MPX INTERNATIONAL CEO SCOTT BOYES (CSE: MPXI) (OTC: MPXOF) – RICH TV LIVE INTERVIEW – April 5, 2021 – We’ve continued to live up to the MPX reputation for best-in-class cannabis concentrates and extracts. Our proprietary SOPs have been developed to highly sophisticated US standards and are being implemented into our GMP medical production facilities and Swiss extraction laboratory. We utilize high-capacity supercritical C02, as well as ethanol extraction processes, coupled with cutting-edge distillation and formulation equipment.

Hi how’s everybody doing today i’m your host rich from merch tv live and i’m here with the ceo of mpxi mpx international scott boyz how you doing today scott great rich thanks for having me pleasure having you on the show today thank you for joining us very excited to learn more about mpxi directly from the ceo and why don’t we get started and you can tell us

A little bit about yourself and how you got involved with mpx international corp i’ve been involved with the cannabis sector since about 2014 one of the early guys we actually started out with mpx corporation um which was us-based yes it was us-based uh we raised about 120 million dollars primarily in europe in 2018 and early 2019 we bought assets in arizona

Nevada massachusetts maryland uh just were just on the edge of a license in new jersey moving into california and a couple of couple offers came along and we ended up selling off our us assets for 835 million made a lot of money for our shareholders in two years wow um what was left was a canadian operation and we had been looking at expanding international

So we kept the name changed it to mpx international and we spent the last two years aggregating assets internationally we see the us market as being growing of course but fractured the way the way that you would the u.s laws are set up canada of course is oversupplied although we do participate in acadian markets but we see the real future being in europe

And southeast asia and other parts of the globe the cannabis industry is going to be a global industry in five years absolutely we were an early mover in the u.s we were one of the first listed on the csc we made our shareholders a lot of money now the idea is to take that internationally and replicate the whole process i love it i think it’s a great strategy

And congratulations to all the shareholders that did well in the first round can you tell us what the main goals are for 2021 to help generate revenues for mpx international corp and do you have any revenue projections for 2021 and 2022 well we’re not i’m not going to give out guidance um covet has slowed us down a little bit we spent the last year i mean

We were in kind of a unique position because in in 2019 after we sold off the mpx us business we started building assets internationally so we’ve we’ve started to build out a lab in switzerland to process cbd we expand started to expand our some unique expansions of our business in canada we started to build out a grow in south africa and we started to build

Out eugmp lab in malta and kovak of course hit the capital markets dried up a little bit and so we’ve spent the last year moving those projects forward and now they’re all sitting there ready to to burst out the lab and malta is virtually finished the lab in switzerland is finally finished and producing cbd distillate um our operations in canada are now up

And running in cash flow positive um we’re we’ve built out a half hectare greenhouse that’s about three quarters full in south africa um and so we we spent the year building out those assets and now we’re ready to jump into uh revenue producing in virtually all of those operations over the next 12 months that’s fantastic so our timing is perfect for our

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Community now mpx international corp wholly owned subsidiary recently announced it’s pleased to enter into an agreement between canva inc a license holder under the cannabis act in canada and the green organic dutchman holdings limited can you break this down to our viewers and what this means for the company okay so one of the one of the the operations we

Have in canada is called the micro medical cannabis learning network some of your investors probably know that um first responders fire theft auto military vets in canada have their medical cannabis covered by government insurance program and actually a lot of corporations now their their employee insurance programs are starting to cover medical cannabis so

We see the medical side growing the medical cannabis learning network is a platform where patients can go online learn about cannabis there’s all kinds of videos and talks they can actually go online and consult with the nurse practitioner talk about their particular ailments and conditions get recommend recommendations for for cannabis the type of cannabis

The variety the delivery methodology and then actually get a prescription written for them and then online there’s also a sales portal where they can go and buy various products various cannabis medicines uh with different cannabinoid contents just different delivery methods so our goal is to make that platform available to other other suppliers of canvida is

Our our licensee we have our own products but we want the variety of products made available to the patients so that they can get by from other suppliers so for instance health canada or um so for instance um shoppers drug mart is on the portal um we just added t god the green organic dutchman and there’s other licensed producers that’ll be coming onto the

Portal over the next little while and also the back it’s also the backdrop for mira cbd which is is another client on there our spartan group which deals with the military is on there uh and it’s it’s a very active active and growing source of revenue we take commissions on the sales even from other suppliers so i really believe in education of new sectors

So educating people about cannabis i think it’s a great idea and it’s it educates people educates doctors and as i said it’s a education portal it’s a an interview portal where you can actually get a cannabis medical cannabis permit and it’s a point of sale portal as well and it’s all it’s all together and it’s operating very efficiently i think that’s great

I think that’s a great uh model that you guys have in place and there’s a huge need for it can you give us a rundown of the team at mpx international corp and what each member brings to the company fortunately a lot of the team that is still with the company was the team that that built the us operation um and took and made our shareholders money on that side

So for instance jeremy budd is our general counsel and secretary he’s a securities lawyer um he’s been with me since the start uh our controller has been with us since the start in 2016. um jeremy bloomer we just added recently is our new cfo he’s been in the industry for several years so very versed in it nick varone is our vp of extraction he just finished

Our lab in switzerland and is working on a couple other projects he’s actually based in rhode island so we travel them around the world um our vp of uh cultivation as america he’s uh has a phd in plant biology and has been involved in the cannabis sector for 10 years in fact he used to work for one of the suppliers we’re currently dealing with on the mcln so

