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Ladies and gentlemen two of the more popular stocks in the entire stock market will not stop bleeding okay we’re gonna talk about micron stock here today we’re going to talk about snapchat stock both of these stocks are very popular okay micron is one of the most held retail investor names i’ve seen a long long time in snapchat shares are held by a lot of younger

Investors so i want to talk about both of these they’re bleeding will not stop these shares continue to go down we’re gonna look at what these stocks did today we’re going to look at why these stocks dropped another big leg downward today and then i’m gonna give you my opinion on both of these stocks if i’m willing to buy either one of these stocks and at what

Price i would be willing to buy these stocks s so i hope you guys enjoy this and let’s get into this guys so both of these stocks that you had very tough days once again okay mu fell another four plus percent today and then after hours i haven’t got to see why it’s down after hours but it’s down another 1% plus after hours and that looks legit because if you look

At the bid and ask they’re very close together so it doesn’t look like it’s a typo or anything and then snapchat shares went down nearly seven percent today okay absolutely disgusting day for snapchat shares micron stock is down over thirty percent in the past three months alright that is a really really rough and unfortunately a lot of micron shareholders have

Gotten in with in the past you know three to six months as the stock continued to rise it tracked a lot of names into it and they have just been you know absolutely slaughtered so far in the past five days this one is down nearly 16 percent alright so micron just in disaster mode their snapchat shares are down well over 30 percent in the past three months thirty

Over thirty two percent to be exact in the past five days this one is down nine percent and if we look here in snapchat literally today hit its all-time low of eight dollars in ninety cents alright so it’s just a disaster for both of those stocks over the past few months alright so now let’s get into why micron stock fell and then i’ll give you my opinion on and

Then we’ll look at snapchat and i’ll give you my opinion on snapchat micron is leading memory orientated stocks downward and wednesday session after another analyst expressed concern about the supply and the demand of the industry goldman sachs analyst mark delaney downgraded grunts chairs to neutral from by on wednesday warning of lower memory average selling

Prices oversupply in nand in a more challenging supply in demand balance on the dram side all right this is a quote from him memory downturns usually last several quarters and you can see acceleration and price declines as customers delay in wait for lower prices when possible causing a snowball effect that can leave downturns to be worse than initially anticipated

By investors delaney wrote he said the downturn that began in 2015 lasted six quarters with prices falling by fifty percent from the high point all right delaney’s comments come a day after rbc capital markets analyst downgraded wdc stock to perform from outperform in general there’s been a concern about memory stocks in recent weeks micron warned of nan pricing

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Issues at the recent conference they just did a conference last week you can check that out on microns investor relations page if you’re interested in that ok micron this is a stock right now that is trading at a forward p/e of 3.6 3.6 that’s one of the lowest forward peas i’ve ever seen in a stock that has a market cap you know over ten billion dollars it’s around

Fifty billion dollar market cap company i don’t believe i’ve ever seen a forward pea that low that is ridiculous guys a three point six all right micron this is a stock that back in 2016 was a ten dollar stock all right nine dollars and fifty six cents back back in may of 2016 all right so here’s here’s here’s kind of my take on micron okay why are my crosshairs

Continuing to crash why are buyers not stepping up to this one it’s at a three point six p like like how how much cheaper can the stock possibly get like it does it go to a two does it go to a one for p like this is ridiculous right when i look in my crosstalk there’s a huge issue i see with the stock okay not necessarily with the company but with the stock the

Issue is fund managers the big fund managers that have a lot of money to deploy that could really get this stock to go up in a major way right they’re looking at this stock and they’re saying why do i want to be involved with this stock and why would i want to buy into these chairs because they look at this stock and they say we no memory prices is falling okay

It doesn’t matter if you’re a bowl on my crum or you’re a bear in the short term at least we’re gonna see memory pricing falling that is factual information that’s what we’ve heard from everybody out there okay and even the most bullish people on micron believe this all right so the way fund managers are looking at this is they’re saying these shares might go to

$10 or $20 because it you know the stock might just continue to fall the the pricing might get weaker and weaker there might be way too much supply and not enough demand out there so we don’t want to touch the stock because who wants to jump in a stock in the 40s that may be a few months from now or maybe a year from now is a $20 stock or may if things got really

Ugly it could become a ten dollar stock again so that’s the way fund managers are looking at this right now i’m saying why do i even want to get involved with that it’s not worth it all right now if you’re a long shareholder of micron stock okay if you’re a long shareholder and micro stock and you plan on owning the stock for years to come in the future let’s say

You plan on holding this for the next five ten years does it really matter to you if the shares are let’s say thirty dollars next month or if they’re fifty dollars next month it really doesn’t intend to you as a long shareholder okay so anybody that out there that holds micron shares i’m sure this could be frustrating for you guys to see your stock continually

