MBH Corporation CEO Callum Laing (OTCXQ: MBHCF)

MBH Corporation CEO Callum Laing (OTCXQ: MBHCF) – RICH TV LIVE – April 14, 2021 – About MBH #mbhcorporation #callumlaing #richtvlive – MBH Corporation plc is a diversified investment holding company, listed on the Frankfurt and Dusseldorf Stock Exchanges. The company acquires small to medium enterprises across multiple geographies and sectors that are well established, profitable and looking to scale. By leveraging the Agglomeration strategy, MBH Corporation plc is able to create substantial shareholder value through the consistent and accretive acquisition of excellent companies.

Rich picks daily is an online community for traders to exchange smart straightforward and profitable investment ideas and join us today at richpixdaily.com subscribe to us on youtube to learn useful stock trading secrets and discover the next 10 bagger hi how are you doing today i am your host rich here on behalf of rich tv live with our very special

Guest callum lang the ceo of mbh corporation how you doing today callum i’m very good thanks rich really looking forward to our chat yeah me too i’m really excited to learn more about your company and let’s get right into it callum can you tell us a little bit about yourself and how you got involved with mbh corporation yeah absolutely so i come from an

Entrepreneurial background started off as a young kid hustling setting up businesses and first first entrepreneurial business was a recruitment company at the height of the dot-com boom which uh we’re supplying telco engineers um and that did very well which of course at the time i thought was all down to me later found out i was in the middle of a bubble

Couldn’t do much wrong but it was it was my first sort of grown-up uh entrepreneurial venture and then i spent the last 20 25 years just starting building and then ultimately buying and selling small businesses and about six years ago myself and my business partner started working on this concept to help small businesses level the playing field and mbh which

Is mbh corporation plc is is our iteration of that so we we went public uh listed two and a half years ago and i am the ceo of mbh corporation very good and i love small businesses the whole world’s been built off of small businesses so i think you’re doing something very special there can you tell us a little bit about what your main goals are for 2021 to

Help generate revenues for the company yeah sure so first of all i mean i completely agree with you on on small business and and this is kind of the key element is that 50 of the world’s gdp is made up from small businesses and yet there’s no investment product that allows sophisticated investors to invest in small business so yeah if you’re anything like

Me you’ve probably invested in your friends small business from from time to time and they always tell you they’re going to exit in three to five years and i’ve still got investments that are gathering dust i can never get back out of right so absolutely yeah so small businesses are risky they’re illiquid um and there’s no way to connect investors with

Them so what we do is we bring well-run typically owner-operated small businesses into our holding company um and so these are these are these are not kind of the the high-tech flashy crypto cannabis anything like this this is old-school boring businesses but with with those old-fashioned concepts like customers and profits um so construction companies

Health companies transport companies the i think the average age of the businesses in our group is 23 24 years old the the last three company yeah the last three companies we brought in were 40 years 50 years and 57 years so there’s a lot of experience there um so these are all companies that are generating revenue already um they are able to win bigger

Contracts because they’re part of a plc but also we’re adding about a new company every single month um you know we did 12 acquisitions last year we’ve done three so far this year so um you know interestingly we’ve got these quite boring traditional slow growth companies and yet we’re growing incredibly fast because we’re adding these great companies into

The group so that’s the plan for 2021 is just keep adding great companies sounds like a little bit of uh berkshire hathaway i like that right so the joke mbh stands for multiple business holdings which is i like that a pr appropriate f4 um the the joke from uh one of the early journalists that covered us was that we’re mini berkshire hathaway with with the

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Emphasis on mini well yes i mean warren buffett’s done very well acquiring his growth and i really like the model of acquiring growth but i also like the model of acquiring companies with a history and a track record of success so you’re not investing in startups i think that’s actually really brilliant and one a month that that’s impressive mbh corporation

Is acquiring like we’ve talked about a lot of companies to help grow shareholder equity can you go through some of the recent acquisitions which you’ve talked a little bit about and break it down for our viewers with what these acquisitions mean for the company yeah absolutely and this is i mean this is why i love my job because each one that we we bring in

Is a great story to sell so um the the last company that we brought in a 40 year old taxi company um just outside of cambridge where i grew up in the uk uh so this is a taxi company without three taxi companies in in the group and a lot of people kind of think well uber’s come along taxis are dead but but actually not at all the taxi companies and what our

