Must Buys at 7 Eleven Bangkok Thailand

7-Eleven in Asia is known for having a huge variety of tasty snacks. I went all in on one meal and got everything that looked relatively tasty or that it is new. Check out what I tried so you can get a gauge of what you may want when you go.

How’s it going everybody this is beat the bush today i am in bangkok thailand and i figure i should just go to 7-eleven and eat all the crazy fancy things in there so i’m gonna go there and pick out all the unique things and then bring it back and have it this i chicken various forms of sandwiches here but not the strawberry one ham and cheese macaroni

Chicken breast salad grilled chicken pork liver or liver and rice think i’ll have this soft-boiled egg over here i like this this is kind of interesting salt and pepper and grilled pork with japanese rice i could try and i could try it this is a yogurt hearing on sale why not i’ll try this cheese looking thing oh it’s all chip on cake alright here’s my bag

Of goodies i’m walking back to my airbnb now so we can try out some of the 7-eleven stuff 7-eleven i went to was just right there we’re there here is my loot i think this is thai potato snack and some thai toothpaste because i need some and over here in the fridge i got the chicken wings the shrimp and fish hamburger sort of bacon and rice you’ll cut except it’s

Not your cut it’s some other brand name 7-eleven brand coffee a latte a dessert and a soft-boiled egg so i’m actually kind of hungry it’s noon right now i ate a brunch but i’m just gonna eat all of it i think first up good chicken does this mean three minutes i think that might mean and it’s but three minutes seemed a little bit too much for this i’m just gonna

Set it on low and let it cook for three minutes i’m gonna call our vendor now well just this ain’t fried chicken right it looks fried except it doesn’t have these little crunchy bits to it it tastes more like baked chicken or like barbeque chicken it’s like 7-eleven food it’s not like gourmet food all done this shrimp and fish steak it’s probably done delicious

Taste cp quality i bet they didn’t intend it to be all wrinkly like this there’s too much steam but inside this cake thing there’s a little bit of mayo on it there’s an actual piece of shrimp this is the shrimp and fish steak burger i’m gonna give it a first bite taste club well the buns it’s obvious right it’s a little bit kind of soaked up other than that the

Flavor is very good i can smell the shrimp hmm i couldn’t eat like little bits of shrimp right here you can eat a little bit of shrimp you can feel that you’re chewing through a shrimp this is also around 30 baht so it’s also about a dollar not bad for a dollar i like how these things are relatively small so you don’t have to just buy one thing and you’ll be full

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You can buy like five or six things and just kind of have a feast like i’m doing right now smells good it looks like it wants to be fried but all of this it’s just relatively soggy right it’s not fried or right out of the oven or anything so you don’t have like a very crispy crust but pretty darn good for 7-eleven food i think have you ever had costco cheeseburger

Frozen the bun tastes like that you know you have to microwave it and it’s inside a little baggie and then it got steamed rather than baked mmm hold on next up is this yoke hold clone thing 24 baht divided by four means to six spot each is actually cheaper than the six canned version so that’s why i got this one actually just wanted to drink it i know what it tastes

Like already but is this meiji brand meiji i think this is a japanese brand surprisingly there’s a lot of japanese inspired foods in these 7-eleven so i wonder if they import a lot of these let me try this and let you know if it tastes like regular you’ll cult i’m sure it does yeah please like it subscribe yo cold tastes slightly sour and also sweet but then when

I say it’s sour somehow for me i don’t register as something sour to me it’s just like oh yoko you know i don’t think of it as sour like sweet and sour soup so there you go yo cult like drink at 7-eleven i’m gonna eat this egg thing i’ve had this in japan before i thought it was very very delicious soft-boiled egg perfectly perfectly soft-boiled let me open it and

Show you guys there’s this little packet of soy sauce they gave me a little spoon i think i’m supposed to eat out of this somehow look at how easily it peels off this thing oh my goodness okay that looks awesome we’re gonna okay i’m just gonna eat this whole half here there we go i’m gonna flip it upside down mm-hmm the soy sauce tastes salty of course but then

