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Howdy there folks welcome into today’s video this one we’re getting into my number one tip for all investors in the market it’s gonna be a really important video and i spent some time over the past couple hours putting this together because i want to make sure um it is like fully syncs in what i’m talking about in this video because it’s one thing if you just hear it

Right and you just hear hey you’re supposed to do this one thing right it’s another to have this explained in a way that it really fully hits you so you really understand how impactful this this can be and this is something that i came across in the stock market in my first few years that i really got to understand like if i’m gonna really build up to six figures

In the market seven figures and beyond in the stock market there’s a there’s certain things i have to do in order to get myself there or it’s all just a pipe dream right and in life there’s what’s called uh you know your dreams your dreams are over here and what you’re putting in the work for in and how you get to make those dreams possible and so whatever those

Dreams are whether that’s to you know have six figures seven figures in the market eight figures in the market or whether it be to retire early or travel the world or whatever it is okay there’s a million different things have your kids grow up better than you grew up whatever it is right if you’re gonna make those dreams into reality there’s certain things that

You have to do to get yourself there and there’s certain things certain sacrifices you have to make to get yourself there or you’re never gonna make those dreams of yours the the what you want to become a reality you’re never going to make that happen if you don’t do these certain things and so yeah this would be an impactful video i hope to a lot of folks out

There and i hope it really sinks in um so you really really understand exactly what i’m talking about here okay so when i started the market and started kind of you know looking into investing and doing a little dabbling of investing in the market 2008 2009 i uh you know came across compounding calculator my accounting teacher you know taught us you know to kind

Of work with a compounding calculator and kind of find out you know different things and plug some different numbers in and whatnot and so at that time i was working at a quick trip this is way back in the day already guys ready to see a picture of me way back in the day at walgreens working well let’s go ahead and take a peek there he is there’s that guy okay uh

Working at walgreens and uh making i don’t know eight nine dollars an hour or whatever it was back then uh but but that’s where i started my investing journey and so i ran some numbers and my you know i had around 300 bucks or so to kind of invest in the market and um i basically was running numbers based upon how much i was making i was living with my parents at

That time and um i had about an extra 200 bucks a month to invest so i said well what how much money will i have roughly in about you know let’s say when i’m like 30 years old because i was like 18 19 years old at that time so i’m like over the next 11 years to get me to like 30 and if i just get the average return in the stock market that you should expect around

Eight percent that was a number that was thrown around at that time well like you know how much money is that going to add up to and so i ran up numbers and i was like okay so when i’m 30 years old i should have roughly like 40 000 in stocks right and so yeah you know to me that that just wasn’t cut in the mustard i was like uh you know that’s just uh that’s not

Enough you know what i mean like that’s just not what i’m going after i don’t want to have just 40k to my name you know when i’m when i’m 30 years old especially if i’m going to grind and spend some some time doing this so then i thought okay well what if i get a better return right so then i was like you know if you can get a great return over a period of time

And i have all these stocks to invest in i was investing in a time when the market you’re really starting my investment journey was time the market was very down this is in the great recession right and i thought okay uh you know i have all these different companies to pick from you know thousands of different stocks so let’s say i can get something like a 20

Return well if i can do that and invest that same amount of money hey i’m doing a lot better i basically just doubled up uh you know the amount of money so i’d have roughly 79 80 000 in stocks when i’m 30 years old which was cool but then i was like ah man that still doesn’t sound that dang exciting like i really wanted to have like at least a million dollars in

Stocks when i was 30. and so i’m like uh you know that that’s not that’s not that great okay so now i was thinking well what if i start working more hours right and at this time i think i got also a raise called a raise to like dollars and 10 cents an hour at walgreens so i was like what if i start working more hours and i cut back some expenses like i cancelled

My gym membership i believe and you know did a few other things and so i was like all right so i’m gonna make more money so basically i started having about 450 dollars a month to put towards stocks now that i cut some expenses out of my life and started working some more hours at walgreens now keep in mind that 450 this was still why living with my parents so

