Mom, I’m Going to Be a YouTuber!

Its story time and this time, I’m going to go over my parents’ reaction to me when I transitioned from an Electrical Engineer to a YouTuber. Probably not what you expect as many parents would urge against such a fantasy. Becoming a YouTuber is incredibly hard, but it isn’t hard for all those who BECAME a YouTuber already. Of course, before I even thought of quitting my day job, I made sure the income was there. After that, it’s a no brainer.

How’s it going everybody this is beat the bush one of the most common questions that comes up whenever i have a subscriber gathering is what did my parents think of me becoming a youtuber today i’m gonna talk about the whole process of me sort of onboarding my parents into this life this alternative life that i’ve gave myself typically during a real person to

Person conversation i wouldn’t go around telling them the whole back story because it’s gonna take like 10 minutes or so in the real conversation i would generally say well my parents didn’t really care and i was actually really surprised because this is something that i thought they would at least disagree a little bit on i need to try to convince them they’re

Gonna say something but to my surprise that they did not say anything negative at all at any moment they did not say hey you should go find a job never have that even happened one time this is actually i don’t know super encouraging to me so going a little bit deeper i would imagine if i just kind of laid it on them right just kind of surprise them one day i was

An engineer next day i did not tell them anything about my youtube activities or anything and i just say hey you guys i’m thinking of becoming a youtuber i am sure they’re going to say something about it but during this whole maybe one year or so before i actually quit at first i told them about my super success with my viral video and then i kept on doing it and

Everyone to know all i’m saying hey you know i’m making a little bit more i’m making a little bit more and a little bit more hey you know i’m thinking you know what do you guys think if i ever quit you know maybe this is gonna be a thing for me so during this whole process they obviously had obvious questions about how the heck do you make money with making you

Know youtube videos online how do you actually get paid what is what is the mechanism there so you know i explained to them you know it’s basically through ads sponsorship referrals and things like that so once they realize that this is a monetizable thing this is an actual thing that people do i told them that real money is coming in and i actually can to pay

For my living expenses so i’m not going to be like out in the streets or something so they are not worried that you know i’m gonna be homeless or anything so i think because of this fact they were a lot more accepting to me doing this full-time when i finally quit my engineering job now let me talk a little bit about my siblings i have two older brothers and one

Older sister for my oldest brother he lives in the bay area and generally i kept almost everyone pretty up-to-date about my youtube activities it’s like oh i’m doing this and they’re like oh really haha that’s kind of funny and so with my older brother it wasn’t like a really big shock or anything what was interesting was with my second oldest brother he lives

In hong kong when i went to visit him the first thing he told me was hey you know what i just saw your bitcoin video i didn’t know you make youtube videos right so then i’m like oh yeah you know this is kind of something i’ve been doing and you know i kind of only do that these days so this is like a funny thing right it’s kind of like a shocking thing where he

Just kind of found out and i actually did make a vlog on from hong kong so he’s in one of my videos if you guys you know dig around you’ll see that my older sister i explained all of this to her as well but then after i quit my job after i kind of did youtube full-time for several months or something she came back and say hey you know you should you know check out

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This job at facebook check out this job at you know whatever a fang company so my reception to this is i was basically uninterested i’m like no it took me so much work to get to this point why would i just go back and sorry okay let me get it some sip of tea here i get a little bit emotional whenever i talk about the process of what i had to do to get into this

Youtube situation because it took me a lot of work so let me stop talking about that or i’m gonna get emotional well i think my sister thought that oh this might be kind of like a temporary thing maybe i should go back to work as an engineer so this thought you know it certainly wasn’t in line with where i was going so i thought this was the only comment coming

From my immediate family where you know okay maybe you shouldn’t do that by the way she probably is watching this video because she’s been watching my recent video so hi liz so anyway don’t think too much about that these kind of responses i pretty much expect you know you can go either way you know i try to prepare people around me saying you know this is kind

Of something that i would be doing but you know i certainly don’t even know if i’m gonna be doing this long term i mean i’ve been doing this for two years is it going to the last two more years is it gonna last one more year ten years i don’t know but i do know this is that making these videos it’s kind of fun for me you know i’m even making one today i plan to

Release it on this tomorrow even though i don’t have to just because you know i’m like hey let’s make one it’s kind of fun so let me go on about my parents in terms of their reaction with me being coming a youtuber and just kind of abandoning a lucrative engineering career because i was pretty well paid as an electrical engineer i had a very good career path i kept

On you know getting raises getting promotions and had a good degree and everything so you know all this background well you know typical asian parents thing you know you should get a professional job become a lawyer engineer or doctor or something so i was one of them and you know this is something i feel it’s i did what typical asian parents wants their kids to

Do although i don’t think you know my parents were actually expecting me to become a professional engineer because this is something that i just kind of planned on my own you’ll see why when i tell the story about my childhood my parents at least in my perspective had a very hands-off approach they just kind of try to provide me with the resources i guess and

They never pressured me to you know all you got to get straight a’s or something i remember them saying you know very very lightly you know it’s good to get that but then in the end it was me who pushed myself and i think this formula sorta works for raising a kid i don’t know how i got into this situation where i was a studious person no one pushed me to do it

You know it just came naturally to me it’s like oh study okay let me let me go do that like i said i grew up with two older brothers and one older sister and basically when my parents were raising my older brothers we were all living in hong kong and generally the culture at the time is that yeah you punish your kids with a beating if they did anything wrong and

