Model 3 Flaws I Wished I Knew

After Owning the Tesla Model 3 for over 10 months, I got some really good uses out of it to notice the finer flaws in the car. There are many good things about the car but these flaws, some big and some small could be a deal breaker for some people.

How’s it going everybody this is beat the bush after owning this model 3 performance for about 10 months now i feel i can tell you a bit more about the downsides of this this video is brought to you by weeble you can get two free shares of stock just for signing up for this account and depositing a hundred dollars check out my referral link down in the video

Description below many tesla owners will just tell you how great it is because when you own something you really don’t want to point out all the flaws because then people will say oh it’s not such a great car with the full self driving adding in the tax i had to pay out the door it really is about 69 950 or so right now i’m in lake tahoe i already made a trip to

Yosemite for four days backpacking and then from that point i went straight here to lake tahoe i would say making this trip i tried to plan it so that i have enough electricity to go into yosemite and then come back out so the real drawback here is most tesla owners is not going to tell you that the super charging stations well it’s going to have amenities but

Then there’s not going to be a whole bunch of signs telling you where the bathrooms are where the hotels are and where all the good restaurants are right next to it it’s up to you to find out and sometimes it might be 5 5-15 minute walk from the supercharger the truth is when you supercharge it takes a little bit longer than filling up your gas and most tesla

Owners when they talk about supercharging they just say how great the amenities are near the supercharger and that it doesn’t really take all that much time they’re gonna need to stop at a rest stop anyway to use a restroom they’re gonna have to stop to eat at a restaurant but what i feel after doing this trip is that you’re very limited there’s not that many

Superchargers from the bay area to yosemite so you’re given a limited choice on where you can stop you only want to stop maybe once or twice so you have to stop at the superchargers which limits the food options that you have so the tesla fans on youtube like to say well it brings you to brand new places that you would not have gone anyway yes this is true but

What it limits you is choice you no longer have a choice of going to whichever fast food restaurant that you have you have to go to the fast food restaurant that is next to a supercharger in fact after arriving at lake tahoe i’m pretty much depleted on my electricity i had to make a special trip to the supercharger over here in south lake tahoe and basically

Make some sort of excuse to stick around that area for 25 to 30 minutes oh what’s near there oh there’s a lake okay why don’t i walk over there to check things out there are other issues with this car of course let me show you guys this is the front trunk over here look at the front no front trunk liner personally for me this looks very very bare so i actually

Have to add this liner thing now it looks much better technically i feel like it should come with something like this especially for something this expensive i had to add this grocery hook over here myself this is 3d printed this little hook was just awkwardly long right it’s much longer than any other car i’ve seen and when you lower this to close it you can’t

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Really push it on one side if you just push it on one side you can kind of feel the metal bend a little bit so you have to use two hands i’m just going to use one hand because one hand i’m holding my camera right now but see if you guys can see that it just kind of dents in when you push it down i can definitely feel it over here it kind of moves a little bit so

Let me push on the front trunk on the other side of this metal here can you see that moving that metal yeah it doesn’t come with this liner over here also this might actually be a good thing for most people because maybe you want to customize it yourself or maybe you want to buy a tesla branded liner i just feel like things are a little bit bare when i got it

Something that you will not know is down here most people won’t look right here look at this there should be a felt that covers all of this in the same material as this stuff on the side and you can actually buy an aftermarket thing that covers this but tesla decided okay we’re not going to put that in another thing you might not have realized and i wish i knew

This sooner is that this window over here is not alarm protected if a thief wants to break this window the internal alarm is not going to turn on all these thieves they break this window no alarm goes off and they reach in there and grab that little hook to open the back seat imagine that this window is broken so you just kind of reach over here and you open it

Up once that is open you can see what’s in the trunk all the valuable goodies that’s back there maybe there’s a laptop bag and then once you find something valuable you break this one the alarm goes off and then you quickly go and grab the stuff and then you just run a flaw with my car over here is this little corner that they refuse to fix it’s within spec they

Say you can probably see it a lot better from the back so i’m gonna do that i took it into the service center and they just say well you know yeah it’s normal this is completely normal look at it it’s definitely kind of folded upwards sometimes you really have to drive a car for a really long time to know all the quirks about it this particular quirk that i’m going

To talk about they probably can fix it with a software update but as of now it’s still there and i don’t think a lot of people will use it in this particular use case here is what happens if you set it to charge let’s say starting at 7 pm and let’s say you had enough charge you don’t want to charge it anymore so you prematurely stop it from charging let’s say

At 8 or 9 pm and after this yes the tesla will stop charging but about 10 percent of the time it actually will reinitiate a charge without me saying that it should before 12 pm on the same day i assume there’s some bug with the tesla charging software where it just wakes up and say hey is it charging or not and it’s past 7 pm you scheduled it to start charging

