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How’s it going everybody this is beat the bush a lot of you have asked me what my facial routine is because apparently with this lighting it looks very clear very smooth i have thought about making this video before but it was a little embarrassing for me because this routine thing it’s like a beauty routine guys aren’t beautiful per se really they’re supposed to

Be handsome and doing all this beauty like stuff is generally reserved for girls but guys who have faces too and it’s good to have it pimple free and smooth i guess the number wants you to keep a really glowing and smooth skin is really through your diet for me i generally don’t eat any processed foods or i try to avoid it as much as possible whenever i go to a

Supermarket i buy fruits vegetables milk eggs meat all the stuff around the perimeter of the supermarket i hardly ever need to go through the center aisles where you buy cereal candy soda things like i never really buy i just don’t really like eating any of that or so right here is a can of tomato paste it’s the only canned food i have right now the reason i have

This is yes it’s really hard to make tomato paste if you’re making it from scratch that’s why i have this so that i can make pizza i generally eat only about two pieces of candy a day not bars or candy two pieces like this this little simply because i feel like if i eat any more my body just doesn’t feel very good so i’m very attuned to what my body tells me and

I’m like oh my gosh you know if i eat more than this i’ll be like oh so sugary and i don’t feel very good so that’s why i only want to eat two pieces of candy a day now i don’t buy frozen pizza because i make my own pizza i don’t buy ice cream all that often because it’s just something i don’t like too much i guess sometimes i would make it from scratch so there’s

Also processed foods like box crackers or cookies like that yeah i don’t eat those very often i don’t generally buy them so my daily meal consists of maybe like chicken broccoli rice steamed fish some sort of vegetable and rice and i don’t drink much coffee but i do socially drink beer or wine but i’ve been trying to cut down on that so a long time ago i used to

Have a problem with getting a lot of pimples because i thought that your diet does not so i would just eat whatever just like fried foods a lot of fried foods actually and yes you know after eating fried foods i would actually break down and get more pimples and stuff like that so don’t listen to what everybody else has diet does matter a lot and especially if you

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Eat a lot of oily foods you would notice that after you eat your oily foods when it’s hot it’s actually steaming right with a lot of little oil particles so after you eat it it’s all over your face so if you leave that on for you know like an hour to after you eat is actually very valuable like breakout right away so after you eat something orally make sure to wash

Your face real quick and even after that though after you ingest this oily food it’s going to come out of your face though so keeping hydrated it’s very important sometimes after eating something very salty the day before or a lot something with a lot of msg in the morning i would go oh my gosh i’m so thirsty i need to drink like a whole glass or a glass and a half

Of water just to like replenish myself i don’t actually count how many glasses of water i drink i just kind of drink it whenever i’m thirsty and it kind of averages out to be like i drink something every hour it seems roughly about once a month i go around squeezing all the pimples so what i do is i go around squeezing my zits roughly about once a month and the

Important thing to note here is that when you go around squeezing all the pimples only squeeze each pimple one single time because if you go back and try to get it if it doesn’t come out you’re going to end up breaking your skin so make it a point to only squeeze anything just one time and pass over if you don’t get it well that’s too bad you know just wash your

Face instead and just pass over it what i notice is that you don’t actually need to wash your face all that often because when i don’t have very many pimples i actually just wash my face in the morning and that night with just water however if i went outside and height and there’s like a lot of dirt on me or like there’s a something oily and there’s a lot of oil

I would actually wash it with this thing to set a fill cleanser this is a mild non-irritating formula what i notice is this very watery and so it doesn’t even feel like a soap it’s just kind of like a cleanser type thing a lot of people like this and i’m sure everybody pretty much knows about this cleanser already so back in my college days i discovered proactiv

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And yes it does work the bad part is that it’s $50 a month of supply so what i notice as an active ingredient and the proactiv is that it has benzoyl peroxide they sell these clean and clear person gel ten however this is like a little paste thing that you put on your zit so what i do with this person gel is i don’t use it as a zit killer i just use it almost daily

I take a very small bit of it and i just kind of smooth it over the problem areas that are likely to get a zit so this is kind of like spreading a little bit of benzoyl peroxide on that area after i put that person on i would put this neutrogena visibly even daily moisturizer i know this is like in the girls aisle but apparently it fades dark spot because i have

This before and if you put this it kind of feeds a little bit faster what i notice is if you don’t put it on yeah maybe it’ll take like two months for a dark spot to fade away whereas if you have this it will take now something like four to six weeks a little bit faster and i use this just as a daily moisturizer it does have this broad-spectrum spf 30 so it’s very

Important i think to wear sunblock every single day eve and so that your skin doesn’t get damaged from the sun i’m probably a little bit of a list there because i avoid the sun quite a bit i have this little shade in the car that i put up so that you know if it’s like if i’m commuting it won’t like hit me directly and it actually it’s very uncomfortable because it

Gets hot right it’s like burning your face you’ll have this little shade to block me from the sun really and one little trick i notice whenever you get these little tube things there’s a big corner on here and they’re quite sharp so yes all you do is you just kind of cut a little corner on these guys cut the corners off like that and so whenever you use it you’re

Not going to accidentally scratch yourself because i have scratching myself i like to move very fast and these things just kind of go flying everywhere when you know like in the morning when you’re doing the routine ego drop on top right and this has scratched me before that’s why i round all these things off including this purse ago and this neutrogena visibly

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Even thing so that is my super-secret routine that i’ve developed over the years to actually work for me i’ve noticed that some people skin are quite different it doesn’t react the same for everybody some people have naturally clear skin well i actually need to rely on these things to keep it clear because you would know that when i did the fry’s video i ate a

Whole bunch of fries and i think i got like a zit right here it’s a little darker right here and over here and yeah i just have to use these products to keep a clear face really you’ll notice that these things are all of the stuff that you can get at the drugstore this set of phil thing is usually about ten bucks this visibly even thing it’s about twelve dollars

A bottle and this person gel thing is about five six dollars and you know using it the way i’m using it where you just dab a little bit on all the problem areas it would last maybe like six months i think it’s important to note that with any kind of benzoyl peroxide stuff if you put it on consistently you’re going to start to notice that it might flake because

If you’re not used to benzoyl peroxide then your skin might get a little dry so if you notice that you know reduce it a little bit do it every other day and then maybe you can increase it later on so these products is not like girl routine special age defying whatever stuff you’re interested in these products i use you can help support my channel by getting you

Through my affiliate link down in the video description below other ways to support this channel of course is through my audible link down below or you can support my channel directly through the patreon link over here this routine that i described to you is kind of like something i’ve used and develop over many many years actually i hope explaining it to you on

What actually caused you to break out or like what can give you a glowing skin just through eating well i think and i hope you enjoyed this video and helps you get your own glowing skin and this free as well don’t forget to give me a like on this video comment down below let me know what you think this routine maybe you’re going to try this or whatnot and don’t

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