Moment I Reached 100000 Subscribers

I recorded the moment I reached 100,000 subscribers. Of course, this could not have happened with the help of all my subscribers who even took their time to invite others to watch my channel. I sincerely thank you.

How’s it going there brady this is a beat the bush and so you guys at the most inconvenient time because i’m in the middle of dinner the subscriber count is inching towards a hundred thousand right now it’s ninety nine thousand nine hundred ninety four now some of you have tried to estimate when this is gonna happen it’s gonna go all within the next day or so

The average subscriber count tends to be about fifteen per hour now this rate varies a little bit but currently that’s what it is it’s probably gonna happen within the next twenty minutes you might be wondering what the heck of a typical dinner i’m having i’m just having leftovers right now rice with some cucumbers cut into little strings kind of like noodles

I’m meeting some free-range chicken pig feet mushroom and some of this fungus that kind of looks like very thin hairs something i wonder if a new subscriber comes in and they seem 99999 they’d be more likely to subscribe then if it was like some other odd number so if i see at this point maybe they’ll be like bam bam bam you know just in a few minutes all of a

Sudden they’ll go over to a hundred thousand mark or something so 15 per hour means roughly on average every four minutes i should get a new subscriber or more four minutes means in 16 minutes here so what are you doing tonight i’m waiting at home so that my subscriber count will reach a hundred thousand yeah this is uh this is exactly what happened i started

This youtube channel january 11th 2014 this has been about a four year journey and i would not be here without those initial 100 huh in roughly two more months it will be my four year mark of making youtube videos i know some channels they go to a hundred thousand subscribers much faster than myself but i go at my own pace basically let me share with you some

History on this channel how long actually take to reach certain milestones well there goes another one three more subscribers or about 12 more minutes i think reaching this point takes the building blocks of the initial subscribers they build on top of each other and well i can’t subscribe to myself actually i can but i definitely don’t have 100 thousand accounts

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To subscribe all to myself here this required the support of all of you guys of course now from the beginning i was very reluctant to even open up a youtube channel i’m like well i’m gonna make a video out there and it’s gonna be public i’m like a pretty private person so on january 11 2014 i made up this name beat the bush it was just you know in retrospect it

Might be a bad name or a good name i don’t know sometimes i have a strange connotation to it but i’m sticking with beating around the bushes as in short for beating around the bushes it took me six months to reach a hundred but of course back then i only uploaded maybe once a month once every three weeks or so once i reach 100 i uploaded a bit more often because

I’m like hey wow there’s actually people watching so i should like put in more effort so it’s kind of like a self feeding thing my mom wants to reach 1,000 another year to reach 10,000 and after that actually took me one year and eight months to reach this 100,000 of course is not 100,000 yet i don’t really want to jinx myself maybe once i hit a hundred thousand

Or op and i’ve seen channels like this i’m not sure what goes on with those kind of channels where they reach a hundred thousand people just started to change everything and somehow people started unsubscribing now the way youtube works is once you reach a hundred thousand even if you drop below that one hundred thousand you still be eligible to get that silver

Play button so i’ve been eyeing that thing i think since ten thousand i think since ten thousand i started thinking oh nein nein nein nein okay should i stop talking i think when i reach ten thousand i started thinking hey maybe it might be possible to reach 100,000 you see it took me one whole year to get ten thousand so if you extrapolate every ten thousand it

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Takes me another year it means hey if i work at this at the current pace for nine more years then maybe i’ll get a hundred thousand but no instead it’s one year eight months so this goes to show that when you put on a constant amount of effort the subscriber increases is exponential so every order of magnitude takes roughly about the same time as a previous order

Of magnitude see six months nine months one year one year eight months so it is taking me a little bit longer to increase by one order of magnitude going by this it’s probably going to take me maybe two and a half years to reach 1 million so you guys think all another year i don’t know it seems kind of difficult to reach 1 million with one year my channel hasn’t

Really been growing all that fast you know that fast compared to you know more popular channels so my realistic estimate here is maybe if i oh oh like oh okay i wonder if it’s gonna drop down by one if it drops down by one someone sees a hundred thousand and then they oh yeah this one just okay so it’s not one hundred thousand yet oh there it goes back maybe they

Wanted to like unsubscribe just to see oh did i really change it to one hundred thousand so this has been three years and ten months in the making i think every youtuber when they begin they think they want to reach you know very high heights when i started when i saw another channel that has a thousand subscribers i’m like wow what will i give to be at 1,000 and

Because i was at like 50 i’m like oh my gosh you know you’re just drooling you’re like oh my gosh i want 1,000 and then when you’re at 1,000 is like oh my gosh you know getting to 10,000 it’ll be just crazy now i’m at a hundred thousand and i think going to 1 million is kind of crazy i’m thinking it’ll probably take me two years six months so probably june of 2020

However if i put more and more effort it maybe i find out some trick or something maybe i you know do something better and better maybe i can do it within one year i don’t know i think this was a really good marketing thing when they introduced those play buttons because then everybody has a certain goal i think those play buttons they give it to you and they also

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Include some sort of like $500 gift cards who buy more equipment and stuff let me go grab my milk teeth it went up by one while i was gone didn’t it uh oh well usually it doesn’t drop by like a couple but it could so i’m gonna watch this some more until maybe it hits like four or five i think 100,000 four or five so i checked my youtube dashboard apparently it does

Not automatically see a hundred thousand and then send you the notification probably there’s some sort of delay i don’t know but i think i should get a notification where i can go ahead and order it soon i think the silver play button i mean sometimes when i think about how much work i put into this wow four years that’s four years a long time to work towards one

Single goal something really nice comes out of it do i have to wait longer one hundred thousand and three i guess this moment at least deserves me just looking at it and having my favorite milk tea thing i think i can leave now it’s not gonna drop i think one interesting thing that i want to tell you guys is that when you’re on social blade calm and you have a

Channel that has very close to 100,000 subscribers there’s a subscriber in a rank here and they rank them by number of subscribers of course by this number you can just go oh there are fifty five thousand six hundred and eight channels that has 100 thousand subscribers or more fifty-five thousand it’s about the size of a you know medium-sized town these people are

Scattered all over the world so i don’t know how many of these are in california how many of these are in the bay area so thanks for sharing this exciting moment with me don’t forget to give me a like on this video and subscribe thanks for watching

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Moment I Reached 100000 Subscribers By BeatTheBush

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