My 5 Biggest Financial Mistakes EVER!!!

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Good day subscribers thank you so much for joining me today i am jeremy this is the financial education channel and today we are talking about my biggest financial mistakes of my life the five biggest financial mistakes i’ve ever made in my life guys i’m going to share those with you today i love sheer i i mean questions that i love but i enjoy actually sharing some

My biggest financial mistakes with you guys because if you show me somebody that has never made a financial mistake in their life i’m going to show you someone that’s probably never done anything financially in their life it doesn’t matter who you’re talking about if you’re talking about business god like a steve jobs he’s made financial mistakes if you’re talking

About an investing god like warren buffett he’s made plenty of mistakes over time anybody who’s ever done anything truly in this world before starting businesses as far as making investments things like that they’ve always made some mistakes along the way they do have made that stock that was the wrong investment and it went down or whatever these are start that

Business and it failed neither were supposed to go this way with their business and they win a different way which was the wrong way is keep everybody that’s ever done anything this world as far as that good that goes guys they’ve all made mistakes including myself i’m 27 years old and i’ve made a lot of financial w’s in my life i’ve also taken a lot of financial

L’s in my life so i’m going to share with you guys the five biggest i’m also going to share with you a couple honorable mentions that almost made the list they just didn’t quite do it guys every single one of these financial mistakes by the way they are all a five-figure or six-figure financial mistakes so we’re not talking about small amounts of money here every

Single one of these is a lot of money up for stakes you guys so i hope you guys enjoy this today leave a thumbs up if you do leave me any comments if you enjoy this guy’s so let’s get into the song number five my least bad financial mistake ever this is really bad my least bad of the five is i sold facebook for $23 a share in 2012 for those of you guys who do not

Know facebook now about five years later is around roughly a hundred and forty dollars a share so what happened with facebook is s where they ipo that over the next six months facebook stock dropped by 50% it’s up to the $19 range i saw it in this range and i started buying a nut right at its lows which i think it actually bought him out at 18

Something i started buying right around $20 and i understood parts of facebook’s business model and why things would work i also didn’t fully understand i didn’t fully it wasn’t fully in my circle of competence at that time like it is now for instance so i held facebook for a little while went down a bit then i went up a bit and it went up to like 23 dollars a

Share and i sold out my i sold out 100% of my position the reason being is i just didn’t quite fully understand the business maybe i just didn’t work hard enough at really understanding the business maybe i just didn’t have the vision at that time but i sold out a facebook i made a very small profit and boy i wish i still had those shares guys i do not remember

I could always look back i do not remember how many shares i had facebook but it was a considerable amount and it’s a huge mistake obviously i mean 23 dollars a share versus 140 a few years later big spike actually to take their guys so that’s released the head of the five number four the fourth biggest financial mistake i ever made was i invested in a company

Named pandora around the same time like maybe 2011 2012 2013 pandora if you guys don’t know it the internet radio music station you know you can pull it up your ipad i got the app on my ipad i was to it almost every day or every other day whatever so pandora that was another trouble ipo socket i filled and then it went down 50 plus percent guys so i saw it around

An eight dollar range and i started buying in around $8 and then actually went up a little bit after i got my position i went up to like 9 950 the drop below 8 then it dropped to the 7 so then i was actually down in the position and i held this stock for 9 to 12 months i would say and there was so much negativity about it coming out and everybody saying you know

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Apple is going to wipe mountainous and now there’s just a lot of negativity in the shares would kind of trade up to 8 and then they treat seven finally i just got fed up with the stock after being in it for about nine to twelve months and i sold off i sold off for my original price $8.00 per sure didn’t lose any money didn’t make any money but at the same time the

Stock market was actually doing good during that time in a lot of other stocks i helped we’re doing good at that time so i actually could have made a lot of money if i had the money allocated somewhere else but that’s not the worst part one year and a half later eighteen months later pandora stock was 43 dollars per share a year and a half later $43 per share and

I sold out for $8 guys i sold out for $8 imagine if i just helped imagine if i could have sold out at $24 and still tripled up on money i could have sold out $32 into the quadruple i could have sold at $42 oh my gosh i could have sold out any other time than what i sold out would have been a great time at indore now by the way pandora’s for you guys i don’t know

It’s like about a 13 dollar stock currently by the way so it’s not like it’s still way up there something it jumped up over the next year and a half up to that price and then once they hit $43 to start climbing back down next thing you know was in the 20s and outs of a-teams again so but regardless i could have made a ridiculous profit if i just stuck with it if i

