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How’s it going everybody this is beat the bush minnows from minnows living sent me this coffeepot and also this creamer holder and the sugar holder i’m quite honored because these things are really expensive apparently on amazon certainly if you want something kind of artsy and sort of like modern artistic looking type of coffee pot then yes perhaps you would get

These but it’s kind of expensive so let’s look at this review this drink the coffee from it and see if they’re worth their value this is the quarter litre milk pot and this is the quarter liter sugar bowl three cup expresso coffee maker let me open up the coffee maker first nothing else inside there’s this little grommet thing i can put in i think i like the red one

So let me put in this red one and then it comes with two of these it’s good to save these in case this one cracks later on here’s an extra grommet which is nice and the manual is this here wash everything put cold water in there bottom thing grind fresh coffee beans i don’t have a grinder so i have to use pre-ground slightly flatten the ground coffee and tamper

Until it is level with the top of the funnel and more ground coffee if necessary so you got to add it all the way to up to the top white any excess ground coffee from the top of the funnel and from the screw threads and then you put it on your stove the flame should not exceed the diameter of the bottom chamber which means your fire shouldn’t go up the side and

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It’s kind of put soot on it pour coffee and enjoy so this thing is quite interesting at the bottom there’s this grommet that there’s an extra one of and there’s a bunch of holes here over here is where you put all your coffee i guess you put it all the way up to the top i’m trying to squish it like that i’m not sure what this spout is for maybe to let off excess

Pressure and then you put this thing down in here which means you should only fill the water all the way up to here and no more or else water would spew out it’s not quite clear to me that after you put the ground coffee do you leave this little disc in here i’m just gonna assume that you do so then i guess when the water boils steam would go up this funnel here

Go all the way up passes through the coffee and then it would just pass right through this to pass right through this mesh thing and then it falls down in here to this reservoir and then you can pour it out less interesting thing is a sugar bowl but let’s open this up to you can see it looks really fancy with the holder like this can open it well it’s nothing but

Just the bowl this is $40 oh my goodness and it has this logo at the bottom and then over here is the milk pot open this you can see it’s really really shiny again with the stainless steel and says minnows at the bottom so i washed and dried this thing and now we’re gonna make our coffee twist the bottom version like this and you lift this lid off put your coffee

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Right in and then put one cup of water in here just up to the edge and then i put the coffee in screw this on top and then put this over your heat and apparently you lift the lid while brewing the coffee and then you just wait until the spout here doesn’t speak any more coffee out so it’s not boiling now so let’s just wait until it boils this is a fanciest cup i

Have that comes slightly closer to how nice these things look so i finished making my expresso i think this is espresso and it’s this pour some in it’s really thick so i think maybe that’s enough here i got some milk to put in i’m gonna put in one part milk to one part expresso i’m gonna add in my sugar mmm actually tastes pretty good i mean i guess it depends on

The coffee and they tend to call these kind of coffee makers mocha coffee makers mo ka it’s certainly very expensive and a very unique way to make coffee but it looks like you would buy this from one of those contemporary art stores it would fit right in so cheers if you’re interested in one of these i’ll leave an affiliate link down below in the video description

Don’t forget to give me a like over here comment down below let me know if you make coffee this way already and don’t forget to subscribe over here thanks for watching

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