My 20 Streams of Income

The remainder of the many sources of income that I have listed.

How’s it going everybody this is beat the bush today i’m going to talk about 20 additional ways you can make money online the methods i cover in this video it’s gonna be completely different than the ones in the previous video the next category of ways to earn money online is just generally through shopping sites you have to buy something and then you get some amount of

Points or some sort of cashback take swagbucks for example if you sign up for this thing you get five hundred swag books after you earn five hundred swag bucks each swag bucks translate to one penny so 100 swag bucks is $1.00 my experience with this is that once you sign up for this there are some low-hanging fruits offer where you can sign up for it without paying

Anything you can get 20 30 dollars worth of swag and then afterwards you can cancel out on all these trial offers and you can still obtain this free money after you do this initial run of using it for yourself you can start referring other people the next one is ebates this is another shopping site and i would recommend to not really go around shopping in order

To earn money because in the end the net effect is you’re gonna be spending a lot more and so you can think of it like oh you spend $100 but you get $10 cashback this is not earning $10 in any case if you’re gonna spend money anyway then this is a good way to not spend as much the deal with the signup bonus on ebates is if you spend $25 you can get $10 cashback

Just keep them in mind and when you’re ready to buy something online you should go check all these sites to see if they have some sort of cashback deal and then use the one with the highest cashback the next one is something yet just very very similar it’s called mister rebates you get a $5 bonus after spending $10 all these rebates sites are pretty similar for

Me after you sign up for and use it for yourself you can then refer other people and get a commission bonus the fourth one is pretty popular you see ads on these all over the place which is the honeycomb extension it’s whenever you buy something online it’s gonna apply all these coupons directly for you and try to get you a discount on whichever website that you’re

Buying it off of if you join honey you can get $5 right then and there through my referral link down below and then after you get your own referral you can then refer other people you get five hundred coins which translates to about five dollars of gift cards you convert into whatever cave cards you want and then this can supplement your amazon shopping the fifth

Way i make a pretty substantial amount of my income is through interest and dividends the interest that i get is just to using a high-yield savings account and the current one i’m using is hsbc online direct right now you can get about one point seven percent apy but i am not sure how long this is gonna last especially with the fed funds rate going all the way to

Zero point one percent the other thing is through dividend yields if you hold on to some stocks for the long term then you’re gonna start collecting dividends so this is why sometimes holding it for the long term is a really really good deal this is versus buying something and selling it too rapidly a few of my high dividend yielding stocks includes irm which is at

Ten percent right now bac 3.3 percent ixc which is at a global energy stock fund is 8 percent right now t which is eighty six point nine percent and this is not an endorsement to buy or sell these stocks the six way i make money is through stock trading you can basically do this anywhere right you can sit on a beach and stock trade you can do this at home all you

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Want of course this takes a certain amount of skill and a certain amount of temperament in order to be able to make consistent gains over the years my current standing is a very good gains on my tesla stock which is about $70,000 so far i only count this because you can say oh you just made money on the tesla stuff maybe you lost a whole bunch of money somewhere

Else the reason why i count stock gains as part of my online income is because the last few years i’ve been getting consistent gains mainly through what i call like my own fudge way of value investing where i try to buy a stock that i believe is valued low and i try to hold pretty long-term roughly six months to twelve months or so and then you might see me sell

At certain times when i feel like the valuation is way too high the seventh one is bitcoin gains and ever since i made this video where i sold at the top i made this video about it and i never got back in i actually held a very very substantial amount of profits from that sale and i never bought back in because sometimes i feel like once a fad of something i know

People are gonna knock me on saying that bitcoin is a fad but sometimes something gets hot and then after people look at it it’s no longer hot and when it’s no longer hot that’s why the asset prices are not where it used to be that’s why i sold out of it i mistakenly did not buy back into around 3,500 or so but i did make permanent gains from that particular asset

Itself and when you hear me count all this stuff it’s not like i have losses from you know other asset classes that i’m not talking about so that my net gains is actually negative my net net gains in terms of my net worth is actually gaining because of bitcoin is actually gaining because of my stock trades the eighth one ninth one and the tenth one i want to talk

About and i probably beaten this to death plenty of times on my videos is credit card churning savings account churning an investment account churning i turn these accounts and there’s various ways of doing it without spending your own money one of them is through using a service called plastic where you can essentially generate a lot of spending through your credit

Card you have to pay a small fee of it i think it’s around 2.5% but the bonus that you get on credit cards is roughly about 40% if you get the really good one 20 to 40 percent or so so if you pay 2.5 percent it’s okay to pay that as long as the net gain you’re still gaining light seventeen and a half percent after you’re done through with doing the whole churning

Thing so with the help with this plastic thing and i’ll have a referral link down in the video description below you probably can turn maybe like twenty thousand dollars of signup bonuses versus if you don’t use this then you might only be able to turn maybe five thousand dollars because this is the max you can spend basically of your regular typical spending

Savings account turning is just your chase bank i just turned a citibank checking account there’s a whole bunch of different checking accounts i normally do whenever i get mailings and stuff so i plop in maybe $10,000 $20,000 into a certain bank account they pay me a bonus of maybe 300 to $500 as soon as the period at which i have to hold that money in for like

