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Already folks today we’re gonna do something fun we haven’t done in quite a while we’re gonna look at the public account i’m gonna share with you uh an update of the public account screenshot here of uh you know what positions i hold in here how big the positions are and i’m gonna share my perspective on these stocks in uh you know let’s say over the the rest of

This year the last nine months this year and if i think these stocks are going to do well do bad what’s my plan with them am i planning on averaging down on some positions or uh selling off some positions things like that we’ll cover all that in this video here today and uh yeah try not to laugh it’s been destroyed since fall time essentially since about fall this

Account has been hurt very uh heavily let’s call it that okay so so don’t laugh at it okay but yeah we’ve been destroyed on a lot of stocks here recently um but this is a public account okay so we’ll go through this position by position here in just a moment but i just want to share you know kind of like position sizing so tesla makes up 460 000 of the portfolio is

A 1.36 million portfolio here um tattoo chef makes up 235 this is the in terms of you know accounts i have the most money in um this is the second biggest portfolio for me the only account i have bigger than this is my private account this this portfolio everybody in the private stock group can see every single move i’ve ever made in history this account we started

This from scratch about oh gosh it’s probably four and a half years ago now or something like that it’s it’s been a while and uh you know that’s that’s where it’s at now okay last year we took six figures in gains in this portfolio tattoo shaft makes up 235 of the portfolio corsair gaming makes up 159 revolve makes up a hundred thousand so those are the six figure

Positions in this particular portfolio uh we have skyward solutions make us up 86 we have honest makes up 83 we have meta makes up seventy seven thousand we have the planet makes up sixty eight thousand we have um dropbox makes up thirty four thousand elf makes up twenty five thousand then we have a couple of really small positions here um twenty one thousand avant

Brands and sixty eight hundred uh voyager digital there and we do have some cash available i’ve never used any margin in this portfolio uh basically i could if i want to the portfolio set up for margin i’ve just always been really divided if i want to do margin in the public account and the reason being is a very controversial subject right and and the problem is

This is kind of like a a model portfolio where everybody can see every single move i make in this and if i start to do any sort of margin in that portfolio i feel like other folks are obviously gonna feel like it’s okay to also margin and um that i’m a little concerned with to be quite honest because margin can be highly dangerous and it usually starts out like

Oh i’m gonna just i’m just gonna do a little bit on margins just a little extra money because this stock’s down and i think i’m it’s a great deal right and next thing you know you invest heavier because you’re trained as a long-term investor to buy the dip right and so next thing you know all of a sudden you’re at like a 30 margin like whoa i’ve got quite a bit

On margin now and then also the market drops more those particular stocks drop more right next thing you know all of a sudden you’re at 40 margin and then you’re at 50 margin also next thing you know if you get any drops any further you’re in margin calls right and it’s like how did this happen like and so that’s what’s been very divided for me and that’s why i

Haven’t done any margin in this portfolio yet despite the nasdaq as of last week at least nasdaq was in bear market russell was in bear market a week ago today essentially right but i just i i i i can’t pull the trigger on it because i feel like if i do it i feel like everybody feels like they’re going to be fine doing margin as well and i just feel like that’s

A slippery slope you know so that’s what that’s you know since this is a model account it’s like it’s hard for me to make that type of decision okay so let’s talk about each of these positions if i’m planning on selling them buying them holding them those sorts of things so first off here tesla miesla uh you know 460 thousand dollars of the portfolios in tesla my

Esl so obviously a huge weight in the portfolio and mainly because it’s gone up so much over time right so when it comes to tesla you know the stock topped out at 1200 plus dollars the company’s executing on on all cylinders right now and no pun intended there i mean they’re doing an amazing job running the business every day i see more tesla’s out on the road the

Superchargers get busier and busier and uh the numbers they’re putting up are nothing short of extraordinary so tulsa i’m just a happy holder of right now it’s not a stock that i’m like i’ve got to go buy tesla today mainly because of valuation concerns i have around it and um those valuation concerns i have are you know around 4p mainly and all around price to

Sales ratio also and it’s like i i can’t go i necessarily run out and buy this stock tomorrow although i love tesla and i love holding the stock it’s um it’s just kind of in a hold position for me right now as far as selling it i also don’t want to sell it because the tesla’s tesla since i bought this company in 2018 2019 has done nothing but a sec but beat my

Expectations everything’s beat my expectations in terms of the stock price performance in terms of what they’ve done with the underlying fundamentals of the business model everything has just consistently beat what i’ve ever expected with this company so for me to um cash more tesla i just can’t i’ve cashed a lot of tesla over time um and usually i always regret it

