock for a few weeks or a few months hoping that it’ll turn around and go back up because that youtuber or twitter bro said it was going to the moon and then eventually you just get so sick and tired of losing money on this play that you just sell it and then it seems like the second you

Sell it it starts going back up again what’s happening there is market psychology you’re getting fomo or fear of missing out when you see a stock price run up massively you buy in because you want to make massive profits on the stock that just keeps running up but what you don’t realize is at the exact moment that you’re buying in the big money the millionaires


Are realizing that the stock is overvalued and so they decide to sell and take profits and their selling causes the stock price to go down and the stock price falling causes the retail investors who bought in early to get fearful because they don’t want to lose the profit that they’ve made so they sell out and that causes the stock price to go down even further

And ultimately it’s the people who bought in late who are left holding the bag because they don’t want to sell at a loss unfortunately what ends up happening is as the share price falls more and more people will start selling out technical support levels will get broken which will cause technical traders to start to sell and then margin calls will start to happen

Which will cause more selling and the share price continues to go lower and lower and lower until finally you who buy to the top just can’t take it anymore and you sell out and it’s at that exact moment that millionaires start to realize that the stock is undervalued and really cheap so they buy back in and that’s what causes the share price to start to go up again

So literally the moment you’re buying in due to fomo millionaires are selling and the moment that you’re selling because you’re afraid of losing more money millionaires are buying in you’re buying at the top and selling at the bottom while millionaires are buying at the bottom and selling at the top it’s market psychology because retail investors all act the same

Way when trading millionaires are able to take advantage of that market psychology and herd mentality to make massive profits so if you want to start making money like a millionaire you need to start trading like a millionaire and that means removing your emotions while trading now stock market psychology goes beyond that of the individual investor investors tend

To trade collectively and when that happens it affects the psychology of the entire stock market as a whole the stock market psychology as a whole is called market sentiment market sentiment is used to describe how investors collectively view the psychology of the market at any given time market sentiment can be described as bullish or bearish risk on or risk

Off or volatile or not volatile when the market sentiment is bullish stocks tend to rise together and when the market sentiment is bearish stocks tend to fall together and that’s what we’re seeing right now investors are collectively bearish on the market so even good stocks are falling with the overall market right now and this bearishness is going to continue

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Until investors collectively change their psychology on the overall market and become bullish once again market sentiment is generally affected by the national economic news right now there’s a lot of bad news coming out and the news just keeps coming it just won’t stop so long as people have the psychological mindset that things are going to get worse before they

Get better the market sentiment will remain bearish now this is where a lot of retail traders make a huge mistake retail traders tend to avoid any and all bad news calling it fud or fear uncertainty and doubt they even go so far is to go on the defensive and tell people to stop spreading fud even if it’s just national news millionaires on the other hand will

Actually seek out bad news millionaires will seek out news that goes against their beliefs that’s because millionaires understand that you have to understand the other side of the story the side that you don’t agree with the purpose of understanding the other side of the story is not to agree with the other side but rather to gain wisdom the more knowledge you

Have about what is going on in the world especially events that affect the economy the more likely you are to make wise investing decisions that’s why meet kevin sold his entire 20 million dollar portfolio had he held he would be down 16 over the past month by listening to the news that he did not agree with kevin was able to make a wise investing decision and

Save himself from over 3 million dollars in losses this is why it’s so important to listen to bad news that you don’t agree with and not just reject it is fun because listening to that news and objectively considering it without emotion will help you make wise decisions after all the news cycle determines what the overall market psychology or market sentiment

Will be and millionaires know that by listening to both good news and bad news they’re able to determine what the market sentiment might be so that they can make better trading decisions now the final bit of market psychology that millionaires understand is mood your mood each day plays a big role in how successful you are at trading stocks and crypto when you’re

Sick or tired your mood is compromised and when you’re in a bad mood you tend to be overly negative on the markets you tend to think things are gonna go down way more often than they actually will on the other hand when you’re in an overly good mood say you just got married or it’s your birthday or something you tend to be overly optimistic on the market you tend

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To think things are going to go up way more often than they actually do so checking your mood each morning before you start trading is very important because your mood affects your overall psychological outlook on the market and your mood can cause you to make bad trading decisions so this is the market psychology that millionaires know and use they remove their

Emotions from trading while also understanding that retail investors are emotional they play off of other people’s fear and greed or desire to seek pleasure and avoid pain to trade opposite to how most people trade as warren buffett said be fearful when others are greedy and greedy when others are fearful millionaires also listen to both good news and bad news to

Help them understand the market sentiment or collective psychology of investors and finally millionaires keep their mood in check they tend to trade when their mood is neutral they avoid trading when they’re sick and tired when their mood might be compromised and they might become overly bearish or bullish on the market i hope this video helped you to understand

The psychology of the market and i hope you’re able to use this video to help you become a better trader if you want more help like this i developed a coaching program to help you become a better trader the people in my coaching program are using my analysis and trade ideas to make massive profits gixxer made a 252 profit on rtx options after i alerted on it saying

It would probably go up if russia invades ukraine and vg wizard x is up 46 on clf after i mentioned it a few months ago telling people that it would be a good buy if it dipped i want to help you make profits like this too so that you can grow your portfolio to a million dollars and gain the financial freedom that you so desperately want if that’s something you

Want sign up for coaching at coaching and i have a sale running right now so if you sign up right now you’ll get 20 off thank you for joining me today and i will see you on monday so you

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