Say three months or something i take it back out and then i try yet another account and i just keep on doing this rinse repeat we didn’t repeat same thing with investment accounts i am not afraid of switching investment account because once you switch sometimes there are difficulties with tracking your basis costs as long as you don’t do to active trading you

Can essentially track this yourself 11th way to make money online is through ebay sales and i’m gonna lump this in with the 12th thing which is through amazon sales which is not as good for use things now some of you might complain saying that this is not a real way to earn money but it is if you happen to be a regular user of products and then suddenly like you


Decide to become a minimalist like i am i am not a complete minimalist yet but i have been reducing my stuff significantly so much so that over the past year i’ve been selling significantly on ebay amazon as well as facebook marketplace and i highly daal is up to be about couple thousand dollars so as long as you don’t go around trying to replace everything that

You sold you’re permanently reducing all the stuff that you own changing the way that you live all that extra stuff it’s value right there whenever you have a physical object even this thing is worth something then you just convert all this to cash and then you just put it in your bank account and you can sort of consider this as making money online all the way to

Sell your old stuff includes let go app which i use myself it’s a very nice interface but somehow me using it as much as facebook market plays using as much as ebay i did not appear to get a lot of traction i seem to have a lot of people that just try to lowball me on that particular application this might differ a lot based on the location that you live if you’re

Interested in selling clothing you can try poshmark yourself now with all the layoffs people might be hurting for money you might be trying to scrimp together a little bit more money and if you have gift cards laying around maybe you got a $500 gift card from your work but you don’t really like going to that store so then you can sell this on an online marketplace

One of them i like to use is called raise and if you sign up for this thing you can get $5 just for signing up as long as you buy something that’s six dollars or more so if you buy $6 a gift card this might be a little bit hard to find because a lot of people probably thought of this and then they go buy the $6 you give card but if you can find something like that

You can get $5 off of that and then you only have to pay one dollar for a six dollar gift card raise is good for buying gift cards and selling your old gift cards the 17th way to make money online is through airbnb now if you guys sign up for this thing you can get fifty five dollars off your first trip so if it’s a really cheap place i know i’ve gotten something as

Cheap as twelve dollars over in tokyo per night in like a hostel like think so this is like four nights worth but if you are more spendy and you want the whole place to yourself maybe it’ll be a little bit more expensive so this is equivalent to maybe half night one night free stay if you want to make money through this you can refer other people to your airbnb link

And then i think you can get about twenty dollars worth of credits for every person that signs up through your link and if you decide to become a host you can get a hundred dollars after your first free hosting so if you lost a job and you have your own place you could possibly think about just moving everybody into one single room and then if you have extra rooms

You can rent those out and this could possibly help you tide over in these times of difficulties the eighteen way to make money online well not really online but you know online app is through brr and i’ve done this myself for two whole weeks check out over here in one week worth of full-time work for me and i would have to say driving it’s kind of hard when you

Drive for 12 hours a day i’ve done that myself you know your back starts to get kind of numb you really have to like go out and walk around every chance that you get the nineteenth one which might be a good way to alternate between ubering and more physical activity is if you work at an amazon warehouse so maybe you were one day the next day you do amazon warehouse


Because in an amazon warehouse you actually can’t sit there all day you actually have to stand all day it is hard work in the sense that there’s a lot of walking around and you have to be on your feet a lot so i personally am not very used to this because you know i used to work in an office environment i just sit there all day the 20th way to make money i guess

This is not quite online which is from renting to tennis right if you or our landlord if you bought a whole bunch of places and you have mortgages on them or maybe you happen to be able to obtain these houses at a really really low initial cost to yourself and then you rely on your tenants to pay you money so that you can use that money to pay most of the mortgage

Off and then you know you have a little extra money to maintain the property if you happen to have like five properties ten properties the current situation is gonna be very very difficult for a lot of landlords because if you look at the statistics thirty percent of all people that rent are you gonna have a hard time paying rent this current month so if you have

Ten tenants probably on average statistically speaking you’re gonna have three of them not being able to pay your rent then it means you’re not gonna be able to pay your mortgage if you do not have a large cash stash laying around then you possibly have to go and call your mortgage lender and see if you can delay your payment yourself so when you are leveraged

In this way when you rely on a complete cash flow from your tenants to pay off your bills this is a nice way to earn some money as an ongoing basis but anytime you have a loan and you rely on an income source those income sources could get cut off and you will still be on the hook for all those debts that you owe so this is one of the reason why i personally have

Not been too fond of buying more and more properties and renting it out i actually don’t really want to hire management company even because they take a pretty huge cut and sometimes you just like things to be simplified i just have one place over here and instead i prefer to earn my money through investing instead when you buy a stock a share of microsoft right

It’s never going to call you in the middle of the night and say oh my gosh my water heater broke or my toilet is broken or something those shares are not gonna bother you it’s just gonna sit there laying dormant and then if you don’t like it you can sell it you can liquidate it pretty quickly but if you have a property you’re gonna have to hold on to it for a very

Long time so thanks for watching this video i hope you guys enjoyed if ways to make money i know the last few is not quite making money online you know you got to actually go out and drive you actually have to own properties and stuff but these are different ways that you can earn money and possibly help tide you over if you happen to be unemployed don’t forget

To give me a like on this video check out all those referral links down in the video description below if you guys are interested in helping this channel out comment down below let me know if these tips helped you and as always push that subscribe button and ring that bell icon thanks for watching

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