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Now, it’s easier to get in touch with us with our newly launched mobile application “Ilios”. Download the app & solve your money problems quickly with us.

Ladies and gentlemen boys and girls welcome back to finance – i am your friend and finance guru vishal tucker in a constant endeavor of creating newer mediums of getting in touch with you educating you and upgrading you financially taking forward our mission in life of solving your money problems we have opened up yet another viesta of getting in touch with you and

Giving you the requisite intellect and knowledge required for you to take yourselves to the next level yes ladies and gentlemen i am talking about a mobile app called illios which we have created just for your learning and development purposes in today’s times when technology is a very big enabler you have been seeing our youtube videos regularly and you have seen

The kind of education that we provide through this medium i am sure some of you have read our books on different topics and we have been trying to constantly educate you on various aspects of business and finance to take this to the next level on android and apple platform we have created this app called illios now friends we are not saying that technology will

Replace classroom training but what we are saying is that before the classroom and after the classroom for the purpose of continuous learning and education one needs a technology application like illios to continuously upgrade oneself as a teacher most of the time the difficulty that i face in a classroom situation is that few of my students walk in late a few

Leave early and a few disinterested while certain chapters are discussed why because the guys who come late they know the first two chapters the guys who left early knew the last two chapters and the guys were fidgety we’re the guys who knew the middle two chapters so there is no a no way in which i can find out which chapter is not known to which of my students

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To address this issue we have created an algorithm in our mobile application that as you login and select a particular subject of learning first thing it asks you to do is to take a pretest once you do a pretest only those chapters or modules will open on your mobile in which you did not fare well in the test so it’s kind of an intelligent learning system which

Not just helps you to learn customized modules of your choice but it also personalizes a learning track of each individual accessing this application furthermore you you can read an e-book and flip it like an actual book you can bookmark a particular page so that you can come back you can change the text size of the book if you don’t like reading or you get bored

Of reading you can use a native text-to-speech engine to listen to the e-book word by word there is another option where videos like these are audio recorded for your listening purposes and these podcasts are available which are not read word by word but which are explained like the way they would be explained in the classroom and finally there are videos where

You will learn through graphics text and images and a trainer will take you through all those videos to upgrade yourself all this is available before before you hit the classroom learning once you go through all of this go to the classroom learn whatever you wish to then this app allows you to kind of fill up the feedback form also the app has the capability of

Sending notification to all the participants who want to participate in classroom activity they can nominate themselves why i an event which is created from the back end and they can register themselves for the classroom event after the classroom a happy sheet or a feedback form can be filled up with this app and once the feedback form is filled the entire feedback

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Gets registered at the back end then there are post training courses or post training tests which are available which helps a person to map his or her own progress on the modules that he or she has learned by appearing for these tests various number of times and each time you appear the random questions thrown at you are different so no two tests are same and all

The tests will have questions coming to you one by one you have to answer them in a pre decided timeline so friends this is a very useful app it is free to download you can download it from apple store or android store as the case may be after you finish appearing for post assessment there are modules open to you which will help you to kind of continuously revise

Or learn on by yourself while you are on the app there is an ask a coach feature which is just like whatsapp whatever difficulties you have and there is a coach available you just type in your difficulty and you can chat with the coach whenever the coach is online this is a very beautiful app created for enterprise solutions for people who are managing learning

And development activities or hr activities at the back end a very beautiful back-end amaya’s report generation is available where you can track whether a person has finished a particular course how much more time he has how many pages he has read how many videos he has seen how many audios he has seen so on and so forth basically a person at the backend can drive

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The learning and development of all the employees of his organization by sending notifications by informing him through the app and can foster learning experience also it has sooo in capturing all the activities of a person and the pre and the post-test enables the hr or the lnb manager to kind of prove the roi of the investment that they are doing in the training

And development of various individuals this app is very suitable for compliance-related training like information security or prevention of sexual harassment or any program which could be in the category or nature of investor awareness program because all these areas are areas where one department of the government likes a b or any other regulatory authority asks

You to document and prove whether the training that an organization has done is very effective for people or not so the effectiveness proving mechanism of this app is really fabulous and it can really help you to create an impact on the target group of people that you are planning to make them learn all this and much more is available the link to download this app

Is available at the end of this video you can click on the link and you can download the app or you can simply search elios in the play store and download it for yourself for the purpose of demonstration of the app you can contact us any time if you have still not subscribed to our channel subscribe today and get access to mobile apps ebooks videos and much more

Training literature our channel financed you your finance guru vishal tucker is back with yet another exciting video on npv versus ira you can npv apart from cash flows is also dependent on the rate

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