My 2 favorite books on Investing in the Stock Market!

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Good day subscribers thank you so much for joining me today i am jeremy this is a financial education channel and happy thanksgiving to all you guys that are watching this video the day goes live because that will be thanksgiving day so i just want to say happy thanksgiving i hope you guys have a great one today we’re talking about my two favorite books on investing

My two favorite books on the stock market understanding it for beginners i get this question a lot in the comments section you guys ask questions like i am just starting out in the stock market what book should i read those things are things i have both these books linked in the description so you guys can click on that you can look more into detail you can look with

Customer reviews are from amazon all those kinds of places all from that link right there in the description bar if you want to check this out so my number one book on investing is actually a book called the intelligent investor by benjamin graham now but this book is not only my favorite personally but it’s warren buffett’s favorite is warren buffett the oracle

Of omaha the billionaire investor himself the the god of investing he also you know loves this book this is a number one book you if you ask him is the number one book he always talks about as far as a book every person that’s investing should read it will go into details on how to be a successful long-term investor why you should be a long-term investor i have

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It has a chapter in it that is just phenomenal it talks about mr. market and how the stock market can price things either too high or way too low and when things are way too high that’s when it’s time to sell it when things are way too low that’s time to load up and load up that basket and buy things and i’ll put your mindset in a frame of understanding that it’s

A long-term game i’ll go into details on how you do that what not now for full disclosure this book can be a little hard to understand sometimes because it was written decades in decades and decades ago so some of the word choice he uses and as in this book they’re not words that we may use as often nowadays you know in 2016 so so for some readers especially some

Younger readers that books a little hard to understand i get feedback from friends what not that just have a little trouble understanding it as well as they could have which is what led me to my number two book which is called a little book of common sense investing by john bogle a little more updated i think it’s a little easier to understand it’s not my favorite

Book it’s my number two i just want to be clear about that but it has phenomenal reviews you guys can look at the reviews on amazon i think it’s a 4.5 out of 5 stars it’s another great book also about long-term investing understanding why short-term investing is not the way to go understanding how to become a long-term investor how to be successful at it how to

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Succeed and i just a really well-written book in my opinion so if you guys are interested in either of those you know you might want to buy yourself one for the holidays or for a friend or family member who you know might come in you want to try to get them in investing as well they’re really good books for that links are in the description bar you can check them out

I think they’re like each books like 10 or 15 bucks you can probably pick up both books for $130 if you really want to it’s up to you guys i just want to let you know what my two favorite books are and i hope you guys if you do buy them have a have a extremely good understanding of them and you really enjoy them let me know if you guys i have ever read these books

Before let me know if you guys are planning on purchasing them i would love to just know what your guy’s opinion on them if you do purchase them i would love to know your your feedback on it once you’re done reading it you know did you enjoy it is there any type of other book you like even more i got an open mind so i’m always trying to hear things from you guys

And suggestions i hope this book this book i hope this video helped greatly today guys if you’re watching this and you have not subscribed you may want to i talk about personal finance in the channel i’m an entrepreneur i give entrepreneur tips on the channel and we talk so much about the stock market every single week on this channel thank you for watching guys and have a great day

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