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Rich from rich tv live and with the ceo of molecule holdings david reingold how you doing today david good thanks rich thanks for having me on i’m doing great my pleasure david is actually with us at the airport so he’s not actually on uh camera he’s on his phone at the airport thank you for joining us from the airport you guys had some big news

Today david so i wanted to talk to you about that and my first question is i saw the release this morning announcing seven new products launching in the ontario cannabis store that many skus that many skus must be getting you close to the big canadian players in the space can you tell me how you how your team went about getting that many new products accepted

For the spring summer launch yeah so obviously very exciting seven products is very meaningful for us it’s almost tripling our current output so uh we’re really excited about where the business is going for sure um with respect to how we got here i think we took a meaningful step to really understanding where consumers were going to be looking to for products

Uh we spent a lot of time on creating segments in the beverage category that we’re going to complement each other and not compete uh we we we launched recently can of joe i think we talked about some of this earlier we launched a health food or a health type brand in embody um and it the the ocs really took a liking to what we’re doing and they’ve really given

Us a meaningful chance in accumulating real estate in the category and we’re really excited about where where it’s going from here congratulations that’s huge news now with all of these new products coming to market it really feels as though molecule is becoming a brand builder in the back in the beverage space do you have a team in-house that is staying up to

Date on market trends and constantly formulating new products absolutely so becky griffin our our chief beverage officer is is really doing an amazing job with her team and in creating and and really looking at current health food trends and beverage trends and really creating products that are meaningful in the category so i think that’s really showing off by how

The provinces are are listening to us so yeah absolutely we’re really focused on on understanding what consumers want and making sure that we’re sort of pushing those buttons what with the acceptance of these new products into the ocs what type of impact do we expect this is to have on your top line revenue going forward so obviously substantial um you know we’re

Going from five skus to 12 spews we think this is just the beginning we think that there’ll be more skus coming uh in the in the summer launch so we’re we’re excited about these four brands and how we’re building them out to be multiple skus you know we’re going to take a you know a serious amount of real estate uh on the shelf now and and as that happens you’re

Going to see sales grow tremendously you know we’re forecasting uh our numbers if if if your group goes online you’ll you’ll see that we’re forecasting run rates in the seven to ten ten million dollar range towards the third quarter of 2022 so uh we’re going to make a meaningful go at this and and it’s exciting to see that the provinces are listening to us and

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It’s it’s equally exciting to see that consumers are really enjoying what we’ve put out so far yeah i think it’s been an interesting time in the cannabis sector um over the last little while i also saw the launch of the first skew from fresh strains can you tell me about this line of products and what your goal is in creating it so fresh stains is is is really

True innovation in the in the beverage category it really pairs the flat flower flavors that people sort of long for on the uh you know flower side of things on the smoking side of things and really gives them an opportunity a healthier way to enjoy those flavors now that they’re being put into beverages so it’s something that’s really completely new we think

For sure the legacy consumer which is probably the biggest part of the the beverage space right now we think that that legacy consumer is really going to love this one fresh has been an amazing launch for us and it’s been very successful so we think the addition of fresh strains which is the first offshoot of the fresh brand is going to be a real winner when can

We expect to see some of these products launched in other provinces so the the team is right now pitching uh the other provinces it was so important for us to get a really strong foothold in ontario we need that volume base to be able to move out to other provinces so now that we have a wholesome offering i think that will happen immediately so right now can you

Talk a little bit about your fundamentals i know when we spoke before earlier um you mentioned that the company’s balance sheet was really strong can you talk a little bit about your balance sheet for investors that are watching today yeah i i mean the balance sheet is good i think we’re going to really focus throughout the summer months on building these brands

And we’ll definitely spend in respect to making sure the consumers understand what we’re doing in the marketplace and that the brands are at the forefront of what’s going on the good news is our facility is complete and up and running as you obviously know so there’s no capex required for us to build into this uh flavoring in cannabis is on site so we feel like

We’re in a good we’re in a good spot to really build these brands out from here and we think we have what it’ll take to do that i have a question from the audience i mean it’s a little bit off uh from left field but it’s kind of a good question do you mind if i ask of course uh will you accept crypto as payments or put crypto’s on the books of the company so

Remember that we’re we’re selling uh uh we sell our products to the province our pr the province sells the products to stores and then uh the the stores are the retailers so it’s really that’s not really an area for us to focus on totally understood we don’t we don’t control that yeah i totally understand and if there was one thing that you would want investors

