I wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy NEW YEAR in 2019 and Beyond!!!

Merry christmas i just want to wish you guys all the merry christmas hope you’re having a fantastic day with your friends and family family comes first i know some of you guys don’t have family so i wanted to let you know that you are our family here rich to be alive the richie d live community we are a family here so merry christmas to everybody out there have

A special day hug kiss hold your loved ones your friends your family just spend time with people that you care about or spend some time alone if that’s what you want you know make you know christmas is a special time happy holidays brother and i just wanted to reach out and wish everybody a merry christmas a happy new year i know 2018 has been crazy a lot of

Highs a lot of lows 2019 is gonna be your year 2019 is gonna be our year we’re going all the way up i promise you and it’s because of you the people because you guys deserve freedom and we’re gonna get that freedom because as a unit i haven’t found this today okay in our what’s that room they were still dropping pics it’s christmas and people are still dropping

Pics it’s crazy man so i know that we can’t fail when we have people that are dropping pics on christmas day markets aren’t open it’s christmas day and in our whatsapp group people are dropping pip so yeah so i just really wanted to just wish everybody a merry christmas a prosperous and powerful 2019 and beyond and i promise you we have some huge things in store

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For you in 2019 and as long as you’re positive and as long as positive people in 2009 will have positive results 2018 might not have given you what you wanted but 2019 might be the year that you’ve been waiting for this might be your year so be positive work hard do the right things and anything is possible i promise you guys that feliz navidad oscar yeah man i

Love you guys man without you guys none of this is possible man we’re just one big family man and from my family to yours i just want to wish you guys a merry christmas happy new year hope you have a blessed holidays and i wish everybody even the trolls from the haters i wish you guys a prosperous 2019 merry christmas from florida hey guys maybe you guys can’t

Drop where you are in the world merry christmas from vancouver british columbia canada this is your boy rich from vancouver british columbia canada wish you guys all a merry christmas and a happy new year ecuador wow toronto rhode island florida i love this i love seeing this people from all over the world sharing positive vibes familia yes we are family it’s

True and it’s like i said you might not have family and you might not be with anybody today but we’re your family so they’re rich tv live family we’re always open here with open arms and we’re welcome to take you in and provide a family environment for you the people because you guys deserve that florida greg what’s up brother i love you too men so have a great

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Day guys have a blessed day i wasn’t even going to do any videos i’m about to go to christmas dinner but i was in a good mood and i said you know what why not just wish the people a merry christmas right why not wish the people a merry christmas so yeah man love you guys merry christmas happy new year’s have an awesome day eat a lot of turkey eat a lot of candy

Drink a lot of great drinks smoke em if you gottem have fun be responsible don’t drink and drive don’t smoke and fly don’t get yourself in any crazy trouble okay just have fun make money enjoy the finer things in life you won’t you don’t want me to go i’m actually just watching houston okc right now if you guys want to watch a little bit i don’t want this stream

To get cut off for copyright yeah i’m watching a little bit of that that’s what i’m doing right now alright guys i love you guys have a blessed day your boys oh

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