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Within the next 48 hours on this youtube channel we were gonna hit 200,000 subscribers so something fun i thought we could do today is just kind of a celebration to you guys is i want to show you one of my investment accounts okay one of five investment accounts my wife and i have and this account has over one hundred and twenty-one thousand dollars in it okay i’m

Gonna show you all the stocks in and i’m going to show you the cost basis is how much i’m up or down on these positions and whatnot like i said this is one of five accounts i have this account which is a public account that’s available to anybody in my stock market membership group i also have another account which is my main account i call it the private account

Then i have a individual retirement account my wife has a regular brokerage account and then she also has a retirement account as well i actually just started another new account so we technically have six but there’s like hardly any money in that account right now so i want to show you this today guys i hope you really enjoy this hope you get a lot of value out

Of it i was just thinking like what could we do for two hundred thousand subscribers and i thought this would be really cool for you guys like i said this is available in my private stock market membership group they get to see all the trades i place in that group anytime i trade shares you know buy or sell a position they get to know all that there’s also you

Know course access in there there’s a ton of different features i’m putting that half off to you guys code will be linked down there in the pin comment the code i think is 200k subs and i’ll take half off the first month and every month after that if that’s something you want to get involved with i think it’s a pretty cool thing so i just want to share this photo

With you guys here today and let’s just get in this hope you enjoy so the first stock up here is alibaba so we own some alibaba first off by the way with this account how long have i had this account i started it back last fall and i started to really boost it up over the last three to six months as far as depositing a lot of money in this account i wanted to hit

A 100k as fast as possible and i hope bye-bye let’s say this time next year i hope to have it to maybe like a quarter mil or somewhere around there so as of right now we got alibaba and we have seven thousand two hundred twenty-six dollars of alibaba shares were up about $109 and alibaba so far there’s one of our newest positions in the account we own 40 shares


There our cost base is one hundred and seventy seven dollars and ninety cents these stock number two up is cruzi doozie so crews right now we’re 1705 dollars were up 7% on that position just over 7% $25,000 in is a curtain value 565 shares cloth spaces of 41 dollars and seventy eight cents on that one there crews real quick let’s talk about that one okay so cruz is

A position we were down over 20 percent in this account on okay when it was dropped down to like thirty four thirty three dollars after earnings which was like i think it was like four months ago or whatever maybe three or four months ago we were down over 20 percent on that position okay and that’s never fun to show a position in my stock broker membership group

That we’re down over twenty percent i think at the lows it was down like something like 23 percent or something insane okay that’s never fun to show that to my everybody that pays to hear my stock market membership group it’s kind of embarrassing but at the same time i’m willing to eat it if i really believe in the company long term okay and that’s exactly where

I’m at with cruz and now we’re up over seven percent in that position and what a reversal that’s had we’re now you know the shares are approaching $45 a share and by the way my long-term thesis on cruz hasn’t even begun yet my long-term thesis is really going to play out in two to three years like i’m always investing in stocks for the next two to three years out

So the fact that we you know we’re at where we’re at on cruz i’m just never scared to go down big on a position because i understand the value of what we’re companies going over time next stock up here is eli this is our best performing stock in that in the in the account by far no way okay so we’re up over three thousand dollars on this position over fifty two

Percent on this position okay over 52 percent current value on that one’s over nine thousand one hundred dollars we own four hundred shares in this account $15 and five second cost basis there and eli what a performer that one has been that when we started adding i think it was late january early february and to be up 52% in like a seven month eight month span is

Ridiculous guys so that’s about as good as it gets in the stock market right there number stock number four up here is facebook so facebook we started adding this one after the whole i think it was after that really bad earnings it tanked like 20% we started adding this one and so what we right now as we’re up around $224 up a little less than 2% on the position so

