My 3 Favorite Movies about Money!

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Good day subscribers thank you so much for joining me today i am jeremy this is a financial education channel and today we’re talking about my three favorite movies about money about the stock market and all those kinds of things guys so i cannot wait to share this with you guys today all the links to all these movies are in the description bar if you guys want

To go ahead and buy them you should buy them for yourself as a christmas gift if you have never seen them or for a friend or family member who may enjoy them so the first two movies i’m going to share with you guys are actually movies that in my opinion anyone can enjoy there there are wildly successful movies and anyone can enjoy them regardless of being in the

Stock market the third movie is a little more i guess you could say boring to people who are not invested in the stock market or interests in the stock market just so you guys know here so number one the original wall street from 1987 this is a freaking classic he’s got michael douglas in is about charlie sheen back before he was a drug act now and all those kinds

Of things 1987 this movie was made michael douglas he won an academy award for his acting absolutely an amazing movie what this movie is to wall street is like what scarface was to gangster movies right scarface is like a legendary movie even nowadays for like the gangster movie drama genre this is what wall street is – the whole wall street sector in stock market

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Absolutely phenomenal movie you even heard so much about this movie it can really open up your mind especially if you’re a beginner and you don’t know a lot about a lot of the things that go on because a lot of things that go on in this movie with insider trading and a lot of those kinds of things guys that stuff still goes on nowadays and it will really open your

Mind i would say this is the best movie you could possibly watch as a beginner in the stock market not because it’s gonna necessarily scare you it’s just gonna prep you it’s just gonna prepare you to understand what’s really going on out there what are some things that go on and it’s just a well done movie phenomenal like i said this movie could be enjoyed regardless

If you care anything about the stock market people love this movie is one of the most popular movies from 1987 unbelievable movie wall street my number one movie probably ever of any genre of movies number two we have movie called family man with nicolas cage and tia tia leone and this movie is fabulous as well this is another movie that can be enjoyed by families

Can be enjoyed by really anyone basically what the plot is for this one nicolas cage is a super successful person on wall street he’s making millions and millions of dollars a year right but he’s never focused on family he’s in his 30s mid 30s now at this point and he goes to sleep you know christmas eve and then the next morning when he wakes up he gets a glimpse

Of what his life would be like if he focused more family and those kinds of things and at first he hates it and then he falls in love with the kids and whatnot and he realizes on the glimpses over toward the end of the movie and whatnot but this is an absolutely phenomenal movie geyser because it gets to the importance of that a lot of us that are driven in life

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A lot of us that are driven and we’re motivated and whatnot right sometimes family can get lost in those kinds of things or you know thinking about you know finding a wife or finding a husband that can get pushed back because you’re so focused on your career and those kinds of things that’s what this movie really gets at it gets to that that work-life balance of oh

How do i balance a family life with balancing success in my career or success in me and life other than just family so that’s what this movie gets about and i just think it’s such a phenomenal movie it’s it’s very much a christmas movie because it takes place at christmastime and there are some great lessons to be learned here guys it’s one of my favorite movies

All time i watch it almost every single year around christmas time and i just think the message is phenomenal behind it so you might want to check that one out guys they’re number three this one you’re probably only gonna be interested in it if you are actually interested in the stock market legitimately interested because i’ve shown it to people who aren’t that

Interested in stock market and they think it’s kind of boring it’s called margin call i think it’s a phenomenal movie it didn’t do any type of crazy numbers like these other two movies did or anything like that or win academy awards but it’s a really phenomenal movie this is more into what happened in 2008-2009 financial crisis and the housing market bubble and

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What not and how leveraged some of these big banks were and how ugly it got what not i think it’s just a phenomenal movie guys this was at the same time like i talked about what wall street as far as oak your eyes on some stuff that goes on this will open up here isis some stuff they’re still going on now but stuff that was way out of hand was that some of these

Banks were doing and how it took down the entire economy and how honestly some of the the ones that were behind all these margin calls and behind all this leverage and whatnot how some of those people made out like bandits and got golden parachutes and how all the regular people suffered so bad from decisions that were made from some of these and multi millionaire

Billionaire people that were making these decisions so this is a phenomenal movie with kevin spacey i hope you guys enjoy it all three of these movie guys i we did if you’re really interesting the stock market if you’re not that interest in the stock market you watch this channel mainly for like the personal finance and entrepreneurship then i highly still recommend

Wall street and i highly recommend the family man both awesome movies so i hope you guys enjoyed this video today guys and have a great day

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My 3 Favorite Movies about Money! By Financial Education

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