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I still had some bills i had to pay but i didn’t i didn’t pay rent um to live at the house i didn’t pay any of that the housing expenses uh most of the groceries i ate were still like my parents groceries at that time and so you know it’s like okay i got 450 bucks but like you know if i was living on my own i wouldn’t even have this 450 bucks right and so i found

Out like if i did that hey i’m gonna be better off right 175 000 but at the same time i’m like well i don’t want to you know i don’t want to live my parents forever like i got to move out and do those sorts of things so you know that 450 you can’t even live on your own for for 450 like that’s not gonna happen and so i’m like oh gosh like like how am i gonna make

This work where i could actually invest money right build up as much money as possible and that’s when i came across a little sign when i went into a quick trip one time to get something to drink i was a little pool route for for my dad i was cleaning like 10 pools a day or whatever and uh you know i used to stop at this quick trip and i saw this now hiring side

And i said you know they’re starting assistant managers like 40 000 a year and uh so i was like okay shoot and so i applied for for quick trip at like one in the morning and i got a call back the next day and and got a job at quick trip and so i was like dang this could be kind of life-changing for me to be quite honest like this was a life-changing move that was

Going to happen because i was running the numbers and i was like okay i could basically start investing two thousand dollars a month two thousand dollars a month now at this point in time right and so if i’m investing because my expenses were still insanely low and then i was like even if i move out i’ll probably have gotten a promotion a quick trip because there

Was a lot of opportunity to kind of move up the ranks fast get to good bonusing stores and so regardless if i moved out or you know when i was just still living with my parents i had like two thousand dollars a month extra to invest so i ran the numbers on this and now we’re talking about 773 thousand dollars so just by that change of going from walgreens to quick

Trip i was going to have massive massive amounts more of money like it’s like night and day right now it was a tough decision to to leave walgreens because i actually really liked the co-workers i worked with at that particular walgreens i really uh i had a lot of fun you know to be honest at that particular walgreens i was working at back in the day i had a lot

Of fun and so to leave that was actually kind of a tough decision because i was like man i’m actually really enjoying myself i looked forward to going to work each day and i always had a good time but there was this huge opportunity so i’m like i can either make this sacrifice and go start working overnights at quiktrip and man they put me they put me uh in the

Hood right away and so i was working overnights in the hood for basically day one at quick trip and uh you know that’s not the most fun that’s not the most fun job in the world from going to what from what i was doing uh you know working during the day and and with a bunch of fun people to work with all of us and working overnights all by myself at a quick trip in

In the hood you know it wasn’t it wasn’t the best situation but it was either i um sacrificed uh fun and uh maybe my safety uh i might have to call the cops a few times working at that quick trip or i could uh you know have a lot less money or maybe never move out of my parents house and so i’m like shoot you know i gotta get on my grind here i got to make some

Sacrifice in my life if i’m going to get to you know where i want to get to financially and i made that decision right so then uh there was another opportunity in front of myself that was charlotte north carolina the queen city it was calling and in charlotte the the thing was we had a new division that was opening up in south carolina north carolina south carolina

Was first and then after that charlotte about a year later and so i had this opportunity to move out to charlotte north carolina where the company was expanding and i understood like i was going to get you know promote it faster out there because there’s just a lot more opportunity and so even though stores weren’t bonusing out there i was still going to move up the

Ranks faster so i was going to make extra money in charlotte and at that time at least uh the living expenses were pretty comparable between living in arizona where i was living and living in charlotte north carolina charlotte i think it’s gotten a lot more expensive but shoot out here in arizona it’s got a lot more expensive as well so i was like okay i can make

Some more money out there so then i was like if i work out there get promoted pretty quickly i can start making like two or basically having about 2 500 extra dollars a month to put towards stocks essentially right and so now we’re talking about over 11 year span 2 500 now we’re talking about over 11-year span you’re talking about almost a million dollars right so

Now we’re really talking now we’re really talking about some some real money so i i did that for a while right and then i realized oh man you know my income at quiktrip is actually kind of uh limited you know even though a quick trip is a good place to try to get promoted up the ranks even at a place like quick trip you’re still going to be very very limited and

