My 65,000 Stock Market Account Fully Disclosed

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Well good day subscribers hope you guys are having a great day out there as always today i’m gonna fully disclose a stock market account ahem that has two hundred and sixty-five thousand dollars in it i’m gonna show you what stocks i own i’m gonna show you the cost basis i’m going to show you how many shares i have i’m gonna show you everything across the board okay

As of right now i got the account all read it out but during the course this video i will fully disclose every single position in that account guys hope you enjoy this hope you get a lot of value out of it i think it’s important to kind of see like how i run an account just like like what type of money i have in different stocks am i diversified we’re gonna kind

Of answer all those questions in today’s video and it’s been a little while since i did one of these videos so i thought i would go ahead and do it now this particular account is available in my private stock market membership group where i fully disclose every single move i make in this account whether i place a buy order sell order i literally post that same day

Usually within a few hours screenshots and everything hey guys i sold out of this stock or i sold some shares here i went ahead and deposit some money i went ahead and bought this stock everything’s fully disclosed screenshots and everything and they’re kind of like three different reasons why i went ahead in like mike made this account in my private stock market

Membership group three main reasons one is it’s like full disclosure we’re like when i say things like you should average down on positions when you own a great stock or something like that right it’s kind of important like if i’m in that position that i go ahead and do it and it’s kind of important for the group members to see like does he really do what he says

Is he actually diversified or is he got all his money in a couple stocks or something like that so i think it’s important just to kind of like see that i’m actually like practicing what i preach and i don’t honestly think there’s anybody in the world that’s doing the type of things i’m doing in that private group where i’m literally fully disclosing every single

Move i make with screenshots like i don’t really know if anybody else that does that type of that type of disclosure like it’s pretty crazy okay the second reason i do that is i think it’s important just to like see like how i run an account how i build up an account there’s a count we’ve had for maybe about a year and a half now roughly and i think it’s important

For everybody to see okay you deposit this much money oh he goes ahead and puts that money toward this position why not in this position people can ask me questions in this court i think it’s important just kind of see that and the third reason is and this is kind of a hidden reason i’ve never actually disclosed this ever but just in case just in case down the

Road five years from now ten years from now i ever want to start a hedge fund or start a big investment fund of some kind i will have a track record in that account that is pretty much unparalleled versus anybody else because literally imagine five years from now or 10 years from now every single move i ever made is fully disclosed in there with screenshots and

I don’t think there’s another investment fund in the world that they can literally show you every single move they’ve ever made in that account you could say hey how did you handle the market in 2021 when it got crazy during that time period i don’t think there’s really any fund in the world that will literally break it down and you’ll be able to like literally

See for yourself every single move that was ever made in the course of like years and years so just in case i ever want to go that route of actually investing other people’s money i actually want to get my licenses to do all those sorts of things like just in case i want to go that route it’s available for me it’s it’s long-term thinking not a lot of people think

About it so anyways i hope you enjoy make sure you smash that thumbs up button let’s start getting into this okay first position up here is ali baba ali baba is obviously a chinese e-commerce giant i mean they have other businesses outside of the e-commerce but you know their mo never known for e-commerce at the end of the day this stocks are about 167 bucks right

Now we’re up about $1,200 on this position as of right now we’re up about 5.5 percent value on this one is twenty three thousand four hundred and forty dollars we own one hundred and forty shares and our cost basis on this one is a hundred and fifty eight dollars in a 66 cents one of the few like like chinese related stocks i feel comfortable having a considerable

Amount of money in okay i like alibaba i just loved that business model regardless of what happens in the trade war and tariffs and blah blah blah alibaba is a company that will just thrive another future i think they’ll be one of the biggest tech companies in the world i mean they already are one of the biggest tech companies in the world but they’re not really

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Like respected like a google or an apple or a microsoft or amazon or something like that yeah i think over the course of next three to five years i think they’ll be respected with those same type of companies and i think eventually the valuation will get to where some of those companies are at right now they’re kind of disrespected cuz that chinese company okay