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So what i saw when i was a kid was that my brothers got the grunt of all the beating and when it came to me maybe they got a little bit older so they don’t have as much energy to hit me or something but i got a little bit okay i still got a little bit of beating here and there you know just so that i won’t do certain things so amongst my siblings i was probably

The least beaten but then i turned out just fine i feel like i turned out just fine my mom basically said that she tried the best with my siblings and it didn’t work too well you know my older brothers actually and so when it came to me and my sister she just kind of kind of did a lazy fairy kind of thing it’s like okay you know it didn’t work when they tried you

Know the the punishment route so now it’s just kind of going yeah whatever you know you do what you want and then it turned out better i think so let me recount what actually happened in my childhood i was actually a very terrible student my mom got me into this catholic grade school thing and she had to call in some favors with some nuns in order to get me in and

When the report cards came in this is really funny because back in hong kong they rape people by the number that you are in your class if you have 400 in your class 400 means you’re number one okay so you want a higher number and if you’re number one you’re actually the last in line which means you your scores are the worst ever so i remember getting my report card

I was like number 34 47 or something like that you know only like 30 40 people that are worse than me so you know the nun was like oh my gosh you know we did a special thing to accept your son into this program and look at him he’s like a terrible terrible student and so when we went home i was like hey you know what my report card is not that bad i mean they’re

Still like 34 students that are worse than i am 34 is a big number right so anyway let me just fast forward a little bit a few years back i went back to that same catholic grade school and then they were actually super duper proud of me the nun was actually like telling all the other people hey yeah remember that kid that god like really bad grades he’s actually

In america now he’s an engineer you know graduated from ucla and blah blah blah you know so it’s so weird how you know a terrible student goes from you know bad student to good student i don’t know how that worked but let me tell you how i thought it worked is because when i moved from hong kong i used to be a very terrible student right judging from my report card

That’s before i even realize that you should be studying because i remember you know all throughout my childhood back in hong kong all i ever did whenever i get home was i only watch tv okay i only watch cartoon i spend very very little time on homework you know the homework was the afterthought you know i just tried to scribble something you know just so that

It looks like i did something and at one point i remember taking a math exam and i finished it and i thought i did very very well i thought i got every single problem right but somehow when i got the exam back i got like a b-minus c-plus or something something very terrible a lot different than what i thought i was gonna get till this day i still thought that you

Know i probably answered every single problem correctly how did i get such a low score i don’t know there must be some conspiracy going on or something maybe someone’s out to get me to like purposely mark my score hello or maybe it’s true that i totally did not understand how math works but when i moved to the us i was in first grade and then suddenly when i moved

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Here i was in second grade oh my gosh suddenly i thought i was some math genius or something because i skipped a grade you know i this huge confidence for some weird reason and then all of a sudden you know me doing my regular thing on math it was so easy for me all of a sudden i was the top of my class i was the best at my math in the entire class not the best

English but that gave me a huge confidence boost and from that was probably why i did better and better at school i’m like hey this is something i can do so then i would put more work into it and you know just to keep up the status and i think that’s how it got started i still didn’t do very well in grades three four or five you know it sort of gradually improved

As my english improved but it really kicked into high gear sometime around the seventh eighth grade where it actually matters i got completely lucked out here because where it matters seventh or eighth grade or so it’s where your grades and your record starts you know getting written down on paper so that the colleges can see it so then i did very well starting

From seventh eighth grade where it actually mattered so i don’t know how that happened you know like i get lucky you know like i talk about a lot of lucky instances i moved here suddenly i got lucky in terms of this lot of confidence boost i jumped a great i got lucky that i suddenly decided to start studying a lot more during seventh grade i don’t know i don’t

Remember an actual reason why i actually did that tea i hope this is interesting for you guys because i mean this is like kind of like my life story at least the childhood part i don’t know if a lot of people like to talk about yeah when they’re in grade school and you know all these other little things getting getting hit and stuff alder a kid so i do remember

Back in junior high back in high school every semester or whatever i would bring home a straight-a report card to my mom uh you know because she sees it first i remember she being home a lot more because my dad had to work a lot more and then when i show it to her it’s like she takes a look at it and then go pretty good you know like very unreactive it’s not like

Wow this is great well let me give you like a dollar for each a or $5 or something right like i remember i had friends that gets paid per number of a’s that they get but then i don’t i don’t remember getting it i don’t think i got it ever at least from from my memory so this is where this whole lazy fair parenting come from my parents they tried something with

My brothers it didn’t work and then they were also a bit too busy with their own jobs and so they just let me do whatever i want and somehow i turned out okay how did this happen i don’t know you might need to say okay maybe it’s the person maybe it’s you know i just got lucky maybe it’s the environment i grew up in i don’t know but then these days sometimes i

Purposely choose a weekday to go treat my parents out to lunch or something i would go over for dinner and then they would say yeah this is very nice that i have the freedom to do stuff anytime i want so thanks for watching this video i hope you enjoyed this kind of like a storytime type of thing i enjoy sharing it with you guys so don’t forget to give me a like

On this video comment down below let me know what you think if lays a fair like hands-off approach to parenting works and as always don’t forget to push that subscribe button and ring that bell icon thanks for watching

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