Whenever i cash out of tesla so those 500 shares i’m just planning on holding them for right now and we’ll see what happens over the you know the coming months in the coming years but that’s kind of my position right now and i’m not buying it there’s a lot of other stocks i just feel like we’ll have do much better risk reward profiles than tesla over the next let’s

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Call three to five years now tattooed chef um obviously this is one i think everybody knows i’m if anything i’m planning on averaging down on this one’s we’ve been destroyed on 26 percent and um you know i got to say two parts okay like first off let’s ask ourselves like why is tesla or tattoo chef falling 26 why am i down 26 in this portfolio my cost base is 16.52

Okay uh in my opinion there’s two core reasons the first reason is uh the companies to blame for this okay the company over promised and under delivered when it came to numbers flat out they over promised and under delivered in 2021 and if you look at all the quarters they reported in 2021 almost all of them were like basically over promises and under delivers and

So the company has to learn from that and i think they have based upon what i see from what they guided for for the the revenue and whatnot for 22 for this company and kind of the way they’re setting it up but they made a big mistake and that’s they’re not the only public company do that matter of fact i’m just about every public company i’ve ever tracked has made

Time you know mistakes in their time period where they over promise and they under deliver and they disappointed shareholders including my my beloved tesla has done that before and elon musk has done that before where he would over promise things and he would under deliver on them and that’s part of the reason the stock got absolutely destroyed in 2018 2019 when i

Was able to get involved with it right is because he was over promising things and under delivery on those promises essentially that happened on tattoo chef and so they kind of deserve i deserve to be down on that position because of that essentially okay the second part is we had went from a massive retail influx in the market to retail left the market in mass i

Think we all know that right the only folks that are still in the market now are people that are planning on doing this for the next five 10 15 20 25 years okay that’s all that’s left in the market and this was a very heavily invested retail stock right and so as those folks off to marketing cashed out that tattoo chef was just one of a list of probably 20 or 30

Stocks that were heavily bought by retail investors or traders whatever you want to call them that ended up leaving the market right from there was basically from about i i call the retail market peaked in january 2021 and from that time until about january 2022 just about anybody that was kind of iffy about the stock market left the market during that time and

Now all we got left is is those folks right that are really in this for a long term so tattooed chef i’m looking to buy more shares and uh it’s a big year for them they’ve got it they’ve got to come through with their numbers that’s the bottom line tattoo chef this is kind of like a put up or shut up type here for them they’ve got to put up the numbers they’ve got

To report those awesome numbers quarter after quarter and i actually there’s a lot of people that are tracking tattoos chef and the one thing i’ll say about tattoo chef is there’s a lot of people that that have bought this stock in the past and got out of it right that are still watching the stock and i i hear it all the time like i sold out of that but you know

I’m going to keep an eye on it see what they do for numbers if tattoo chef starts you know basically under promising and over delivering and putting up some great revenue growth improving their margins a lot of people are looking at their margins and want to see improvement there and get closer and closer profitability i think there’s a lot of people that will end

Up coming back to tattoo chef stock and and the stock will thrive in that sort of environment but at the end of the day for tattoo chef now it’s all about putting up those numbers that’s all that’s all it’s about they put up the numbers over the next four quarters this stock will thrive they don’t and it’ll continue to be a floundering stock that’s going to be

A 10 to you know let’s call 13 stock that’s really just going nowhere they’ve got to put up the numbers okay bottom line corsair gaming crsr getting destroyed in this one 35 down i’m looking to definitely average down on corsair gaming of course they’re gaming you know they just had some insane comps to comp against this is one that um i don’t really blame the

Management team at all in this one this isn’t like a tattoo chef situation where they over promised under delivered in 2021 of course their gaming just had impossible comps like they had everybody at home right spending all their time at home to also in this situation where the world’s starting to open back up and their comps they had a comp against year over year

We’re just impossible right including this quarter we’re in right now that’s gonna be another extremely tough comp for corsair it starts to get a little bit easier in q2 and then really gets a lot easier in q3 q4 so as far as corsair gaming here’s one of those stocks that i think shareholders that you already kind of see it a little bit in the pricing action with

Corsair gaming um in terms of the you know the stock price now back over the 20s but i think this is one of those stocks that i think starting about in q2 there’s gonna be more and more people that start to flood in this this is a profit machine it’s a cash flow machine company it’s a established business model with a great management team in place has been leading

