MPX BIOCEUTICAL (CSE:MPX OTC:MPXEF) Awarded Four Conditional Retail Dispensary Licenses in Nevada

MPX BIOCEUTICAL (CSE:MPX OTC:MPXEF) Awarded Four Conditional Retail Dispensary Licenses in Nevada – RICH TV LIVE – DECEMBER 10, 2018 – MPX Bioceutical Corporation(“MPX” or the “Company”) (CSE: MPX; OTC:MPXEF) announced that GreenMart NLV, LLC (“GreenMart NLV”), a subsidiary of MPX, has been awarded four conditional retail marijuana store licenses in the state of Nevada.

Hey guys this is rich rich to be live and i’ve got some breaking news for you mpx biosuit achill corporation mpx on the cse the canadian securities exchange mpx ef on the otc markets announced that green mart nlv llc a subsidiary of mpx has been awarded for that’s right for conditional retail marijuana store licenses in the state of nevada i keep talking about

Nevada it is a huge market for cannabis the jurisdictions granted by the state include the city of los angeles unincorporated clark county reno and henderson green mart nlv is a fully operational cultivation production and kitchen facility that produces mpx branded wholesale products for both the adult use and medical markets in nevada the new dispensaries will

Operate under the health for life brand which is the company’s flagship retail brand now remember i anthis now owns mpx so if you really want to get into this company you need to look at i anticipate a opening dispensaries is the final step towards becoming a full vertically integrated cannabis company in the state these four licenses add incredible scale to our

Already strong foothold beth steve ola ceo of mpx the health for life brand enjoys success in arizona maryland and soon-to-be massachusetts now patients and customers in nevada can look to the health for life line of dispensaries for consistent quality products from reputable educated sales associates nevada recorded more than half a billion dollars in cannabis


Sales during the first year that adult use was legal according to the nevada department of taxation exceeding many expectations in october mpx announced its intent to merge with a ansys capital holdings inc i anthis or the company on the csc under the symbol i am on the otcqx exchanges the highest exchange that’s not a senior exchange ith uf with these new licenses

The combined entity including mpx international will account for operations and cannabis licenses in ten states that will permit it to operate 60 retail locations and 14 cultivation processing facilities about mpx biosuit achill corporation now before i get into this remember risk tv live is strictly for education entertainment purposes always do your due diligence

Always do your research before you invest in anything we talked about here in rich tv live okay take a look at all the breaking news today in the cannabis sector and all over the world all the top stock tools that we use every day absolutely free learn about cbds crypto currencies you can contact us follow us on all social media thank you for all your support we are

Hunting 20,000 subscribers on youtube we are over 18,000 200 i believe 18,000 248 right now so tell your friends tell your family subscribe to stay alive in the cannabis sector so mpx through its wholly owned subsidiary in the u.s. provides substantial management staffing procurement advisory financial and real estate rental logistics and administrative services

To three medical medicinal cannabis enterprises in arizona operating under the health for life dispensaries and the award-winning melting point extracts high-margin concentrates wholesale brands the successful health for life brand operates in the rapidly growing phoenix metropolitan statistical arena with the acquisition of the holistic center mpx added another


Operating medical cannabis enterprise to its footprint in arizona green mart of nevada nlv llc is an award-winning licensed cultivation production and wholesale business license for both the medical and adult u sectors in las vegas nevada and is already selling wholesale in the nevada medical cannabis market green mart nevada has also optioned suitable locations

And intends to enter the higher-margin retail arena by applying for at least two dispensary licenses in the las vegas market which will right under the health for life brand in massachusetts mpx is building out and will operate a cultivation and production facility as well as up to three dispensaries and manages three full-service dispensaries and one producer in

Maryland in canada mpx has acquired ken vada which has received its cultivation license from health canada will operate a cultivation of production facility in peterborough ontario the company also leases a property in owen sound ontario for which an application to health canada has been made for a cannabis production and sales license wow in addition the company

Will continue its effort to develop its legacy nutraceuticals business unbelievable what do you think about this news mpx is a monster they are obviously partnered with a anthis so you want to definitely look at i anthis i want to know what you guys think do you think this is good news are you looking to buy mpx are you buying i antis if you liked this video smash

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Beast i just told you guys why now i want to know what you guys think i’m oh peace what a beast

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MPX BIOCEUTICAL (CSE:MPX OTC:MPXEF) Awarded Four Conditional Retail Dispensary Licenses in Nevada By RICH TV LIVE

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