Mind Medicine (MindMed) Inc. (NEO: MMED OTCQB:MMEDF), is supporting and collaborating on a Phase 2 clinical trial evaluating LSD for the treatment of cluster headaches at University Hospital Basel’s Liechti Lab. The Phase 2 trial began recruiting patients in early January and has commenced treating patients with LSD.

Hi how’s everybody doing today this is richard we have a rich tv live with our very special guest it’s jay our ron from my medicine how are you doing today jr. hey how are you doing i’m doing fantastic it’s been a very exciting couple of months for you so how’s everything going things are going well we you know it’s a it’s definitely a dynamic time in the markets

And also i think for the world right now but i think the you know what the things that we are working on are really going to be needed as part of the recovery post kovat and so just been really kind of heads down executing and building our portfolio very good now last month it was revealed to the world that mine med is developing lsd neutralizer technology to

Shorten and stop lsd trips how was the technology discovered well that’s it’s a good question i don’t know how much i can can answer about it yeah just because we have recently filed a patent application around the newtralizer however what what we’re really trying to do with this is you know i think what people ask me about psychedelics and psychedelic assisted

Therapy one of their biggest fears is well what if i have a bad trip what if i have a bad experience and in many ways that those experiences can be some of the most therapeutic but at some point they can just also be too much and so we wanted to remove the anxiety around going and getting treatment and so what we thought the best way to do that is to let people know

That there is an off switch you can go in for therapy and your therapist or doctor has the ability to shut off the the experience and so that is really what that technology surrounds itself with and and wants to become we feel that this is more a feature and not a standalone product but it will differentiate us in the market if we are to to get it ever approved so

That’s that’s what we’re working on with the neutralizer very good now there’s lots of exciting things happening with my med right now you recently announced that the company has closed a thirteen point two million financing to advance the electi lab collaboration can you tell us more about the collaboration sure so dr. matthias lichty is the leading researcher

On lsd and mdma globally he’s been researching these substances for many many years we were able to acquire all the historical data based on the the work that he’s done over the last 10 years and with that data we required about eight clinical trials in the lsd space that are completed or ongoing and then we acquired i believe in additional nine clinical trials


Or studies based on mdma and so what we can now do is take all that data and develop ip positions around it for the company and also use it to formalize how we’re gonna go into two new clinical trials very good now on may 27th you guys just have news coming nonstop my men announced some big news that it would be adding mdma to its r&d portfolio to develop

Next-gen psychedelic therapies tell us more about the research and how mdma will help the company’s mission to prevent mental illness yes so look mdma is clearly a very important component of psychedelics and the entire industry maps which is a non-profit has been developing it got it breakthrough therapy designation with the fda it’s probably the most mdma is

Probably the most advanced psychedelic in terms of clinical trials it’s in a phase three and i think very close to a potential approval based on everything that we hear coming out of of maps and the fda what we saw is the opportunity was dr. leekie was you know the leading researcher on mdma leading researcher on lsd what we want to eventually look at is creating

A combination of both mdma and lsd potentially into a single dose or administering them at the same time during a therapy session we think that in a pathogen like mdma has some very therapeutic as a lot of therapeutic potential and probably even more so when combined with something like lsd and so i think this is a key thing you know if you’re an investor in

The space on looking for real true innovation things that are going to be next-gen and are gonna be differentiators and that is that’s what mine that is really focused on it’s really pushing the boundaries here on psychedelic therapy and psychedelic medicines my med is expanding its face to a clinical trial of lsd and adhd and adding an additional trial site

In basel switzerland what was the strategy behind this and why is lsd micro dosing such a hot topic right now yes so micro dosing has been a trend in silicon valley for for a number of years really sort of kind of picked up with a book called the psychedelic explorers guide by james fatima and really kind of became folklore in silicon valley one of the smartest

People in a lot of these large tech companies kind of square by by micro dosing and so i was exposed to that being a you know an earlier employee at uber and part of the y combinator program but what we didn’t really see was there’s plenty of anecdotal evidence but there was no real phase 2 clinical data showing the efficacy of it right and so what my met has

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Done is is established the first phase two trial ever for micro dosing of lsd for for adult adhd and we are looking to see if we can help people try and some other form of medicine besides the stimulant based medicines like ritalin that you know and adderall that are traditionally used to treat adhd and have terrible side effects you know i i know that they have

Terrible side effects i was put on them since i was the age of 13 so definitely a real mission for me on how we can confine an innovative medicine fort for adult adhd project lucy my meds commercial drug development program was launched on june 4th can you tell us more about your latest project yes a project lucy is is probably the biggest announcement we’ve had

Since really going public you know it is it’s a huge opportunity anxiety affects 40 million americans every year it’s the most prevalent mental illness in the united states and it’s only getting worse during the midst of kovat right now we saw xanax prescriptions just in the month of march increased 14 and a half percent overall since the beginning of kovat you

Know these anxiety medications have also increased 32% as a whole and so those are not great substances anacs is highly addictive it has a lot of negative side effects and i think if you you know anyone that’s used it you know it can can get dangerous at times what we are trying to do is to find a non benzo dieting which is the effect effectively xanax and look

At a therapy assisted solution to anxiety and so project lucy is based on lsd and it will be our first therapy based solution in our pipeline what’s really interesting about this is when we acquired all that data from basel we also acquired a phase to an earlier phase 2 study that is testing lsd for anxiety basically in in the same way what we’re now trying to

Do is take i’ll take that trial and start a new trial in the united states and we’re asking permission from the fda to start that trial and we think that there’s a pretty good chance you know they’ll be receptive to this you know we we have obviously need to put all together all the data to have that discussion but we think this is going to be a big part of of

Of what we are executing them now we’ve got a large group of investors that like to watch from all over the world and they’re looking at my men and they’re wondering you know what’s coming up so what upcoming milestones can investors expect from mine men for the rest of this year well i think you should you should look at us starting to phase 2 studies by the

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End of this year in in the micro dosing the micro dosing study mega dosing clinical trial and then also our addiction treatment which we haven’t really talked much about today 18 mc which is currently finishing up some phase 1 studies and we’ll be moving into a phase 2 and so those are two good inflection points by the end of the year to be looking for and then

As we progress you know over into next year start looking for you know potential updates on those trials how they’re going recruitment ultimately psychedelics is a drug development play you need to know that going into this and companies that are not taking an fda pathway and they’re not focused on drug development i frankly do not i don’t think they will be

Successful really commercializing psychedelics these are medicines they aren’t recreational we don’t see a recreational future so you need to make sure that the teams that you’re backing have that drug development experience there’s more phds and mds on our team than than i have fingers for and you know i think it’s you know really an important thing to evaluate

Now if you’re an investor or someone that’s interested in the company interested in getting contact with you what’s the best way for anyone to get ahold of you well they can email invest at mine med co i along with my colleague colin monitor that email inbox and we try to stay as best in touch with our shareholders as possible we really value our shareholder

Base and and so yeah definitely reach out also just you know look read the news we’ve been in in the wall street journal – vice – bloomberg there’s been a lot of great coverage of our company and i think that we are you know quickly establishing ourselves as one of the stalwarts of this industry and well you know we’ll hopefully be a leader for for for a long

Time well thank you so much for your time today jr. keep up all the great work this is jr. ron’s ceo of mine med a company that i believe is undervalued underappreciated and underexposed keep it on your watch let’s keep it on your radar this is rich for rich to be live yourself so nice day thank you you

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