Taxi companies are doing is they’re building a nationwide network of taxi companies and actually what they’re what they’re really building is a nationwide network of last mile logistics because if you’re a taxi driver you don’t mind whether it’s a person a parcel or a pizza you’re just a delivery station so um that’s a really really interesting space uh the

The acquisition that we did before that was a 50 year old engineering company heavy mechanical engineering company in wales out of the uk this was a company that was started by the guy’s dad going from door to door with his toolbox fixing problems it’s now built into one of the uh one of the biggest machinery companies in in wales and and they want to grow

Through acquisition as well so that’s really exciting and then the uh the first one of the year was a company called boulder sausage which is has been um producing and selling bacon and sausage in boulder colorado for 57 years so i mean just it’s very very diverse but these are all great companies well-run decades of experience um and they’ll still be doing

What they’re doing in decades to come so uh yeah really really exciting to have them in the group now it’s very important when you’re building a company to have a strong team can you talk a little bit about the mbh corporation team and what each member brings to the table sure so so mbh itself the holding company is incredibly lean and we outsource pretty

Much everything that’s not core so basically we’ve only got two key employees myself as the ceo and victor tan our cfo one of the things we noticed with a lot of conglomerates and a lot of companies that sort of do this roll-up list is the head office just keeps growing and growing and growing and actually small businesses run incredibly lean because it’s

The founders money it’s only big corporations that have admin assistance on six figure salaries walking along or yeah everywhere so we keep our very lean so that we can return cash to shareholders but actually every time we bring a company in the ceo of that company the founder of that company we refer to them as principles we add this principle to this um

It’s kind of like a senate of principles within the group and each one of these has decades of entrepreneurial experience so we have an earth from different industries and and different countries so there’s an incredible wealth of knowledge with within the group that now has it’s like the ultimate mastermind group because they’ve got a vested interest in

Each other’s success as well so uh you get a lot of sharing of information and best practice which um it’s like as we were talking before this interview about the power of community and what you’ve built which is hugely impressive um but that this is like that community but of of successful small business owners so it’s a it’s a really nice club i like that

And it seems like you’re doing business internationally so you mentioned multiple countries already that’s pretty exciting can you tell us what sets mbh corporation apart from its competition yeah so i think the the big difference is we come from a small business background and when we bring on a company in effect we’re taking them public through our holding

Company and we trust them to run the business the way they have so they have a lot of autonomy they keep their brand they keep their culture they keep their hiring and firing and that’s important to us entrepreneurs because quite frankly we make terrible employees we’re not good at being told what to do so true if somebody if somebody spent 50 years building

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Up a business um they’re not going to listen to me if i tell them they should be yeah they need to update their web page or whatever so so we let them run the business the way they’ve always had and these are these are already multi-million dollar businesses they’ve already been through recessions you know these are smart businesses so we have this kind of

Bottom-up approach that let’s leave the businesses alone and let’s give them that autonomy and i think that’s very very different from the finance industry as a whole which tends to look down on small business and tends to assume you know not normally the way you would do it if you were private equity for example as you buy the 50 year old company you fire

The management team that’s been there for years you put in a 32 year old with an mba who’s never risked their own money in their lives and you say go and sort that business out and number one is lever it up with as much debt as possible and and then try and flip it to the next guy whereas we’re just playing a different game um you know we we don’t want to we

Don’t need to mess around with these businesses they’re great businesses but we can grow incredibly aggressively by adding more and more businesses and because we do give those entrepreneurs the autonomy we get over a thousand applications a year from companies that want to join us which is a great strategic advantage that’s impressive thousand applications

A year my goodness no shortage of opportunities there can you give us a break down your share structure here at rich tv live we really pride ourselves in finding companies that are responsible with their share structure i a tight float is so important to me now when you’re acquiring your growth you’re typically giving something up so sometimes you’re gonna

Have to give up shares can you break down your share structure and maybe explain a little bit about how much is held by insiders yeah so i i think this is one of the strengths of ours is that in effect if you imagine you’re a small business owner coming in to us you’re giving up 100 equity in your your private company for x million in in shares in in nba so

We’ll create new shares but we’ll only ever do earnings per share a creative deal so we’ll never do dilutive deals that’s first thing second thing is 70 of the shares are owned by those insiders so they’re owned by the principals themselves now these principles aren’t coming to us for an exit if they want exits they can go elsewhere for better valuations that’s

