MU Earnings! Markets Get Toasted!

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All right first things first no one better be roasting me in the comments about my hair i know it’s a mess the markets were down 700 points i don’t fix my hair and the markets are down like that so first things first i want to talk about mu they just reported earnings and that is a stock a ton of you guys are in telling people in my stock market membership group

Are in that stock as well very popular stock right now so i want to talk about their earnings then we’re getting to the markets that we’re gonna get into you know all the stocks that were down moves i was making things like that out there so mu it ended up i went as i’m taking the screenshot it was actually positive in after-hours and this is amazing because that

Stock had dropped to around fifty three fifty four dollars after hours but as of right now at least is taking the screenshot the stock is up they just reported numbers here so memory chip tightened micron this afternoon reported fiscal q2 revenue and profits at the high end of its revised forecast from early february where they came out and said numbers were gonna

Be even better they they came out with these numbers and they’re even better than they were already in when they announced in february for revenue in above that revised eps outlook in forecasters quarters revenue in earnings higher as well if shares fell initially around 8% but quickly recoup the large loss and as i just showed you there is it’s actually up now

Which is amazing on the ceo basically said that we executed exceptionally well citing broad-based demand for our memory and storage solutions our performance was accentuated by the ongoing shift to high-value solutions as we grew sales to our cloud mobile and automotive customers and set new records for ssds and graphics memory he says he said they’re basically

Revenue came in at around seven point three five billion and eps came in around two dollars in 82 cents remember that number two dollars and 82 cents at eps they just did in this quarter this same quarter last year right they reported ninety cents of eps so they’re like over a triple of what they were doing at this time last year guys that is unbelievable eps

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Growth they were just in a phenomenal spot right now so micron here we know this one’s kind of run up into earnings and whatnot and the guidance well it was phenomenal to was they dyed it for about seven point two to seven point six billion dollars in revenue and they guide it for eps of between two dollars and seventy six cents to two dollars in ninety cents

Gross margins expected to be fifty seven a sixty percent operating expenses around seven hundred million to seven hundred fifty million operating income around three point six billion to three point eight billion dollars a lot of mu shareholders feel like this company can get to a point where they’re consistently kind of bring in around three dollars of eps per

Quarter guys which is absolutely insane they’re so very good numbers at mu they definitely came through i was looking and they had a poll basically they came out and seen bc a few days ago i was like two days ago and the poll was you know are you bullish or bearish on mu earnings and around nine out of ten people it was like twenty at six hundred plus people voted

In that poll around around nine out of ten people said that they were bullish on mu rather than bearish so definitely a huge fan base for that stock right now a lot of retail investors in that one and we’re gonna get to see if that one can continue its upward trajectory i mean it seems like just yesterday you know it was bouncing around $39 ish and then all of a

Sudden it actually it seems like well you could go back maybe six to nine months ago six to nine months ago that stock was in the 20s and now it’s you know near $60 so big change in that one knows get into these markets so the markets were down over seven hundred points today okay almost three percent downward move on the dow jones today it was just an ugly ugly

Day out there and a big part of this if the blame is going on basically trump has done some more tariffs and the markets are really paranoid about a trade war opening up basically china is kind of talking about they might you know do some tariffs on some of our agricultural type products and things like that a lot of people are very very worried about a trade war

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And this is kind of what helps send the markets down the fed came out yesterday and announced they’re just gonna raise interest rates point to five percent that’s not really much of effect and that was kind of expected the tariffs move it’s just something that’s kind of it’s one of those things that right now is just scaring the markets you know no driven that

North korea did last year right and it was like oh my gosh we’re gonna go to war north korea and a million things over my decade of being in the stock market have come and gone and they’re like oh my gosh there’s so much fear and then it kind of subsides and ever the world moves on so if we looked here a lot of stocks made big downward moves here today goldman

Sachs was down around three and a half percent if we look here google was down nearly four percent today mu obviously we just talked about that one it was down around three and a half percent today then we go ahead and we look at you know fitbit’s about 3% by cassettes just a normal day for fitbit umm the dear john deere the tractor maker and whatnot they were

Down around 4% that one’s starting to get very interesting to me i may start buying that one at some point a line which basically has like the invisible braces and what not has been a super hot stock that one was down close to 4% today we look at ge which has just been a disaster stock and continues to be a disaster stock it’s now on the 13 dollar range that one

Was down around 4% today that one’s could ge be a twelve dollar stock soon we time will tell temp r goes down around 4% which by the way one of my people that’s in my stock market group is absolutely killing it with that stock they bought it thinking the $4 $5 range and now it’s you know approaching any dollars is just killing on that one baidu was down over five

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And a half percent today acls was down around 5% today blue april is not another 4% of tralee just a normal today for blue apron amborella was down for what five and a half two percent today i robot was down four percent today we had facebook down another two and a half percent today amazon was down around 2% amd was down over three percent today then we had baba

Alibaba it was down in the barrel five and a half percent also today zelo was it down around 3% skyworks solutions down around 3% twitter down over four and a half percent then we had shake shack come in with a round of 4% downward move caterpillar the the biggest you know i guess you call it a land clearing / machinery type company out there they were down almost

Six percent today that’s probably a lot of the tariffs type deal there they’re worried about you know they get a huge amount of their business from selling of china probably some worries there tesla down around two percent and netflix down around three percent today i did buy around five thousand dollars worth of a couple stocks today so if you’re my stalker your

Membership group go check out the video just post it in there that’s just one of the million benefits of being in that group you get to kind of see you know all the moves i’m making i have a public account and i kind of put like five thousand and ten thousand dollars into each month and just kind of invest that and build that we’re going to build that and do more

Than a six figure count literally you probably within the next six to nine months so i hope you guys enjoyed this very much let me know if there are any moves you guys made out there in the stock market today it’s definitely a date you want to be buying stocks rather than selling stocks no doubt about that but love to hear from you guys in that comment section

Thank you for watching and have a great day

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