Just stuck with it and i didn’t and it was a huge i need from $8 to $43 in a year and a half and i missed out on that game oh yeah yeah so that’s the fourth biggest mistake i ever made financially the third biggest mistake i ever made financially this one is debatable in this one controversial but it’s gopro gopro now this doesn’t mean i’m not bullish in gopro and

I’m selling any share because i’m not i want to make that very clear but i must acknowledge that i’m in down huge on gopro position i’m down over 40% on my gopro share since i started buying in to go pro stock i invested a year too early i started buying stock really in 2016 around march 1st 2016 when i really started getting involved with it at that time gopro

Was about twelve thirteen dollars a share and now it’s seven something to share so i’m down public the percent-plus guys great as it as i’m doing this video if you’re watching the months in the future who knows why for the price in the future but regardless i bought into this one way too soon all right now i bought in and this is why investing in in life in general

Sometimes you need not necessarily to have good luck you need to just like avoid bad luck with gopro i saw a company that they had their new flagship care we’re coming out in a few months you know they had a drone coming out a lot of great things and then they botched the the camera launch they didn’t get nearly enough out so they couldn’t get the marketing units

Out they didn’t get the drone out in time and then they had a then they had to have a recall on the drone which killed the stock even further so a lot of it’s just some bad fortune but at the same time regardless i gotta acknowledge it a huge financial mistake i’m down i don’t know tens of thousands of dollars on my gopro options on gopro shared across the board

When you’re down 40% of my position and that’s your biggest position not a good thing so that’s my third biggest financial mistake i’ve ever made and even if it comes back even if it comes back safe set 16 dollars next year or 26 dollars next year or whatever we still got acknowledged that i got in it too soon like should waited till 2017 to start by name if it

Does come back so that’s my that’s my third biggest financial mistake my second biggest financial mistake ever was taking a year and a half off from work now this is a great thing for me because i really needed to recharge my batteries that’s just been going hard for so long and i wanted to enjoy my son’s first year life i had saved enough money but regardless

Of all that debt beauty and whatnot in it we’ve got to acknowledge the fact that i missed out a year and a half of i mean if i just continue working my job a quick trip like i was working i was making sixty seven thousand a year so we got acknowledged i could have made all that money for that time i could have been investing that money and maybe i wouldn’t have

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Got problems or some of the things i’m talking about and actually my biggest financial mistake we’re going to talk about in just a minute maybe i wouldn’t got caught up in some of those things so if i just kept working obviously is financially i would have been much much much better off now at the same time i didn’t have to maybe start you know i have the real

Estate marketing companies are do photography there they are videography advertising for you know realtors and all that kind of stuff say i didn’t start that they just started this channel back then today i started this channel back then 18 months extra of this channel out there 18 months of extra content in a matter of 14 months we’ve grown this channel from 0

Subscribers to 25,000 subscribers if i had an extra 18 months in this channel we’d probably be at 60,000 subscribers maybe 75,000 subscribers maybe a hundred thousand subscribers i can already make just a living off of just a channel and support my family and everything i don’t even have to have any other businesses i can just run this channel and make a living

Imagine how well-off i would be if i’ve done this 18 months previous and how many subscribers i would have now how many views we’d be getting in things like that guys instead of right now you know a video within the first 24 hours will get like maybe 2,000 views right right now where they would probably get 8000 10,000 views in the first 24 hours the good videos

I do like the 3 stock from buying the ones that are super popular those ones do like 20,000 views within the first month already now i mean if i started this 18 months sooner who knows those videos might be at 80,000 views they might be at a hundred thousand views the first month guys getting ridiculous amounts of views so taking a year and a half off it was

A great thing for me to really need to recharge my batteries but at the same time it was not good financially and it led to my number one biggest financial mistake ever in my life which was short-term trading on heavy margin i left my company i had no income zero income i only had my investing account and i thought i could making a living just off of investing

Well i begin to get paranoid that maybe i couldn’t do it i began to get paranoid and so what i started do is i started like scrambling around like i need more money to invest so i think and make sure i can get these gains and things like that and i don’t ever have to work again so i began to then leverage i began to open a margin account and start investing heavy