Go down in with you know the numbers have been phenomenal the company’s been doing the execution has been phenomenal the peas ridiculously cheap i know it can be frustrating but if you’re looking at and you’re in you really believe in mike ross shares let’s say you really believe in this company next five to ten years you believe you know demand for memories is

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Gonna go up and up and up which it probably will because of you know all the the growth vectors out there you know a i coming we could talk about self-driving cars like all that type of stuff okay you know more data centers all that type of stuff right we can say you know memory memory demand out there will continue to probably go up for you know decades to come

So if you’re a long shareholder a micron and you’re looking at this stock you can probably be frustrating but at the same time can you really be mad at the psyche does it really matter if the shares are at $30 or $50 next month it doesn’t it really doesn’t other than making yourself feel good right so so you know that’s kind of my take if you’re long shareholder

Now if you’re a short-term trader of grond stock i would be worried right now this one’s an absolute falling knife okay we know things are getting weaker and weaker as far as the pricing and you never know where these shares can go in the short term this could be a $30 stock $20 stocks so if you’re trading it short-term you know there’s definitely a lot to be

Worried about here it’s a falling knife absolutely it’s the you know if there was a you know an example in the dictionary of what a falling knife is in the stock market laying micro on stock would be that it’s down over 30% in the past three months but on the flip side if you’re a long shareholder does it matter does it really matter where the shares go in the

Short term if you really believe in this company for the long term it is what it is it’s a super low p/e stock maybe memory pricing falls and they aren’t as profitable in 2019 or 2020 as some people thought well maybe 20 21 22 22 it you know they pick up it just depends out there mike ross shares i’ll tell you the the price point i would be willing to start buying

Micron shares for myself first let’s talk about snapchat so snapchat stock you know has been an absolute disaster as we talked about there are a couple reasons why this one continues to fall here today in analyst richard green fell he ended up taking his price target on snapchat shares down to $5 he believed this is going to be a $5 stock more than 40% below it’s

Already depressed share price he recommends investors sell snapchats parent company snap he wrote in a report that he has tired of snapchats eggs excuses for missing numbers greenfeld said he was no longer willing to give management time to figure it out how to make money with snapchat wall street is increasingly nervous about snapchats future because of intense

Competition from instagram as we’ve you know talked about many times all right now just a couple days ago another top executive at snapchat left okay so con who’s a snapchats chief strategy officer announced plans to lead the company according to a regulatory filing on monday khan was a former analyst at credit suisse in jp morgan he joined snapchat in 2015 the


Company said an sec filing that khan will stay on during the intern period and that he was not leaving snapchat because of any disagreements with executives but khan joins a growing list of executives that a bolted from snapchat in the past year or so chief financial officer left in may and was replaced by tim stoney if former amazon executive he’s president of

Product tom conrad said in january that he was leaving and snapchats engineering guru stuart mouse stepped aside in may to join tesla alright snapchat hasn’t had a chief operating officer since emily white left the company in 2015 they definitely do get one of those in my personal opinion they’re so you know in microns case in in snapchats case i would be willing

To buy these companies at a certain price okay snapchat shares i would be willing to take a risk on this one just because it’s kind of like a spec stock place so let’s say you know i still was planning on maybe putting some more money in tesla but tesla’s kind of shot up since i bought you know tests on friday so i would maybe be willing to put that extra test

Of money in snapchat but i need this one to fall to $7 or below okay so who needs to fall a dramatic amount more for me to say okay it’s willing to take a risk at this particular price all right and i’m not that interested in that one okay i’m not even that interested in mu but i would be willing to probably buy mu if this one fell to around $30 a share maybe a

Little under $30 this year i would personally be willing to step up and start buying mu shares somewhere around there okay that’s kind of my view on mu that’s kind of my view on snapchat there enough stocks i’m really that interested and a lot of people have tried to get me to buy mu share so many times in the comments section in my private stock market membership

Group i’ve had friends you know that our big mu shareholders tried to get me to buy this one i haven’t been interested to buy it just because i’m on the camp of who knows where memory pricings fall and that’s the scariest thing no one knows where the bottom is gonna be at everybody knows it’s going down just no one knows where the bottom is really gonna be and you

Know times only gonna tell where you know the bottom ends up there guys so let me know your opinion on either one of these stocks micron snapchat is there any price you would buy either one of those stocks do you already own those stocks you plan on buying more do you think there are a great price here i would love to hear from you guys down there in that comment

Section by the way if you want a video on my opinion of the apple launch today go ahead and check out my other tech channel it’s called regular guy tech and i post a video there are given my opinion on apple products and all that type of stuff that happen today and as well as what the top-selling iphone and maya we’ll end up being for apple this upcoming year

Thank you for watching have a great day

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