Millionaire Habits That Could Change Your Life!

New Year’s Resolutions That Could Change Your Life. In today’s video, I will share thirteen millionaire habits, things that self-made millionaires do that poor people do not.

Welcome back to patrick boyle on finance so over the last few months i found myself on a lot of long drives in the car listening to a number of podcasts many of the ones i enjoyed involved interviews with interesting and successful people and i noticed that many of these interviews are the topics being discussed are effectively self-help for successful people

A lot of the most popular podcasters today are themselves quite wealthy and their content is aimed at an already successful follower base people like tim ferriss shane parish ryan holliday mark manson and james clear would all fall into this category along with some of the joe rogan motivational clips that you can find here on youtube there are many interesting

Themes that i found that run through the advice given in these podcasts such as to set a work schedule to focus on the difficult things first to write down lists of goals and affirmations to focus on the things you can control and accept the things that you can’t and to be radically honest with both yourself and the people that you deal with i’d love to hear

What interesting or inspiring podcasts or youtube channels you guys enjoy as well so do let me know in the comment section some of the advice related to people going full circle they started out working with a good job but one in which they possibly have less control than they might have liked to have where their time and their work schedules structured and

Defined by their employer after going to great lengths to escape that framework inspired by entrepreneurship or ideas around the early retirement fire movement they became more autonomous but then they found a need to find discipline and to build a new structure in their life that ensures that they continue learning maintaining their health and continue to

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Strive to improve their lives without having a boss pushing them to do so it kind of interests me the extent to which successful people focus on self-improvement which make me wonder what other habits do wealthy and successful people have it’s worth noting up front that just because the wealthy eat more caviar doesn’t mean that eating more caviar will make you

Wealthy the old correlation causality disclaimer i guess it applies to this in the book rich habits the author thomas corley reflects on these ideas after having studied rich and poor people for five years and i put together a list of 13 habits of the self-made millionaires that he studied that i found most interesting now the first habit on the list is that

Rich people read constantly in particular he found that they read biographies of successful people self-help books or personal career development books and history books 88 percent of the self-made millionaires said that they devote half an hour or more every day to self-education or self-improvement reading in addition as point number two rich people don’t

Watch very much television and the screen time that they do use is spent on educational content only six percent of the self-made millionaires studied admitting to watching reality tv shows for example at number three rich people don’t buy lottery tickets now that’s not to say that they play it safe with their money though most of the people studied were business

Owners who put their own money on the table and took financial risks they just take smart financial risks and they invest rather than gambling at number four the rich exercise and eat well 76 of the self-made millionaires exercise for half an hour or more a day and 57 said that they count calories every day at number five the rich sleep well and get up early 89

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Of the self-made millionaires reported sleeping seven or more hours a night and almost half said that they wake up at least three hours before the work day begins number six the rich tend to have multiple streams of income 65 had at least three streams of income that they created prior to making their first million dollars examples of the additional streams are

Real estate rentals stock market investments and part ownership in a side business number seven was overwhelming positivity long-term success is only possible when you have a positive mental outlook according to corley he found that positivity was a hallmark of all of the self-made millionaires that he studied at number eight we have good etiquette they don’t

Use bad language they dress appropriately for social occasions they have good table manners and they acknowledge people by saying thank you number nine the self-made millionaires studied tend to seek feedback often people don’t want to seek feedback for fear of being criticized but feedback is essential to learning what’s working and what’s not i thought this

One was particularly interesting as when i interviewed jack schwager a few weeks ago here on youtube we discussed how successful traders see losing trades as feedback rather than bad luck and they use it to improve their trading going forward at number 10 it was found that self-made millionaires work longer hours than average 86 of the rich people were found to

Work 50 hours or more per week while of the general population 43 percent of people do so according to the book 81 of the successful people also keep daily to-do lists while 19 of regular people do number 11 the rich tend to mostly be friends with other wealthy people and they avoid spending time with negative or destructive people they also tend to volunteer

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For charitable organizations and civic groups which they say allows them to surround themselves with good people of the millionaires studied 72 volunteered for five hours or more per month at number 12 they help others to succeed helping your friends and business associates succeed means that you are in a group of successful people the people studied said that

They don’t just help anyone though they tend to help people who are already pursuing success who are optimistic who are goal oriented positive and that they find uplifting the last point on my list is that rich people set goals the millionaires in the study were found to set annual and monthly goals 67 percent of them actually write those goals down while many

Other people chase other people’s dreams such as their parents rich people define their own goals and pursue them relentlessly and passionately maybe now is a good time to follow habit 13 and write down a monthly or an annual goal i’d love to hear some of your goals and ideas in the comments section below if you did find this video helpful or interesting don’t

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