In margin and then i began to change my entire building investing philosophy instead of thinking longer-term out like thinking years out i would start investing in companies quarter by quarter and on the quarterly reports are coming out o their quarterly reports coming out tomorrow they’re going to beat numbers because i have a pretty good insight specially in

Certain industries if a company’s got beat numbers or missed numbers and i would invest mass amounts of money we’re talking one hundred two hundred thousand dollars in an earnings call and then guess what sometimes i most the time i was right about those calls and sometimes the stocks went down and i would lose $20,000 $30,000 in a day in a day guy iii by far the

Biggest investing mistake i’ve ever made in my life i lost way more money than i made when i was short-term training and i slowly realized i’m not a short-term trader it’s not my personality it’s not what i’m good at i need to focus on what has actually made me money over time which is longer term investing in modern long term investing thinking i lose the year

Out if not thinking more towards three years out plus guys that’s what i do that’s what i do best so that is by far my biggest financial mistake trading on margin doing short term trading oh my gosh i yeah and then i paid thousands and thousands of dollars in interest so not only was i losing more money than i was getting but then i was paying thousands of dollars

In interest to my company that you know was basically loading out the margin money so ugly guys it’s ugly so couple honorable mentions i didn’t didn’t quite make the list but a couple of the financial mistakes i made in my time not buying a house i haven’t bought a house yet i will be writing a house this upcoming year but i have not bought a house yet to this time

I paid over $50,000 in rent in the last five years guys over $50,000 that $50,000 could have gone to a house would have gone to a nice down payment could have gone toward a mortgage something i actually have equity in rather than just rent which is money i’ll never see that money just disappear that money’s just gone it’s over fifty thousand dollars i paid in rent

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The last five years that i’ll never see dime up i’ll never see diamond i have no equity in that that money is just it’s just gone guys it’s gone it’s never coming back so not buying a house financial mistake the other honorable mention i had was only having one income source up until 2016 up until four sixteen and all my years well obviously i took a year and half

Off but even prior to that only had one income source it was my job i think when you only have one income source i think it’s a mistake dies because you have nothing to fall back on what if the economy goes sour and you lose your job what if that happens what if you know suddenly you’re your pays decrease at your job what if you could be making a lot more money if

You start a little side business plus having your your normal job so only having one income source big mistake guys i now have i think three or four income sources i have my business right photo and video video business i have a consulting business that is slowly starting up that i’m probably going to actually really go hard on coming this summer i get money from

That i get money from google from the ads that are shown on this actual channel i get money from amazon for the amazon links that are in this channel and then we have the book coming out soon i’m going to have you know i don’t know what that books going to do great and i’m making you know ridiculous amounts of money on that and you know thousands of you guys

Are buying that or i don’t know maybe a hundred you guys are buying that who knows but that will certainly be some kind of income i don’t know how it could be tens of thousands dollars a year could be a thousand dollars a year i have no clue but regardless somebody will buy it and people will buy it and and and i’ll get some income from that so all these think

I’m going to have five income sources five income sources money coming from a lot of different direction so if one thing slows down let’s say my photo and video business slows down then i have this channel i have the money i make from the channel i have book sales things like that if let’s say this channel has a bad month and the views are down which has never

Happened ever in the channels history and probably never will happen well eventually the law or law of large numbers will catch up to the channel and will have a bad month but let’s say it did happen a bad month happens right well i have my photo video business over here that i could spend more time allocating and talking to customers and doing plans that i haven’t

Even done with them yet so i have a lot of different a lot of different income coming from a lot of different ways guys and i think in your life even if you have a good job think about hmm how could i get another income stream what could i do could i be a reseller on ebay or something like can i be a creator can i do something on social media maybe you’re a very

Inspirational person maybe you do something on social media what can you do that you can get a second income stream even if you have a good job and then if you don’t have a good job and you’re not making a lot of money then you sure shouldn’t need to start making money so another way you need to start getting more income at the bottom line guys so who’s the other

Financial mistake i hope i share that with you guys ensure that that gives you this video right here gives you an extremely in-depth look at my financial life am i all the mistakes i made i actually i gave you a lot of my current financial situation how you know i have an income coming from a lot of different places and things like that but i hope you guys enjoyed

This today i enjoy sharing it i literally do i really enjoy sharing the fact of financial mistakes if you’re just paying attention only to someone that’s maybe just talking about good things they’ve done be suspicious for that person there’s a liar or they haven’t done in this world yet bottom line guys have a good day you

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