It’s a very strong team we’ve got strong management people in all our locations in switzerland in malta particularly in malta we have two qps in europe you have to be eu gmp office certified and there’s only 13 of them in all of malta and two of them work for us so wow very good can you tell us what sets mpx international corp apart from its competitors in

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The cannabis space well one thing we didn’t build a big infrastructure in canada so we don’t have millions of square feet of grow we we spend a lot of we actually sell to to most of the provinces now but we were we become a broker of flour and products we buy them from others and and then resell them through the through the ocs and through eglc and so forth

Um but i think our biggest focus is the fact that we’re focused on the international market and we’re we’re young we’re small we’re quick we can move quickly we see opportunities we have a strong investor back backing we’ve had a group of investors that have been with me since 2015 that keep keep supporting us it’s it’s the international market that we see

Our futures in it’s we’ve stayed out of the u.s until federal it gets federally legal and we don’t have all those complications and our focus really is on europe and southeast asia here at rich tv live we’ve got investors in over 100 countries worldwide and we love tight float stocks companies that are responsible with their share structure can you break down

Your share structure and how much is held by insiders uh we’ve got about 143 million shares outstanding um less than 10 percent is held by insiders we do have some big outside investors um as i said investors that have been with us all along the trails since 2015 2016. most of them are european-based but we do have a very broad minority shareholder base when

Empty when the mpx biocentric transaction happened all the shareholders and we had about 30 000 shareholders at that time got a small piece of mpxi and it we don’t trade a lot so my guess is a lot of them are holding them for future value and they’re going to get reward we love learning about growing companies can you break down and i know you don’t have

To talk about it but if you can it’d be great the company’s balance sheet and maybe how much cash you guys have on hand and how much debt so we have a better idea of the company balance sheet we have seven and a half million dollars in debt convertible debt um that we’ve actually added recently as i’ve said before when we lo when the covet hit in 2000 or

Early 2019 we had several projects in development so we didn’t want to go to the capital markets to raise a lot of money our share prices like everybody else has dropped down and be overly diluted so we have raised small trances as required to to keep the projects moving forward we cut back on a lot of expenses so we’re sitting with a few million in the bank

And we will continue to raise small trousers of money as we need to to move our projects forward but at the same time most of them are ready to come on stream so we expect to be cash flow positive during during the calendar 2021. in all our location wow okay well that’s very positive if there was one thing that you would want shareholders to know about mpx

International corp today what would it be uh just watch us we’re ready to launch in all in all our jurisdictions we’re participating in some of the fastest growing markets in the world outside the united states um we think we’ve got a pretty solid footprint in all of them uh we’re in the cbd market in europe we’ll be in the in the medical cannabis market in

Europe through malta we’re growing low-cost cultivation in south africa defeat our maltese lab we stayed away from latin america we went to a place where they speak english english code of law and in the same time zone as our european sector and we’re growing quickly in canada so you’re ready to launch that is exciting scott what is the significance in thailand

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And asia and the prospects for mpxi in those markets well as you know rich i’m sitting in bangkok right now you don’t fly 28 hours in the middle of a pandemic and go through 15 days quarantine unless you’ve got some pretty good prospects um thailand has kind of been the leader in southeast asia in terms of introduction of medical cannabis the government is

Very supportive uh particularly the health minister here mr enderton has been aggressively pushing to create a viable cannabis business in thailand they want to make thailand the medical cannabis hub of southeast asia and we’ve been working here for about a year now with federal authorities with local investors uh to create a project i don’t want to talk too

Much about it because it’s not ready yet we haven’t announced it to the market um and it may or may not happen but the prospects are looking pretty good and this is a huge market um prohibition partners think this will be a 600 million dollar market by 2024 and that southeast asia will be an eight billion dollar market by 2024. and that includes both medical

Cannabis and cbd which is still rather relatively controlled in this area so um that’s it it’s a pretty exciting play this this particular part of the world and there’s not very many western countries that are here in fact there are none that are here yeah i was going to say that i don’t think i know of anyone that’s in those markets so hopefully that is

Going to be a home run for mpxi and last question what is the best way for shareholders to get in touch with the company we’re going to have some shareholders that are going to be interested in getting in contact with you learning more before they invest maybe potential other cannabis companies that are going to watch this video that might want to do a joint

Venture and loi especially now that they hear that you’re doing business in asia uh potentially going to do business they’re intentionally going to do business in asia and you’re actually there so don’t give me trouble with my securities lawyer yes no don’t want to do that what would what would you say is the best way for a shareholder get in contact with

You or the company we have uh on our website we have info at uh obviously send us a message there um my email is scott at i get caught questions from investors all the time uh happy to give them feedback check our website we have multiple websites actually each one of our subsidiaries has a website if you

Look at our last at the end of every press release all the multiple websites are listed so we’ve got one i think there’s seven or eight websites that we operate they kind of break down the segments of our company and and just tons of information on all of them well thank you for joining us today scott boyz the ceo of mpx international remember everyone who’s

Watching this video rich tv live is strictly for education and entertainment purposes please always do your due diligence do your research and consult a financial advisor before you invest in anything that we talk about here in rich tv live if you like the video please smash the like button comment on the video and subscribe this is rich from rich to be live

With scott boyz the ceo of mpx international thank you for joining us today scott pleasure rich thank you thank you keep up all the great work and thank you guys for watching have a great day everybody do you

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