It’s all about the egg yolk the egg yolk tastes very rich a bit richer than your typical eggs i feel like these are probably grass-fed type of eggs you can tell by the yolk in that it’s very very orange compared to a lot of the other very commercial types of eggs all done with egg we still have this one bacon thing over rice at the bottom it says is pig and also

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Not very spicy here it is piping hot very very hot all right it looks like bacon all right is it just one layer yep just one layer of bacon over rice they’re actually really really saucy about it i can taste like yeah they cover it with a lot of sauce this seems like not enough meat because these pork pieces are very very thin but we’ll see if i can finish all the

Rice based on the amount of meat though it’s like a sweet teriyaki sauce to meet feels thin tastes good though sushi rice i think they mix in a little bit of barley i don’t know if you can see it like once in the wall there’s like it’s like 10% barley almost what they do overlap a little bit so there’s not like one thing layered so like around one and a half but he

Try to make up for the content of the meat by making extra thin but then they put extra sauce on it i can be happy just having this oh i have some rice left over even though i tried to kind of you know portion it out if i want a quick bite okay then i might get this on to the next thing i just kind of want to drink something now so i’m gonna have this coffee this is

A latte a robust 100% array pika drip coffee usually you’re supposed to make a latte with an espresso i think so this looks like it’s some sort of like milk foam or something so let me open this up and i don’t think i’m supposed to feel this yeah i think you just leave it there poke it in like that drink here we go latte a robust taste a little sweet taste like

Coffee the coffee has a nice aroma it tastes good what can i say it is good clean me sweet cold now i want to show you guys what it looks like what the liquid looks like usually inside these things if they have to play like a little image of milk froth right it’s not gonna look very good i know that already so let’s open this up and look at it okay there you have

It looks like coffee no foam right it’s not gonna look like foamy like this it’s actually a bit more creamier than i expected so that’s good while we’re gonna slowly drink this we’re gonna go ahead and eat another thing feel it open like that okay okay this is what it looks like it smells great so that’s what they look like inside let’s go and take one oh i think

These are very similar to the korean ones to all all come cha or something like that okay very different hmm hmm hmm potato some of these potato snacks has a very very potato potato ii taste this has it i like it i knew i might just get this again like it’s not a barbecue flavor like even though you see it’s kind of red and stuff that might be have precooked but

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Paprika in low amounts doesn’t really give it any kind of taste it’s just more for coloring okay very potato we’ve more potato we than a lot of different tips this is surprisingly hikky cheap i think what what is this like 15 baht which is like 50 cents right so yeah why is it brown here you go this is what it looks like brown alright this is the first time for

Me to have brown toothpaste but alright tastes more normal than my true face a minty yeah are just gonna move my rep really smell really good hmm wow okay wow oh woah few hours later i’m ready for this cake now i think it’s a cheese flavored cake all the shredded cheese on top without eating it it seems a little harder than i would want it to be and this shredded

Cheese is kind of like like stuff they put in taco bell like very finely shredded cheese who knows what it’ll taste like but let’s see they’re shredded cheese each shred feels a little bit hard on here i’m not a fan of shredded cheese on there maybe if it’s melted or like it needs to be integrated into the cake itself i think the rest of it doesn’t taste extra

Cheesy or anything tastes like regular sponge cake let me give it another shot i guess i’m not impressed by the first bite i guess i kind of got swayed because they put like a recommended sign on the shelf of there so i’m like oh a lot of people must get this maybe if i try to cut it for no doesn’t work all right all done not a fan thanks for watching everybody

I hope this video gives you some insight on what is available at 7-eleven over here in bangkok thailand someone the food is definitely worth trying like the shrimp burger or the bacon rice thing i thought that was very good thing i think you can skip probably the 7/11 one maybe they have better ones at department stores you can have those i thought the chips was

Very good too so overall i’m very glad to do this and i feel like you should definitely reserve a day or just one single meal where you spy a lot of different things at 7/11 thanks for watching don’t forget to give me a like comment down below let me know if you like the same things at 7/11 and push that subscribe button and ring that bell icon thanks for watching

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Must Buys at 7 Eleven Bangkok Thailand By BeatTheBush

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