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To know about molecule holdings today what would it be well i i i think people underestimate the growth in the beverage category i looked at a number last uh that last week on january sales and and beverage in the in the in canada’s largest market ontario has more than tripled from last year to this year same period so consumers are really starting to feel

Comfortable about beverages if you look at the molecule portfolio we’ve really focused on building our own brands building strong brands that will resonate with consumers i think that really puts us in a in a good position to take advantage of the market the the beverage category has the highest barriers to enter there are very few lps in canada that are really

Playing in that space and i think molecule has an opportunity to really take a leadership position now the cannabis sector has been extremely undervalued for about a year now do you think now is the time for investors to start really looking and taking a good look at cannabis stocks i know that i am because i technically when you look at the charts you can see

That from the biggest to the lowest cannabis companies a lot of them are technically undervalued under appreciated underexposed near 52-week lows and near the bottom of the chart do you feel like now is the time for investors to really start taking a hard look into cannabis stocks and beverage stocks right now at this point in time absolutely so i you know a new

Market has peaks and valleys and i think from an investor standpoint when you want to get involved is in that valley stage and i think that’s exactly where we are i think it’s important to look at companies that are uh reason have good valuations i think molecule fits into that category i think i i think there’s substantial opportunity here so i i think it’s you

Know investors have to do their homework they have to believe in the category they’re getting involved in and that they have to believe in the management team and i think i think we’re well positioned uh and i i’ve been bullish on beverage since day one i think it had a little bit of a slow start because obviously it did not start from a legacy market so consumers

This is new to them but when i see the growth in beverage year over year i see month i i see movement consistently that more consumers are are turning to beverage turning to healthier choices and i also look at how many lps are playing in the space and in a lot of these other categories there’s a significant amount of lp competition but in beverage i feel like

There’s less of a playing field and from my perspective that means more opportunity for companies that can do a good job now i have a question from mike d in our audience he’s asking how you compare it to bev canna now bevcan is another company that we’ve had on our show that’s focusing on beverages do you guys compare to bev canada have you looked at bev canada

At all well molecule is befcanna has uh is is taking more of a co-packer approach to things okay um where molecule has really turned itself into really recreated itself as a brand iteration firm so we’re really based on two things we we want volume obviously because the volume is how you put money in the bank but we’re also brand builders right so we want to own

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Those brands we want to be able to take advantage of them and we think the really big win is in building strong consumer brands so that’s where we differ we think the co-packing business is a great business when there’s excess volume but we think when volume isn’t in that stage or you know when the category is not in that stage what’s the most important is to be

Building your own brands all right david well thank you so much for being with us today if there was one more thing you wanted to leave investors with before we said goodbye today because i know that you’re at the airport and you’re really busy what would that be i think that it’s not often that you see a valuation like this and a growth story in this at the same

Time so i think that molecule um you know i think we’re in a good place for investors because they we really are in that valley stage and when you see companies like molecule making really substantial moves in the market and i would tell you that moving from five to twelve skus during one product call is a substantial move i think there’s an opportunity for

People to do well sorry david can i ask you one more question of course i got another question from the audience from top stocks he asks when will mlcl receive its sales license that’s the that’s the big question so um we are we have gone through that process with uh health canada um and i feel i mean we we released this i think it was early in january or just

Before the uh the end of the year i don’t i don’t really see any issues with us getting it we feel like it’s imminent and we’re you know we’re sort of waiting for news from health canada at this stage okay well thank you so much for your time today the ceo of molecule holdings david reingold now the symbol for molecule holdings in canada is mlcl and the symbol in

America is evr thank you for joining us today the ceo david reingold who’s on the phone thank you for joining us today david i appreciate it thanks for having me on rich always a pleasure i must remind you guys that rich tv live is strictly for information and education purposes please do your due diligence do your research before you invest in anything we talk

About or discuss here on rich tv live in saying that this is a company that i believe is undervalued under appreciated underexposed it’s already up since we’ve started to cover the stock which is around six cents in canada today it’s now at eight and a half cents in canada it’s a penny stock love to know what you guys think of the video if you like the video smash

The like button comment down below share the video everywhere and subscribe if you’re live if you’re not winning you’re probably not watching because we bring you the winners and we bring them to you first thank you for watching everybody have yourselves a nice day thank you david we’ll talk to you soon thanks rich cheers everyone have a nice day everybody

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