More Expensive is NOT Always Better

6.5W LED Floor Lamp:

How’s it going everybody does this beat the bush often times when we’re at a store we see something that’s a little bit more expensive and we automatically think that it’s probably higher quality there are indeed chances where this is true harvard there’s also many chances where an item that’s actually cheaper could be better than the more expensive item today i

Like to highlight this fact with a mechanical keyboard example this video is brought to you by all key today they’re featuring their 6.5 watt led florida and let me open this for you wow it’s really packaged up together so this thing is kind of meant for you to like stick right next to your couch like this i think i would probably have it like at full brightness

Pretend i’m reading this rf product catalog just press this button it’ll turn on press it to turn off a while ago i got this mechanical key tester in order to try to figure out which key i would like best i made a video on that and since then it’s become a very popular video where people go to it to try to figure out which key they would want even before having

To feel these keys themselves in person if you’re interested in this video i’ll leave that link over here where you need to click that little eye icon at the corner over there even if you’re on mobile or even if you’re on a regular computer you can click on it a little thing would slide out and that’s where you can see all the videos i linked in the future or in

This video now in this key tester there’s actually six keys i’ve wired it so that they would actually light up whenever you press them three of these keys are actually very frequently used including the red one over here the blue one and the brown one many many people like this blue one mainly for gaming when you click on it you can hear an audible sound sometimes

This might be a little bit annoying for people and on top of that it has a tactile feedback which means when you press it you can view a little nub before it bottoms out so i can actually press it right here and it’ll light up even before me pushing it to towards the bottom now the brown one over here is the same thing as a clicky one except it does not have this

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Audible click i can still feel it though i can press it halfway and you see the light turns on and then i can bottom out now the red one is like the brown one except there’s no little bump in it at all so you don’t really know where it’s actually going to light so if you accidentally pressed it halfway it might have activated and it might not have not the other

Three switches here is the white black and green basically they require a little bit more force to press than these three equivalent now why do i say that things that are the most expensive may not be exactly the best this is a cooler master mechanical keyboard it has red switches in it i got this because i didn’t have this key tester to begin with i got this

First and then i got this and then i realized yeah you know what maybe i kind of like browns after all however my younger self if i bought something expensive i might have just go ah yeah you know what i’m just gonna deal with it um it’s not all that bad and this is kind of expensive i’m not gonna go around you know sell it and then get a new one however as you

Get older you start to realize that you know if you really did not intend to buy this in the first place or maybe you don’t like it for some tiny reason or another it might be good to get something that you do like even if you bought something like this already and then try out the new one because you might be very pleased with the brand-new one and later on then

You can go oh yeah i’m gonna keep the brand-new one and then you can sell the one that you don’t like after all even if it’s at a tiny little bit of loss it’s actually better for you because you’re gonna be more happy with the new item that fits you perfectly later on i tested this keyboard on my other channel beat the bush diy this one is branded ag game it has

Oh tama blues which are equivalent to cherry mx blues when i use this i was like man it’s very clicky it clicks a lot and they got really annoyed at myself so finally i gave in and bought this velocity fire brown oh teemu switches now this is only $26 this one’s $60 and this one $83 and guess which one i like the best i like this $27 one so i did not even have to

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Go and get that $83 one to begin with because i wanted the brown switch to begin with anyway the lesson here is that i think many people that are reviewing these keys never tried these different color keyboards for weeks that time because i tried each one of these for multiple weeks and i can definitely tell you that the blue ones are not for me because they’re so

Clicky some people like this the red one is not for me because i cannot tell that switch activated because i type really fast sometimes it’s just like you know and then afterwards i go did i type that key or not it’s very important when you’re typing in passwords because i might type like 3/4 or the password and i’m like wait a minute did i press that key or not

With this brown keyboard if i type really really fast i can kind of recall and then go yes i felt a knob there so i can continue typing the password and without trying to erase the whole thing and retype it again so hope this reasoning will help you select which keyboard to pick without even having to try them because i actually tried them for weeks at a time if

You’re wondering why i prefer not to have the number keypad over here is because i am right-handed with the mouse so i don’t like to have the mouse too far over here because i noticed that if i have a number keypad the mouse needs to be farther to the right and i prefer the mouse kind of closer to the edge over here because a lot of times i need to let go of the

Mouse and move my hand over here so if your mouse is over here it needs to move a shorter distance back to the home row that is why i don’t like this number keypad and i’m dealing with not having this by typing in the numbers over here instead and you know this is a good trade-off for me of course if i really wanted a number keypad i would get this separate thing


Only and and you know just have it somewhere else me if i really need it i’ll bring it over here and you know do my data entry or whatnot so who knew i could get away with a mechanical keyboard most the time when you hear mechanical keyboard is like money money money is like at least 60 dollars for one of these things i got away with it now it’s 27 dollars and these

Switches internally are actually rated for a really long time i think tens of millions of activations so they say it’s gonna last a really long time i haven’t used it for many many years so i don’t know but so far so good if you’re interested in any of these keyboard i’ll leave an if they link down in a video description below so the lesson here is oftentimes you

Would go to the store if you’re not familiar with the brand you’re likely gonna have a lot of different brands that you never tried before and then you might find yourself gravitating towards the more expensive one if you have the money if you’re like oh yeah you know i got the money i’ll let me buy like the top-of-the-line but little did you know that maybe the

Slightly cheaper one is actually better you never tried them so you don’t really know all you have to go by is by the price when you’re at the store you can look at the description the specifications and stuff but that won’t really tell you how good the item is so thanks for watching don’t forget to give me a like on this video comment down below let me know some

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More Expensive is NOT Always Better By BeatTheBush

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