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So i started to realize you know if i’m going to uh take things up to the next level right and if i’m gonna you know reach a lot more these dreams and things like that it’s not gonna happen working in the corporate world it just wasn’t gonna happen it’s like okay i could go from make a position where i make sixty thousand i may be making seventy thousand and then

Wait another three to five years and get to a position where i’m making a hundred thousand dollars a year right and then wait another five years into a position i’m making 150 000 and so it’s like yeah yeah there’s that there’s that ranks but i’m like by the time i’m even making like a 200 000 a year it could be 10 20 years from now and that’s if i do a great job

And i can still you’re still playing the politics game when you’re working in corporations right you can still get passed by from somebody that might be buddy buddy with the other guy that’s promoting and so you’re in that sort of situation where it’s like man you know it’s going to be hard to to climb to the next ranks like this was a good starter and so that’s

What led me to say you know what i’m going to leave quick trip and i’m going to move out to vegas and so two things really attracted me to vegas no taxes and easy to start a business very easy place uh business climate in vegas right and so that was a huge plus because i’m thinking man if i’m gonna make 200 000 a year or something like that i you know i need to

Start my own business it’s just i’m not doing it through the corporate grind i got to become an entrepreneur i got to do my own thing where my income is not tapped by promotion opportunities and by corporate politics and if i can have no taxes that’s just a bunch more money i could put my no state income tax that’s just a bunch more you know money i could put in my

My pocket which is going to end up going in the stock market right and so then i started running numbers i was like if i start making like 200 000 a year from my own business that’s like 10k a month roughly if i keep my living expenses relatively low that’s like you know 10k a month roughly i can put towards stocks and so over 11-year time span if you’re putting

10k to stocks getting a 20 return over 11 years you’re at almost 4 million dollars and so that’s what led me to say this is like a no-brainer like i’ve gotta gotta go out there i’ve gotta start business i gotta become an entrepreneur and i gotta do my own dang thing where my income’s not tapped because the end of the day you start realizing in investing returns

Are great and if you can get great returns awesome but at the end of the day the big if you can fix your income and get your income up the the amounts of money dwarf even if you can get also in a 25 return or 30 return and so that’s why the most important thing when it comes to investing in my number one tip is get your dang income up and i just took you through my

Story and that’s how i ended up scaling to six figure seven figures in the stock market six figures i got there through quick trip right but seven figures i got there because i started my own businesses and if i didn’t start those own businesses i wouldn’t have reached seven figures as fast and i wouldn’t have reached multi-seven figures as fast meaning you have

You know several million dollars in the market if i would have stayed a quick trip you know i would probably be i would probably have maybe a million dollars in my account right now a million maybe maybe 1.5 million if i stayed a quick trip and i’m i’m 32 years old if if people don’t know out there which isn’t bad like that still would have been good um but

It’s obviously not the numbers i i have today right and so at the end of the day you got to really figure out like like if you’re gonna you have to make these sacrifices if you’re not willing to make those sacrifices to get a better job to start your own business to start side income streams or whatever you are going to limit your amount of money you’re going to

Have and you’re going to limit whatever dreams you have you’re going to have to put those to the side and you know there’s an old picture we had taken quite a while ago where had somebody throw a collage together of like you know folks that that you know uh hit seven figures and sent us in a picture that were in the private stock group and i can tell you i know

Most of these people’s backstories and i tell you most of them um didn’t just get there because they got great returns they got there because they also had jobs where they made 100 200k a year and so or or had their own businesses where they made 10200 300k a year and so they got there because they took a certain amount they invested it they got gains on that

They you know put more money in their accounts in a in a market like we’re in right now right think about this market we’re in at the moment right we’re in what’s called uh you know either a correction market bear market we hit bear market on uh the nasdaq and russell a few weeks ago we bounced out of that but we’re still in massive correction territory on the

Nasdaq in in the russell we are in correction territory now on the s p 500 in the dow’s flirting with a you know basically a correction as well and when you go through these corrections in the market bear markets crashes whatever right that’s when you really start to understand the power of essentially the the income and having your income in a great place where