This company since the 90s and andy paul right and so i look at corsair gaming as a company where i think a lot of folks are going to start to get in including wall street i’m not just talking about retail i’m talking about wall street when it comes to corsair gaming hedge fund managers and fund managers in general will start to get in the stock in my opinion

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Starting around q2 and the reason being is they know that okay after the q2 numbers the comps start getting much easier and corsair gaming could start putting up some more normalized growth again which is obviously going to excite the market and so you’ll have the early folks start to get in there so of course you’re gaming i actually like it a lot i think it’s in

A sweet spot and if anything i’m looking to average down on my position there and i got a lot of averaging down dude and corsair gaming let’s put it that way by the way if you want some free stocks from moomoo check out my ping comment down there they’re doing right now deal great deposit any amount of money you get three free stocks is pretty awesome okay next up

Here revolves so this one we’ve done very well with 376 percent up up 81 000 in this uh on this position right revolves just a hold for me right now um i do think it’s unattractive i think it’s actually attractive from a valuation standpoint right now evaluations come down actually quite a bit over the last let’s call it you know five six months but when it comes

To revolve it’s just a hold for me and the main reason is i just think there’s better places for my money right now in terms of if i’m buying a stock revolve is another one of those companies kind of like tesla that’s just done better than i’ve ever anticipated them doing and so this is not a stock i can i can cash out of right now i just got to continue to hold

That position i you know i’ve just been really thrilled with kind of their performance and i i feel i feel almost wrong to sell a stock like revolve it’s not like it’s at an insane valuation look at the 4p in this company and not only that right it’s not like they’ve ever disappointed me or even just like uh they’ve always just done kind of better than they ever

Anticipated in an extremely tough environment if i think about the world opening back up office environment opening back up you know events getting back to normal and things like that who’s going to benefit in a massive way revolve’s gonna benefit in a massive way from that in their clothing business so i can’t sell out of that one skyworks solutions another one

That’s just to hold for me i can’t buy the stock although it does look actually pretty darn appetizing huge 5g player and 5g just continues to take off in a massive massive way skyward solutions just a company that executes perfectly i would call it that a great income statement great balance sheet in this company always cash loaded with minimal debt if any debt

Ever so and also a dividend plate they also pay me out dividends so i love skyworks solutions a hold for me more than a buy just for the mere fact that there’s other stocks that i’m down significantly on that are that are more uh calling my name let’s put it that way honest corporation hnst down about 20 percent of honest so far definitely another company i’m

Looking to average down on when it comes to honest let’s be very clear this company hasn’t done anything wrong a matter of fact since they went public in 2021 they’ve done great their last quarter was unbelievable they’re taking market share from the big dogs from the big dogs okay they’ve done nothing but a great job with their business model i’m looking to

Continue to buy that that company they’ve got a legit management team a lot of their executives came over from clorox like this is a legit like you know like management team at that company this isn’t like a well they’re kind of new the public market so i don’t know about them no like these folks have experience like mad experience with the biggest of the big

Companies they know what they’re doing and so i look at that company and i’m i’m nothing but a happy buyer that one and just planning to continue to continue to buy the dip on honest and i i would love to build this one out to a much much bigger position i got it to my s i think it’s my second biggest position now on my main private account um obviously in this

Account it’s lagging so i’m gonna need to get on it and do some buying when it comes to honest okay fb meta it’s a buy but man the tough thing for me with meta is they’re spending like there’s nobody’s business right now right meta is just spending money like crazy for their metaverse opportunity and this is a situation i’m looking at when it comes to meta where

Ah you know i don’t see that spending slowing down anytime soon so it’s going to hurt profitability bottom line if you want to understand meta’s profitability will be hurt because of how much they’re spending essentially right now right but i will say med is a steel deal right now it’s just is meta the type of stock that can 3x 4x 5x over the coming years um with

How much you’re spending on metaverse i’m not i’m not too certain about that to be to be quite honest right can meta double up over the coming years yes but based upon everything i see and how much they’re spending on metaverse and how that’s going to take years and years to play out uh that’s a tough one for me to kind of see because the thing with the metaverse

Is wall street doesn’t understand that concept even though facebook is looking like they’re gonna be the number one player there because their oculus brand and their their reach and everything like that right oh jesus scared the crap out of me did you hear that door slam holy smokes okay oh although uh there there’s uh that sort of opportunity wall street just

Doesn’t get that opportunity right now so um let’s let’s say hi to the ghost the ghosts are here okay uh but we’re not going to mind then because we’re in the middle of the video right now planet the planet okay so when it comes to planet we’re down about two percent in this one there’s another one that i need to average down on it’s not a big down uh position for