Not what this is about they’re joining us as a platform for growth to preserve the legacy of their business so they’re not looking to sell they’re looking to hold um now they’re all locked up for 12 months anyway then they’re on a three-year orderly market agreement so they need to offer it to their peers but these guys aren’t selling yeah if anything and

They have been recently buying they you know they’re buying i i’ve bought a million shares in the last 18 months of the company as well um and you know we’re just we’re very i think the expression is long-term greedy on this if you think like in two and a half years of being listed we’ve added 25 companies into the group um you know what what we’re looking to

Do and with a thousand applications a year you know what this is we haven’t really scratched the surface we’re looking to build a massive community of fantastic cash generating businesses that’s really impressive so you’re also very selective you’re not just you’ve got 25 companies 25 businesses in two and a half years out of a thousand applications a year so

You’re being very selective i like that can you tell us how much mbh corporation has in the bank it’s very important that we understand the finances of a business the meat and potatoes and how much debt the company has to give our viewers an idea of the strength of the company’s balance sheet yeah so uh normally i’m completely transparent and and not bashful

About these things at all but we’re about to release our 2020 numbers so i i have to be a little bit careful about what i can reveal um but and by the way that’s they’re coming out on april 30th so it’s a pretty soon so you know we’ve created a minecraft site so to go and have a look um basically we’re very healthy all the companies that come into the group are

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Cash generating and profitable we we’re not fans of debt in the companies themselves now there was some quite attractive debt last year because of the coveting government so some of them took on some debt there but uh it’s very low that the debt to equity ratio is is very low compared to your average conglomerates we issued a bond to do some acquisitions as

Well rather than just our equity so we issued our own bond but that’s internal debt so again we have a much higher comfort level with that versus external debt we tend to um you know we’re trying to create something that’s going to be around in 100 plus years because we kind of owe it to the the underlying businesses to preserve their legacy that’s the number

One killer of small businesses so generally speaking we try and avoid it as much as possible great that’s what i’d like to hear if there was one thing that you would want shareholders to know about mbh corporation today what would that be there’s so many things i want them to know look i think i think a lot of people don’t understand the small business world

And i think a lot of people assume that small business owners just want to cash out yeah they’re focused on the money and actually that’s not really the case you know if somebody’s built a business up over 10 20 30 years you know they’re an important part of their community and they want to preserve that legacy that legacy they want to keep supporting their

Um their their community their team and so we’ve got these great businesses um that are long-term investments we’re a buy and hold uh holding company but we have this advantage we’ve already talked about being able to add in a significant number of companies very quickly so i think people look at us and they see uh you know companies across multiple countries

Multiple industries and they perceive a lack of focus whereas actually we’re incredibly relentlessly focused on finding those great well-run owner-operated small businesses sort of across the top of small business across multiple industries and i think that’s that’s really where the opportunity is to almost create a new asset class for investors to to get

Into these these micro businesses that otherwise would be completely unapproachable really if a shareholder or anyone that’s watching this video wants to get in contact with the company what’s the best way for them to do that so we’re incredibly open we’re incredibly transparent we respond to all uh investor inquiries so nbhcorporation.com is our website

Uh we have a youtube channel i’m afraid it’s not a patch on your youtube channel but we’re we’re early days and we’re trying to get there we put out a lot of interviews with the principals with myself with board members um so that’s mbh corporation at youtube twitter linkedin um and yeah we’d love love to hear hear from you and answer any questions you have

Super excited to do this interview today with the ceo of mbh corporation callum lang thank you callum for joining us today thanks for just being a pleasure love talking about it now before we say goodbye i have to let everyone know that rich tv live is strictly for education and information purposes please everyone do your due diligence speak to a financial

Advisor before you invest in anything that we discuss or talk about here in rich tv live if you like the video smash the like button comment down below share the video everywhere and hit that subscribe button for future updates if you’re not winning you’re not watching we bring in the winners and we bring them to you first this is rich from rich to be live

With the ceo of mbh corporation put it on your watch list put on your radar thank you for watching thank you callum have a great day keep up all the great work and hope to have you on the show again soon definitely thanks a lot registered fun always a pleasure and thank you for watching everybody have a nice day you

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