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Amazingly low price for pretty good quality earphones and headphones. Monoprice sells lots of low price house brand stuff but not everything is a great deal. I advise to just get the things for the best value like HDMI cables, earphones, and headphones.

Hey what’s up everybody today we’re gonna talk about a website called monoprice monoprice got their start as a company that sells really low-priced cables so for example you might buy an hdmi table at best buy for maybe twenty dollars sometimes they sell it some monster ones for like fifty dollars or maybe even a hundred dollars for these hdmi things but you can buy

A mono price for it i think like two dollars something really little but that’s not what i’m gonna talk about today then talk about some earbuds it came like this in this little bag i bought this for seven dollars and eighty-eight cents its model number nine nine to seven people rave about these headphones if you look them up on the internet people say oh my gosh

They sound like high-quality ones that are similar to one hundred dollar ones to me after trying them they kind of feel like i don’t know sixty dollar headphones whenever i try those really cheap ones that you buy for $10 you can kind of tell that like there’s something wrong with the sound it’s very teeny not much bass these don’t have that much bass either but

They are they call them that it’s very neutral that’s it doesn’t happen hand space it’s very flat whatever goes in the headphones is reproduced in your here some people will also talk about replacing the little isolator part with aftermarket ones if you do that that’s gonna cost you more but you can do it and try to improve the sound on these headphones so let’s

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Open up this pair of earbuds and let’s see what’s inside so when you buy this from mono prices really a no frills type of earbuds it comes in this bag open it not much in the side so it comes with a large medium and small rubber grommet things for your ear like that the cable says is 1225 millimeter so i wrap it around four times it’s about four feet long you can

See so you can see the plug here some way down from the headphone you got the joining piece here this is monoprice so you see the left side here and then the right it also has this clock braided wire which is a nice touch okay so let’s try to replace this with the inside look like put a small one on there okay small unfortunately it doesn’t have a microphone so this

Is strictly for music if you want to give this pair of headphones that everybody’s raving about so a try i’ll leave a link down below so another product i want to talk about from monoprice is these headphones i thought these because they’re so cheap and i just want to try them out i use them for about a day it’s not as bassy as these beats over here but these are

Like two three hundred dollar headphones and you’re comparing these to about twenty twenty three dollars and twenty five dollar headphones if you go retail and buy a pair of $23.00 headphones they won’t be very good so let’s open up this thing and see what’s inside so here’s the mono price high five dj style over the ear pro headphones nothing underneath this thing

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Fell out i guess so it comes with this really long cable here feels like this is rubber and there’s no wire in it it also comes with this thinner cable i guess if you want to use the thin one anyway also comes with this big earphone jack and then the headphone itself so this is the left side here it’s alright and apparently these things flip all the way around so

They’re dj style and there’s the connector in the bottom but that end it wasn’t can plug either either side and then just the texture of this is not bad i see look i pushed it in feels like vinyl leather ish i guess this synthetic material and then here’s the there’s a left side this is as far as it’ll go aim on this side it feels like there’s not nothing much in

It i mean when you knock this it sounds like plasticy right when it comes together and then they’ll fold up together storage and then you can twist it out all the way and then that’s as far as it goes inward so these headphones are pretty good for $23 it’d be something that i wouldn’t worry about if if you lose them so it’s something that you can just put on and

It it works and the sound is acceptable if you compare them to the beats yes the beats have a fuller sound but it’s also ten times the cost so it’s a great pair of low cost headphones the quality of this $23.00 headphone is probably somewhere around a $60 a pair of headphones not like an audiophile pair of headphones it works and it doesn’t sound tinny that’s the

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Most important part and the the material it’s kind of plasticky so you’re not gonna get points for having it look really good but hey it works and it does its job that’s all i have i think it’s kind of fun to get an $8 per hour headphones and have it work just fine if you’re interested in getting a pair for yourself i’ll leave a link down below and don’t forget

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