Money Saving Tactics: Thermal Cooker

Thermal Cooker:

How’s it going everybody this is beat the bush this is my new thermal cooker why should you use a thermal cooker is because it sees electricity when you have a normal pot it may look like what’s inside here when you’re cooking something you heat something up and it’s constantly losing heat losing heat is basically losing money now it just makes no sense to me that

When you have to do long-term cooking you keep on heating something up all the energy gets radiated out you’re just basically losing all of it into your environment now you might wonder exactly how much money are you saving here a typical electric range uses anywhere between one and three kilowatt hour of course it’s not always on at all times so sometimes when

You might be simmering something it might be on let’s see 25% all the time if you have a large range 25% of the time it’s about half a kilowatt per hour half a kilowatt hours it’s about five cents per hour and if you need to simmer something let’s say you’re doing long-term cooking maybe 10 hours this will add up to about 50 cents per time that you’re trying to cook

Something for really long what do you normally need to cook for really long for example soups if you want to cook ribs root vegetables eggplant all of those things takes quite a long time of course you can also cook things that doesn’t take as long you can just heat it part of the way stick it inside over here close the lid wait about three hours and your food will

Be done now over in third world countries they try to solve this by using regular pots and they heat it with a fire and then there’s this product you can buy you wraps around the pot basically is the same thing as this insulator except it’s not as compact so this outer pot over here basically insulate this inner pot to keep the and retain the heat inside now you

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Can keep something warm for up to about 12 hours or something and it can cook something for about three hours so you save about 50 cents for every single time you cook something for 10 hours this means if you use it about a hundred times or let’s say three or four months of regular usage you’re gonna make your return on investment back on this thing and afterwards

You’re gonna be saving money so this may seem a significant but owning something like this will save you money down the road the longer you keep this and longer you take care of this and able to use this the more money that you’re gonna save in terms of energy costs so right now i’m gonna demonstrate he uses with a little recipe five pounds of chicken drumstick

Over here seventy-nine cents a pound five dollars this is the pot right here it has an inner pot over here but i don’t need two layers right now i just want one big layer so i’m gonna turn this on and a little bit of olive oil in goes a chicken drumstick 114 i have about two pounds of carrots i didn’t really peel my carrots over here i’m just gonna dump them in

I have a 1/2 teaspoon of flavored salt here coriander over here so i’m gonna put in about 1/2 i got some garlic powder here normally i will put in regular garlic but this is what i have i don’t have any garlic right now with me so powder is fine and i don’t have a recipe for this so i’m just kind of like doing it my taste i see the spices and i’m like yeah i kind

Of feel like a little paprika in here so here we go and a little bit of paprika maybe i want a little bit more so right now is 1/2 teaspoon for these guys so one teaspoon of paprika in there i want to mix it up a bit one more cup of water down there it comes up about two inches so that’s pretty good you heated about 10 to 20 minutes or so just so that everything is


Up to temperature because right now the core of these chicken drumsticks they’re you know kind of cold inside so if we stop cooking right now it might suck up all the heat and drop the temperature so we just want to make sure it’s hot enough i’m just gonna close this simmer it for a little bit just you know 5 10 minutes or so and then we’ll come back it’s come to

A fast boil i’m gonna turn off the heat and now i’m gonna put it inside here and then we just leave that alone so the chicken is in here i’m gonna set this down right now cuz it’s heavy normally if you want to cook a chicken drumstick that big it takes a long time because it’s so big i’d say you need to simmer it maybe roughly an hour before those big drumsticks

Will be all the way cooked through instead of course i only cooked it for roughly about 20 minutes total the rest of the way is going to be saved energy which is about 40 minutes of course it’s not going to be as much savings as if i was making broth or maybe you fall off the bones baby back ribs but i can make this into fall off the bones chicken drumsticks just

By waiting a little bit longer so let’s wait for this thing for a couple of hours and then we’re gonna come back and take some temperatures this is probably a really strange way of cooking for most people because what you’re not putting any heat in it will it grow bacteria or something no its retain such a high amount of heat it’s really really hot in there it’s

Just that you can’t take a look at it because it’s all sealed it’s all insulated so it keeps and retains its heat that’s how it’s able to keep on cooking without you adding more energy into it theoretically if you heat something up and then suddenly you stick it in a vacuum in space or something it will remain heated for a really really long period of time so all

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Of this is about conservation using the energy that you already expended and keeping it there rather than losing it and having to replenish it so let’s wait a little bit and then we’re gonna come back checking the temperature of the counter is 78 degrees the temperature outside of this container is 86 degrees so about 8 degrees difference it is leaking a little

Bit of heat otherwise it won’t be a little bit warm so let me just open this up temperature on this knob 153 degrees temperature outside of the chicken 152 degrees temperature inside over here 160 in the liquid is 160 let me check inside one of the chickens here 157 158 i think i had the tare open one of them just double-check that it’s done it’s not bloody at

All it’s not pink so it tells me that this is cooked so here it is an easy way to cook a lot of drumstick i only spent about 10 minutes in the kitchen you don’t even have to tend to it because it’s not even plugged into electricity so this is mainly coriander flavored so let’s give it a try mmm – pretender so this is a really great way to make a lot of food all

This chicken $5 the spices are negligible if you have to stick every single meal this is seven meals altogether already just add some rice add some vegetables and got your meal so thanks for watching everybody i really think this thermal cooker is a great way to save energy i got one myself and i’m thinking about getting another one already if you’re interested

In getting this thermal cooker i’ll leave in the feel that link down in the video description below if you enjoyed this video subscribe to my channel and click that bell icon to get notifications thanks for watching

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Money Saving Tactics: Thermal Cooker By BeatTheBush

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