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Interest rates are about to increase slowly over the next year. Some banks follow but some of them are more ahead than others. I tried out Synchrony’s online bank for a few months and finally realized it is not so usable in my case along with an ugly user web interface. I quickly opened up a Goldman Sachs online savings account within 20 minutes and even verified my bank transfer information within that time. Just like that, I moved from 1.15% APY to 1.2% APY.

How’s it goin everybody does this be the bush previously i talked about a whole bunch of high-yield savings account and how i personally use the synchrony bank savings account as well as a discover bank online savings account now you have to note these accounts that i talked about are actually no-frills type of accounts where you don’t have to jump through hoops

In order to get a better yield these types of accounts i talked about have known minimum and you can deposit up to the fdic insurance limit of $250,000 and the yield would be the same for the entire amount generally with the higher yield ones where they say oh 1.5 2% 3% they’re only going to cap it all the way up to maybe $20,000 and anything over that they’re not

Going to give as good a rate or maybe it might drop down to like 0.1% i’m making this video again mainly because i’ve been using synchrony bank for quite some time now in my case after using the bank for all this time i feel like the user interface is not all that good this is because on my phone i use the freedom pop phone which uses the google voice service and

Generally sometimes automated phone calls would have a hard time texting these numbers as well as we’ve been calling them at all whenever i log onto the synchrony bank account would ask me to reauthorize again through my cellular phone number now when i excused for them to text me a six digit code via text it actually will not come to me if i choose for them to call

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Me instead my phone would rain but then i cannot enter in the touch-tone so that the other person would keep on speaking and give me the phone number what i ended up doing is whenever i log in i have to choose the option where they would call me and i have to be there ready at the google voice number at my computer so that i can receive the call on my computer and

Then press the one on there so that the touch-tone would actually go through and then they would speak the number to me needless to say this is really annoying and it gets really old really fast enough so that i really don’t want this account anymore and in fact i already initiated a transfer of all the money out of the synchrony bank account back into my regular

Bank account another bad point about synchrony bank is through my usage of their web interface i can see that the web interface all the graphics and stuff it looks kind of amateurs if you have the chance to use this id you’ll know what i mean the interest rate of course is one of the main concerns here because synchrony bank gives a 1.15 percent whereas goldman

Sachs gives a 1.2 percent now it’s such a small difference because if you deposit $10,000 in either bank you’re going to get either $115 or $120 this is a difference of five dollars it’s not enough for me to actually want to start a new bank account and then do all this stuff just to open up the account so this time i’m not actually cancelling out my synchrony bank

Account due to the interest rate it’s because it’s such a horrible thing to use for me that i’m actually okay – well open up a brand new account that has a higher yield as well and then i’m going to give goldman sachs a try goldman sachs is a pretty big-name bank and i sort of tend towards wanting to bank at the bigger banks rather than the little ones because i


Never know if the little ones that gives a higher yield is going to go out of business or whatnot goldman sachs to me is kind of like wall street itself because date back a lot of the companies that go ipo synchrony discover or goldman sachs they’re all pretty big banks so then to me it’s safe enough in order to put your money into these banks now right now discover

Bank has one point one percent 8ey synchrony bank has one point one five percent apy goldman sachs has one point two percent eighty watt all of these things are no frills no minimum balance type of banks all of them are online so what i did is just go on gs bank comm i put in all my information it asks for four security questions at the end relating to my previous

Addresses and once i got that right it immediately opened up a gs bank account for me one of the hurdles of opening up online bank account is that you need to transfer money in a lot of times if you do a verification of a bank it may take several days and this might be a little bit of a hassle so what i did personally is i just logged on with my login credential

From a different bank and they don’t save this information so then you can immediately get verified for that bank and you can immediately transfer a little bit of money into your new goldman sachs bank account so within twenty minutes from start to finish i was able to open up a gs bank account i was able to fund it the money is not in there yet but that money is

Is going to get 1.2% apy so i hope this video shows you how easy it is to open up an online bank account if you have a credentials for your current bank already you can just as well do this opening account within 20 minutes as well if you look at your current bank most banks like chase or bank of america they give you a really really crappy rate in your savings

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Account so what you should really do is keep maybe one month’s worth of money in your checking account you know just so you can access it immediately and everything else transfer all of this over to an online savings account where you get upwards of one point two percent eighty why now if we get to give me a like on this video comment down below let me know if you

Already have an high-yield savings account or maybe if this is the first time you’ve heard of this because you can really easily get you know one point two percent if you’re interested in supporting this channel don’t forget to check out my audible link down in the video description below where you can get an audiobook in the subject of your choice or whatever book

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