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Connected toilets for cats creepy robots waterproof smartphones there are gadgets galore on show at the mobile world congress in barcelona after several years without much smartphone innovation folding phones from samsung and hawawa stole the show while raising eyebrows with pricing the huar way device will set you back $2,600 while some companies have used

Flexible screens to enable smartphones to double up as tablets others are using their technology to try to turn them into watches but if you’re feeling overwhelmed by screen addiction punk’d reckons it’s minimal phone is the antidote the phone is sleek but simple and it’s designed to complement a smart phone to help restore work-life balance this phone will not

Connect to any social media there’s no browser there are no apps if there is something regarding network connectivity or low battery that’s the only time you will be noticed there’s no notification other than that so it’s really designed to keep your your downtime free of distractions yes there the big story this week is 5g which after years the pipe is finally

Almost with us it’s not quite there yet but that hasn’t stopped lots of big companies here sharing new 5g ready first 5g isn’t just about faster phones or faster downloads it’s about helping to power the internet of things and a future which is about anything you can imagine it will be connected all will be claims the artificial intelligence and its latest smart

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Toothbrush helps you brush for the right amount of time and with the right amount of pleasure in this company’s vision of the connected future the next step in a morning routine will be to collect your own saliva which will then be analyzed with the help of a smart mirror it’s an ai smart mirror it actually why do i need a smart mirror the bathroom is one place

Where you’ve reliably be at least twice a day once i test my saliva for today i was walking to place the mirror is scanning my face right now so it recognizes who i am in the family i can then check out what’s going on in my oral health through slide were able to tell all sorts of things about you hormones that you’re over or under producing such as cortisol are

The vitamins and minerals and kind of what’s going on in the or bacteria inside you we don’t want a i to provide a final diagnosis we want it just to draw our attention that this is something you should pay attention to you can then give this information to your doctor and it can help with their assessment of you coffee can then be ordered on your smartphone on

Your train journey to work collected at the station without even having to queue no need to interact of a human being before your morning fix of caffeine the sewer today sometimes wants to avoid human interaction they just prefer an anonymity and dealing with the machine i’m talking that that’s right or wrong but that’s how a lot of customers impressing their

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Coffee but we’ve discovered that usage goes up with this rather than a traditional setting because then it’s morning you haven’t had your coffee yet you’re grumpy i don’t have to have a face-to-face interaction with anything would be our robots give me my coffee exactly elsewhere eyesight uses ai and a face recognition system which could see tvs of the future

Assigned user preferences to recommend shows or pause live tv when someone leaves the real tell me how fatigued i am at the moment while it’s driver monitoring technology tracks fatigue to help prevent car accidents after surviving a random assault where she was stabbed nine times kathy romo helped found nim which has developed a smart ring when you find yourself

In trouble you just reach for the button hold it for three seconds and it sends out alert messages to your friends and and two first responders to new technology can help save lives but critics say some tech companies are putting chips and things just because they can partly that’s just because it’s become so cheap to add connectivity to things and you can add

An app and claim that it’s doing our special intelligence even when it’s not really adding anything smart to your life at all the smartphone has been such a huge hit it’s hard to imagine anything quite as succeeding on that scale and so you’re seeing a kind of long tail of devices in the hopes that collectively lots of these random little ideas will add up to

Something as big as what we’ve seen with the mobile revolution over the last decade we’ve seen some cool gadgets this week we’ve seen some crazy gadgets as well for the birds around foldable phones and 5g almost with us it feels like there’s some real excitement once again in the mobile industry

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Mobile World Congress: not just foldable phones but gadgets galore | FT By Financial Times

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