Me like 1.9 percent that’s pretty lame to be quite honest but i definitely need to add more planet shares in this portfolio you know 68 000 position it’s decent size but i i need to add more here and if we look at cost basis now 223 in this portfolio i had it at like a dollar i think 25 for a while there but i recently uh got some more share so planet definitely

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Looking to buy that one more oc store should be ramping throughout the summer and vegas store looks strong dropbox uh up about 20 dropbox dropbox is a deal i i want to be very very clear about that dropbox is another one i look at though and i’m like yeah there’s this stock’s a steal deal right now i mean a steel deal at 22 is a joke for dropbox based upon the

Cash flows they have coming in based on their net income uh and their revenue growth of this company and the just business model overall but the problem with dropbox is it’s kind of in that that facebook camp different than than facebook because uh you know facebook’s spending money like crazy dropbox really isn’t but it’s kind of in that camp where i’m like is

This really like if i’m gonna buy a stock is that really the best place for my money or is it an honest that i think it’s gonna 3x or more over the next let’s call it uh you know five years right because that’s what i look at i’m looking at like a corsair that i feel like is an easy 2x to 3x over the next five years i look at a tattoo chef that i feel like is the

Same thing i look at an honest that i feel like it’s the same thing and i’m like is dropbox that type of stock i’m like it’s gonna do very very well over the next three to five years in my opinion but i just don’t think it has as much upside so if i’m buying more shares of a company you know and we still got to get to these two down here it’s just it’s tough for

Me to buy dropbox even though i think the stock’s a steel deal right now that’s the toughest part in in a market where a lot of stocks are down significantly you know many of these stocks and not just these ones in this portfolio but i’m talking about many stocks in general in the market are down you know uh 50 plus from their 52 week from basically their 2021

Highs and that’s the toughest thing for me is is looking at it from this perspective and being like uh you know it’s not just about which stocks are down the most but it’s about what’s going to be the best return on investment right and so that’s tough thing for me with something like a dropbox elf on a shelf is just a hold for me they’ve done nothing but execute

On that business model but i can’t buy it at the same time i think there’s better roi opportunities like an honest for me avon brands very speculative company but you know if you want to talk about you know management team norton over there who actually has his head on straight that’s leading a very small company it’s avon brands so now obviously a jack jackson

Player down huge on this one down about 61 percent this is another one that just one of many many stocks that got caught under the retail hype and then when retail left the market it’s just it was like where’s my shareholder base so avon’s actually one i’m gonna probably end up averaging down on i can’t buy it too heavily because it is a more speculative play

You know when you talk about like a 20 cent stock it’s more speculative but i actually do like that one a lot void your digital another one i actually like a lot voyager digital is kind of like my crypto exposure and when i see voyager digital i just see them getting bigger and bigger over the coming years and cryptos crypto the other day is not going away you

Know just bottom line i don’t care how bullish or bearish you are on crypto like it’s not going away and it’s going to get it’s going to likely get bigger and bigger over time as more use applications are brought out there and voyager is a big platform in that space and so i look at that as like in another stock that i’m thinking about averaging down on there’s

A lot of competition in the crypto space but i think they’re one of probably four or five main main companies that are going to be really successful i think about somebody like coinbase i think about something like voyager i think about ftx um and maybe one or two others and i think those those companies will be successful so voyager i need to average down this

Position it’s a super small position i need it i need to definitely um you know make that into a more significant position maybe a 40k to 50k type position this portfolio and so yeah guys i hope you enjoyed this as always that’s a look at the public account there uh you know i’m fully confident that that account will be a two three five million dollar account in

The coming years um we just got to kind of you know let some of this time play out essentially and let some of these companies uh you know let them let them play out let their business models play out and let everybody kind of see in wall street come to a lot of these stocks tattoos chef you know they got to execute on numbers over the next coming quarters uh of

Course they’re gaming their columns get really easy after 2q a company like honest i mean you know they’ve been doing amazing they just need to keep doing amazing and believe me wall street will find that stock and it will thrive in the end and especially once they hit profitability with a business model like that that’s what a lot of people are looking for and

The other companies the a lot of them just you know executing phenomenally it’s just uh you know mark has been heavily damaged i think about companies like revolve skyworks solutions tesla a lot of those companies just continue to put up great numbers so thanks so much for joining me as always make sure to subscribe the channel if you want to be it’s absolutely

Free to hit that subscribe button also get some free stocks from moomoo down there ping comment much love and have a great day

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