Mr. khatam tricks rich for the day – rich tv live – VLOG #21

I wasn’t very happy with Mr.Khatam when he decided to kidnap me for the day and force me to walk 10 miles against my will

Hey guys look at this this is just breathtaking any talks about removing contamination yeah you’ve got to clean and sanitize to remove contamination or what are you doing on your thursday are you winning this is the most expensive real estate today in the world right now those homes right up there that’s where i’m parking this pocket or real estate is the most

Expensive real estate in the world most expensive in canada as i’m sure those mountains i’ve got mine all right guys rich wish to be live oh mr. katan takes me for a walk and we’ve been walking for three hours now walked about six kilometers so that’s about a three and a half miles and it’s totally against my will and i got the wrong shoes and we’re behind this

Really big rock here and our buddies trying to meet us but i’m thinking the only way he’s gonna be able to get to us is if he can scale this really big rock there look at this it’s crazy guys see this the size of this rock i don’t know how to get around this rock i don’t know how we’re gonna get around it very big and apparently my friend is on his way mr. gitanos

Got us in the pickle here and apparently mr. tam is saying he wants to climb this rock here what i don’t believe him look at him are you walking away it’s all talk he’s not going up there so what’s going on there’s a gentleman over here that was walking the seawall here with his mother about two months ago and she dropped her phone in the water and now he’s in

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There looking for wow so if you guys believe this do you believe the story i don’t know if i believe the story folks let’s see how they look okay oh my goodness it’s true i bet you don’t think the current would have carried it out by the way things are moving down there something like yeah well that’s the lachlan myra sets up a little bit nine so it feel slightly

Yeah you would have to just sink you know well you gave it a hundred percent that’s for sure okay so mr. catan takes me on a walk tells me it’s only gonna be twenty minutes it’s been three hours and 15 minutes he’s telling me the road is just right up there oh yeah right up there guys is right there no problem we just scaled this huge rock and this is what he’s

Done to me i’ve been stuck here for three hours and 15 minutes walking three hours and 15 minutes this guy has got me stuck in a walk when i could be making videos and being productive this guy has me walking for three hours and 15 minutes on a thursday what seemed like a great idea has turned into my nightmare my feet are really sore my right foot especially is

Really hurting and mr. khattab just thinks it’s funny he just laughs with his long walks and curly hair just laughs thanks it’s just a big big joke meanwhile i’m sitting here struggling away trying to find civilization and yeah i’ve been walking for like i said three hours and 15 minutes straight i really don’t do that much walking

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Mr. khatam tricks rich for the day – rich tv live – VLOG #21 By RICH TV LIVE

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