So that’s the first one up there second position up is cirrus logic which is an audio chip supplier apple’s one of their biggest customers and then i’m fortunate hawawa was one of their up-and-coming customers but obviously with the huawei situation that’s hurt their business in the short term and on this one we’re up about one thousand five hundred and sixty

Six dollars on just over four percent gainer there were cirrus logic current value on this one is $37,000 $37,000 we own a little under a thousand shares 915 shares and cost basis on this one is $39 and sixty cents i kind of always wanted to get cost basis on that one under $40 and we were able to achieve it and then i just kind of like felt like comfortable at

That point in time kind of in my cirrus logic position okay this next one this next one oh gosh i love this stock i absolutely love this next stock okay it is elf beauty beauty’s up to thirteen dollars and fifteen cents a share now we are up just under sixteen thousand dollars on this position you’re up sixty seven point nine one percent on this position keep in

Mind this is a position we’ve only had for maybe i don’t know four months or five months it’s been a pretty short amount of time not like we’ve been holding the stock for years and years waiting for gains like these gains have come pretty quick current value on this one it’s thirty nine thousand four hundred fifty dollars we all three thousand shares as of right

Now in our cost basis is seven dollars and eighty three cents and that one is absolutely smashing and the best thing maybe about elf is we’ve already taken some profits on this stock okay we sold out a four hundred and seventy five shares a little while back and booked over a thousand dollar profit on this one so i’m you know it’s still up huge we already booked a

Thousand dollars profit and you know at some point in time i’ll have to start thinking maybe i’ll sell it as of right now i still feel comfortable holding it but my goodness guys with those type of games it does make me start to think maybe it might be time to start thinking at least about partially selling out of this position and a little more maybe a thousand

Shares booking some more profits and then just playing with that kind of house money at that point in time guys so we’ll have to see what happens there all right next one up here is the biggest position in the account which is ticker symbol fb facebook okay this one’s about 191 dollars a share as of right now we’re up over $14,000 on this position we’re up just

About almost 25 percent on the position as of right now value on those positions over 71,000 dollars we have 371 shares in it and our cost basis on this one is a hundred and fifty three dollars and a thirty five cents you know i started getting in the stock when there was all the negativity around facebook and there was just like oh my gosh like so much negativity

Around facebook some of that negativity they absolutely deserved and some was just overblown in the media and neither to say it was just kind of like a pile on on facebook stock i saw a big opportunity there and being able to like build my biggest position as a company that i felt had very little downside but actually big upside over future years and i think you

Know as far as that position i have no plans to sell that anytime soon like i could see myself holding that position regardless of how much it goes up i can see myself holding that for years and years to come in the future guys so absolutely love that one limited downside huge upside potential still in facebook stock all right next one up here is a company with

Ticker symbol is one of my favorite ticker symbols out there okay that’s an awesome one all right national beverage company this one’s just under 44 dollars a share and we’re up about police six nine percent so pretty much break even on the stock this is one of our newest positions we’ve added with meaning like we bought this within the past month and our current

Value on this one six thousand eight hundred and ten dollars we own one hundred and fifty five shares in this stock their cost basis on this one is forty three dollars and sixty four cents now i could definitely see that one being a potential big position you know something we have 20,000 30,000 40,000 dollars in down the road we’ll have to see what happens with

The stock price if the stock price went lower than absolutely we could get that position built up but if the stock price went up a ton here in the short term then we might not get the position built so we’ll just have to kind of you know see what happens with that one okay next stock up here is at home group okay ticker symbol home which they are a retailer it’s

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A lot of different furniture products like pretty much anything you can imagine like if home related decorations things like that that’s what this company sells the current price on this stock is seven dollars and fifty two cents we’re down about three percent on the position once again it’s one of those newest positions we’ve added it within the past month i would

Like to ultimately add this one to maybe like i can’t build this one into a huge position but i can definitely add it to like a five-figure position current value on this one six thousand six hundred dollars we own eight hundred ninety shares as of right now and cost basis on this one is seven dollars and seventy six cents once again that’s a name that i really

Liked don’t like their balance sheet that much which is why i can’t make that into a really massive position but you know a fifteen thousand dollar position of twenty thousand dollar position i would definitely feel comfortable having that type of position in that stock okay if it had a better balance sheet i could make that one into a massive position i believe