Far own around $12,000 worth of shares 68 shares total 174 dollar in 16 cent cost basis there on that one and as far as facebook goes you guys know how i feel about facebook i feel like that’s the the easiest money in the stock market the next five years in my personal opinion as far as the least risk with the most potential reward when i look at out i see facebook


After that i would probably say maybe like apple and maybe maybe google after that but facebook is just it’s just easy money guys stock number five we having this account as goldman sachs goldman sachs so right now we’re up just over 200 bucks on that position a little under 2 percent on goldman sachs so far and so our current value on that one’s just over $13,000

We own around 54 shares there in this account and two hundred and thirty-eight dollars and 22 cents is our cost basis there on goldman sachs goldman sachs best investment bank in the world you know what else can i say about that one stock number six up here is monster this is another one that’s doing very well for us so we’re up over $1100 on monster right now 23

Percent plus gain on monster we’re just doing very well in that one’s through a little over six thousand dollars worth a hundred shares and 49.8 cent cost basis of their on monster monsters a position that we actually own quite a bit more but i sold off some i think it was around i want to say it was around a month ago or so we were up around 20% at that time i

Sold off some of the position and so you know i’m very comfortable still holding my hundred shares there in month stock stock number seven up here is skyworks solutions this one’s as somewhat of a new one i’ve added within the past month and i’d probably continue to buy shares here this one we’re down around $197 on down around 2% $9,800 is our current value on

This one 105 shares and $95 and 50 cents is our cost basis on that one there next one up here this one’s the worst one of the bunch okay number is stock number eight is the worse one of a bunch by four this one has come back eight a long way this one’s come back a long way for us but the the worst one in that account by far is toll brothers so toll brothers right

Now we’re down $1400 on that one that’s a rough one they’re down 5% the current value of toll brothers $26,000 just over $26,000 705 shares we own they’re $39 and 51 cent cost basis on that one toll brothers so this one was another one that was down massively just about it was just like a couple weeks ago i think we were down close to $4,000 in this one i think

One time we were down like $3,700 i logged in it was an ugly ugly one last week you know it’s come back in a big big way so now the shares are thirty seven dollars and fifty two cents so it’s coming back quite a far quite a long ways i think this one autumn dad i want to say somewhere in the like mid to low 30s oh that one had gotten rough and then stock number

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Nine this is one of our newest positions we’ve added and i could plan to continue to add this one pretty aggressively this is another one we’re down on we’re down around six hundred and sixteen dollars they’re down just under five percent on this one current value of twelve thousand five hundred and seventy dollars four hundred and ten shares they’re in thirty

Two dollars and sixteen cent cost basis they’re on us steel corporation so now let’s look at the total you know account here without anything blurred and whatnot and you can see everything that we got across the board and as far as the account i’m very happy with the the portfolio diversification i think over time toll brothers and us steel will begin to really

Show you know how undervalued those stocks are i think same thing with air with skyworks solutions i think facebook long terms can you know do very well for a same thing with alibaba i think we’ll kill it on those ones over the coming years goldman sachs i it remains to be very undervalued eli’s just a phenomenal performer cruzi doozy my bullish thesis isn’t even

Playing out yet that’s still to come over the next couple years and we’re already starting to do very well on that one so in terms of this portfolio i’m very happy with where it’s at where it’s going and like i said i hope to kind of make this into maybe like a quarter million dollar portfolio by this time next year we’ll see if we achieve it or not you know who

Knows i’m starting to slow down the amount of money i put in that count i’m starting to funnel more money into my private accounts and whatnot starting to slow down a bit there but i you know i i continue to buy stocks in that account let me know what you guys think about it do you think it’s a good accounting bad account do you like the stocks in that account like

The diversification do you not like it you think they’re bad stocks i would love to hear from you guys in that comment section as always like i said pin comment down there is going to be my stock market membership group if you want to get in there and get access to that plus so much more you can go ahead and join for half off for the rest of the week 200k subs is

The code you enter at checkout thank you for watch and have a great day

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