minimalism vs Building Wealth

Minimalism is gaining popularity as a way to free your mind while spending less on things you do not need. One fallacy is that extreme minimalism can actually be very costly. In fact, you must have adequate financial backing in order to attempt such a living style. This is of course unless you have very little to begin with and could not afford to buy a lot of things.

How’s it going everybody does is beat the bush today we’re going to talk about minimalism versus building well as of late there’s more and more people making the news about how their minimal is how they can cut down on all the stuff that they own maybe down to even like a hundred items of every single thing that they have you hear about those guys that carry a

Handful of items and that’s all they need and they just go traveling everywhere instead well let me tell you being a minimalist almost seems like you’re flaunting your wealth because in order to be a minimalist you actually have to have a lot of financial backing behind you to feel comfortable to be a minimalist for example if you’re walking around you only have few

Items and then you get thirsty well you don’t have something there drinking without all your wallet and then you buy it drink it toss away everything else so in essence you’re using your wallet to replace much of the items that you have laying around instead so why does this matter because sometimes minimalism seems like it’s a path to being more wealthy because

If you’re cutting away some stuff you don’t need as much of it you’re not buying as much of it maybe if you’re getting rid of a lot of stuff then you can earn a lot of money back by getting rid of it but don’t let extreme minimalism lead you to believe that it’s a great way to build wealth let me show you why for a person building wealth you tend to buy things

In bulk because over a lifetime of buying stuff and bulk you save a lot of money whereas the minimalist they don’t have things in bulk if you buy things in bulk you buy like a dozen two dozen i don’t know fifty a hundred of them and that wipes out the number of units of minimalist has because they only have 100 things they want to carry you just buy one thing in

Bulk that’s 100 items already a minimalist on the other hand we just go and eat out and it goes in the single-serve nd they’re only going to order what they’re going to eat and then when they leave they’re not going to take anything with them they only buy things in single units for example one drink okay that could be like two dollars versus if you buy in bulk

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It might be just $0.50 for that same exact drink a wealth builder has their own blenders like their coffee maker all these different gadget tools for the kitchen because they make their own food a lot and that saves a lot of money a minimal is on the other hand we a lot they would not have very many kitchen tools they’re not going to have a pasta maker or these

Doodads that you know squeezes lemons or or garlic press or whatnot there’s no tool needed because they don’t need to use any of that you can imagine how expensive that is when you go eat out all the time sure you can become a minimalist have only a few irons but it’s very very costly on the do-it-yourself handyman side if you’re a will builder you would have a

Box full of toilet parts like i you i have a box full of toilet flushes stuff that you know i might use you know in case the toilet breaks because i don’t go around calling the plumber i fix it myself a minimalist call the plumber they don’t have any of these tools they don’t need to have the tools if you have one box of tools well that’s already satisfies the 100

Items already in in a minimalist little tote bag the plumber has all these tools they bring in all these things temporarily fixes it they leave they’re left with a toilet that is just by itself there’s no extra things to help support it if it breaks well you’re out for a while unless you have multiple toilets so there is a drawback to being a minimalist because

If something breaks you don’t have stuff handy to fix right away a wealth builder on the same line of thinking for example for cars you would have a lot of tools or car parts specialty tools to do a certain job for the car that maybe you just bought once or something you just have spares or something where as a minimalist has none of this they’ll just take their

Car to the car repair shop and we know that fixing your own car if you have the skills to do it’s a lot cheaper than having it you know repaired by a repair shop let me do one more set of examples because i think this is really interesting and eye-opening a will still there on one hand maybe not necessarily a packrat because the pratt pratt takes everything and

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Just keeps it for later this is in between i guess if you have something that you think you might use yeah that might clutter up your space but it also allows you to be able to use that item if it ever comes up there is an extreme case of it if you do this too much then yes you’ll be a packer and you’ll take up too much mine space actually when you have too much

Clutter a minimal is on the other hand can just buy it again even if it’s expensive that again means you need to have a certain financial status to be able to do something like this whereas i will build there you have something like this already so why would you throw it away why don’t you just keep it then you don’t have to spend extra money to buy it again you

Might just be throwing it away as a minimalist you know you just i don’t want this right because you don’t want to keep that many items it’s kind of wasteful in terms of resources because after you throw it away you get nothing in exchange unless you’re selling it but when you buy it back again you have to pay even more to get back that same item for well builder

You might actually have duplicate items of certain things even though you only need to use one at a time if something like that breaks then you can pull out something that is similar right away and you will not have to go out running trying to find that item when it’s not even on sale a minimal is on the other hand will not have the duplicate items and once that

Item is broken you’re scrambling to find a new one and oftentimes that new one you have to buy right away and we know that when you buy something right away and you have to buy it right away most of time it’s not going to be on sale therefore it’s going to end up costing you more so again being a minimalist it’s more costly being a wealth builders you might have a

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Crappy phone like i do i don’t have a really really crappy phone i have the iphone 5 but the camera is not so good i actually have to use a point-and-shoot you can see as a wealth builder you might have a lot of individual items that would go against being a minimalist whereas if you’re a minimalist you can spend the extra money to buy one gigantic nice noon gadget

That has the combination of multiple things like an iphone 7 or whatnot and then you don’t need a point entry camera as a web builder you might be going out very prepared you bring a bottle of water you bring some snacks with you you bring whatever that’s needed however for minimalist you might have a bag that is very like you have barely any in it if you need

Something sandwich or or if you’re thirsty you buy whatever drinks that’s available as you can imagine that’s quite expensive so the less you carry actually the more it cost being a minimalist is sort of like taking only the things that you’re immediately using and everything else you kind of liquidate and put it inside your wallet either liquidate or just throw

Away outright and when you have an immediate absolute need for you can just conjure it up by buying it from somewhere the last and final item about wealth builders is space heaters and central heaters a will so there would have both of them because you have a central heating and then you have the space heater that keeps the area that you’re actually in a little

Bit warmer a minimalist might not want to have a space heater because that’s one extra item instead you can just use the central heater and just blast it and make the whole place warm therefore it’s going to cost more in energy usage but you can be a minimalist you can have less items i hope that helps shed some light on minimalism and how that relates to building

Wealth i’m sure with these initial few examples you guys can figure out plenty more examples let me know in the comments section if you have some ideas don’t forget to give me a like on this video you can help support it through the audible link down in a video description below or directly through the patreon link and as always don’t forget to subscribe over here thanks for watching

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