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And it goes it’s not charging that’s why it starts but it failed to realize that you purposely stopped it from charging you see the sentry mode i left my car in yosemite for a full four days and it’s probably my fault that i did not realize that sentry mode is gonna consume that much power i wish that if you leave it on maybe it gives you a warning or something

That it’s going to consume a certain amount of miles per day and i plan to have about 60 of charge so that i can get out of yosemite but because i left sentry mode on it actually consumed about 20 percent of my entire battery this is about 15 miles every single day so by the time i left i just barely have enough charge to drive myself to lake tahoe however

We had some unplanned things that we wanted to do just kind of driving around looking at olmsted and basically we had two other cars and i cannot just say hey just stop everybody let me go charge because you know a supercharger is like you know 20 minutes away i can’t get everybody to come with me to sit around for 20 minutes and then go so basically i had to

Give up on going to one particular location and just go straight to the supercharger myself and because of this i was not able to do one of the excursions i guess and also i had to take a longer route because the supercharger was on the way to south lake tahoe so you can just say well beat the bush you just kind of did not plan very well well there are unplanned

Things that comes up and sometimes you just need a little bit more battery power with a gasoline car i know gasoline car is no good a lot of greenhouse gases and stuff but there is a good thing about gasoline cars is because you can fill up in 10 minutes when you charge an electric car there’s not that many superchargers it takes let’s say what 20 30 minutes to

Get there and also 20 30 minutes to charge up so you’re looking at something that is a lot more inconvenient than gasoline cars i am not part of tesla q or anything i am not trying to smear tesla i’m merely a tesla owner i really really like this car by the way and i want to just point out these flaws for you guys just so that you know what you’re getting into

You should know that the software is not perfect sometimes it likes to charge itself even though you told it to stop and then it’s gonna run up your electric bill because you could have stopped charging and then go charge at work go charge somewhere else that’s free but instead tesla decided to charge your car and take electricity from your house that you did not

Want it to so this is just a minor bug i hope they fix this eventually and on my way from lake tahoe to yosemite i had to drive through these single lane roads and well i had full self driving on the autopilot thing and all but you know at times it just wasn’t good enough i it made me felt a little bit scared i had to take over so it certainly did not allow me

To just kind of relax the whole time and allow it to drive another point i want to highlight is that this model 3 performance is supposed to go from 0 to 60 in 3.2 seconds maybe 3.1 now after the updates and stuff but it’s 3.2 seconds when it’s about 90 charge you can probably get away with 3.2 seconds at 85 percent charge or even 80 charge but as soon as you

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Go below this if you’re at 50 charge no way are you gonna get that spec i tested it before it can go as slow as maybe five seconds six seconds so the zero to 60 in three seconds or so it’s only under optimal conditions so most of the time you’re probably hovering around 50 charge because that is the optimal point to keep your battery in order to make the lifetime

The longest so if you look at it in terms of probability there’s probably a you know one in 10 chance that your car happens to be charged all the way to ninety percent so the zero to six expect at three seconds it’s not on tap for you at all times you have to charge the 90 percent so you have to know that you can’t just assume just because it’s a model three

Performance it’s always going to go 0-60 in 3 seconds sometimes if you meet a model 3 performance on the street and then you know you’re like trying to race it on the street or something it’s not always going to go this fast i just got in the car in order to reverse you need to press the brake pedal and then pull up on this lever but you can’t do it right away

So let me show you guys i’m gonna push this i’m gonna push up on this right away one two three see so the thing is once you get in the car and push the brake pedal it takes a little bit warming up of about one or two seconds or so before you can go in reverse i’ve done this multiple times i push the brake pedal push it in reverse the first time it doesn’t work

I’m like okay this is really slow let me push up again it still doesn’t work i have to push it up the third time and i’ve done this i don’t know a hundred times before it would actually go into reverse but now now that you got in the car already it goes much faster because i guess it warmed up that’s all i have for you guys for today this is a expensive car and it

Has a whole bunch of flaws and these flaws really require you to own the car or maybe just watch this video to know the quirks of this car before you even buy it thanks for watching this video i hope this video helps you out on making your decision on if you should buy a model 3 or not i do have to say that the new model 3 has like a slightly different console it

Has usbc it has a powered lift gate in the back those are the new things that are coming out on the car and it’s a little bit more efficient probably because it has the octo pump or something just keep on making it a little bit better every single time check out my referral link for getting a tesla down in the video description below where if you get one through

My link you can get 1 000 supercharger miles thanks for watching this video don’t forget to give me a like comment down below let me know if you’re a model 3 owner if you seen these flaws just as well and as always don’t forget to push that subscribe button and ring that bell icon thanks for watching you

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