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You can have money to quote unquote by the dip and if you don’t that’s when you got to start saying okay maybe i need some side income streams and to get there by cutting expenses isn’t usually going to get you the promised land right if i just stayed working at quick trip making 50 60 70k a year let’s say for instance right and even kept my expenses really low

Still not getting there and obviously that’s a sacrifice in itself because you’re living less of a lifestyle than you could right um versus if you started your own business started making six figures seven figures a year for me the from what i’ve seen in my own life and what i’ve seen around with people close to me the easiest way to make six figures a year in my

Personal opinion is starting your own business some people can get there going the college route and you learn you know specific skills and you go to college for four six eight years whatever and you come out and you’re you’re ready to you know rise the ranks and you can make six figures plus a year at a company but for the folks that that’s not your thing right you

Didn’t go to college you didn’t you know have parents that could pay or you didn’t want to go in all that debt something like that well then your next best bet in my opinion is to start your own business and start or start you can even start with side income streams passive income streams and look for ways like that you get more money to invest because at the end

Of the day think about it right imagine there’s this guy and um let’s say there’s a guy that invested one thousand dollars into tesla stock and he made a 2 000 gain on tesla because tesla absolutely tore up the last few years and so he put a thousand dollars in 2018 2019 and he got 2 000 return alrighty cool good for him he got that thousand dollars and now that

Thousand dollars is worth twenty thousand dollars roughly good for him that’s amazing right a thousand to twenty thousand in a matter of a few years sweet what about the guy that just put a hundred thousand dollars in because he had his income in a good place right so he put a hundred thousand dollars in in tesla stock well then a hundred thousand dollars is now

Worth uh two million dollars two million dollars right and so this is where the power of having your income in a good place that you can invest really comes in to power because um it’s going to dwarf even returns right and even if there’s a guy that gets a lower return but he’s got his income in a good place he’s still going to always just smash the guy that um

Is essentially you know has a lower income and even is getting great returns right and so once again you’re not going to get there by just saving you always want to have extra money to put toward stocks but by you know cutting a gym membership or uh you know trying to i don’t know save 10 bucks a month on your car insurance or something like that that’s not getting

You to the magic land i can tell you that you’ve gotta you gotta you gotta leave your job get better job opportunities never leave your job until you already got another job lined up by the way that’s a mistake people make they leave their job first then go search for a job that puts you in a huge position of weakness always make sure you got the next job lined up

Before you leave your last job if you don’t have that don’t even think about leaving your job that puts you in a huge position of weakness and employers like it more when you already have a good job and you’re like willing to come over to them then they they feel like you’re uh you know you’re going over there for for uh reasons it’s not like you’re an unemployed

Person that you know they they’re like oh man you know you’re what’s wrong with you why are you unemployed you should be employed get that next job then go ahead and leave the last job or go ahead and start businesses okay and uh that’s my number one tip i always have and always will have for investing in the market everything else comes after that balance sheets

And income statements and valuations and business models and returns and all that stuff that’s all secondary if you don’t have your income right then then you know you got to get the income right first and then we can worry about all this other stuff and how much to diversify and how much to have in this stock versus this stock and uh you can kind of find your

Way going through that so yeah i hope you guys enjoyed this as always it’s kind of a little more of an older school video for from me i don’t do a lot of these sorts of videos nowadays we get so tied up into what’s going on in the market what’s going on with particular stock stocks and buying things like that that uh videos like this already know are very very

Helpful to folks and i hope you guys got value out of it also you want some free money essentially sign up for moomoo with my pin comment down there they got a sick deal right now one free stock worth three dollars to thirty five hundred dollars with deposit of any amount literally any amount then you also get one free stock value between nine dollars and thirty

Five hundred dollars with a deposit of any amount plus you get a free neo share right now and i also believe they’re giving away a free ttcf share as well but i believe that’s if you deposit a hundred dollars so anyways guys hope you enjoyed this always thanks for joining me much love and i hope you enjoyed have a great day

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