Belong that business model long term okay next one up here is nvidia corporation video stock price right now is just under one hundred and fifty-two dollars a share grew up to point six five percent on this position has such a small position it doesn’t add up to much sixty two dollars in gains value of this one’s two thousand four hundred and thirty one dollars

Is the smallest position i believe we have in the account in total we have sixteen shares in the stock in a cost basis on this one of a hundred and forty eight dollars and four cents on that one in video i’m kind of like still on the fence on if i want to build that into a big position or you know if maybe i just want to sell out and put that money somewhere else

I’m still on the fence on that one so i’ll have to see over the coming months kind of kind of where i go with that position okay next won’t up here very big position i think this is a second biggest position in this account in that is sky work solutions okay they make a ton of connectivity chips that go in smartphones and a ton of different devices out there they

Got a huge potential to be a big player in 5g take your symbol on this one is s wks the stock is about seventy-five dollars a share as of right now we’re down about one point one percent of this position down just over are just under five hundred dollars on this position we have about forty three thousand five hundred dollars in the stock we all about five hundred

And eighty shares cost based on this one seventy five dollars in eighty eight cents skyworks is another one of those stocks has been caught up into all the negativity around tariffs and in the hallway situation they got about i think it was around 13% of their business their revenues and whatnot came from hawawa so that was kind of a big deal when huawei basically

Overnight became a non-existing customer when it was a customer that got about you know were essentially you know skyworks got about 13 percent of their revenues from huawei so it’s kind of big deal but over time like like as far as my investment thesis in that stock it’s mainly for the 5g potential in front of that stock you kind of like multi your growth they

Can have going forward so it wasn’t because it’s like always a customer there’s and we’ll have to see what happens with hawaa way long-term but the other thing is about the huawei situation that i try to explain to people is now that who always bend and all those sorts of things okay if somebody’s gonna go buy a new smartphone they’re probably just buy a samsung

Or they’re buy some other type of android product and skywalk solutions probably is in those devices well you look at the tear downs the most popular devices out there skyworks solutions usually is a big chip supplier tip almost every single device out there guys when it comes to smart phones so we’ll have to see what happens with that one long-term i love that

Stock i bought a heavy over the past i don’t know six to nine months i might add more shares in the future but i would have to go you know quite a bit lower from here at least you know 5% lower so okay next one up here you guys love this one and that is good old tesla corporation okay ticker symbol t s l a we’re down in this position just about three percent about

Eight hundred and sixty three dollars we’re down in this position our current value on this one’s twenty-nine thousand four hundred and seventy two dollars we have a hundred and thirty three shares of tesla right now in this particular account i would feel comfortable getting it up to about a hundred and fifty shares in this particular account we have cost basis of

Two twenty eight and nine cents on this stock as of right now you know tesla you know we’re gonna have to see what happens we’ve got a huge next few years in front of that company i mean with obviously the shanghai gigafactory opening in a few months then you have model why ramping next year then you have probably the truck ramping the following year like there’s

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Gonna be a little there’s gonna there’s a lot going on at that company over the next few years i think we’re gonna do great in that position we’ll have to see but i feel very comfortable having that position i feel very comfortable adding a few more shares in this particular account okay and the last position in this account and then we’ll talk about how much we’re

Up or down in the account in total and we’ll talk about a little bit about diversity of the account and that is when resorts otherwise known as winning resorts ticker symbol wy n n this talks about 121 dollars a share as of right now we’re up about 5.6 percent on the position about two hundred and seventy eight dollars current value on this one is five thousand two

Hundred and thirty one dollars we have forty-three shares of the stock in our cost basis and this one’s about a hundred and fifteen dollars in nineteen cents that’s another stock i would love to build into a bigger position i would like to make it into a five figure plus position but really i want the stock to go lower it’s already up five and a half percent we

Just started buying that one very recently so i would love that stock to kind of go lower in the short term hopefully some bad like mikkel numbers come out it sends a stock lower and we can build that into like i would like to build it into a twenty or thirty thousand dollar position in this particular account okay now in terms of the accountant total it’s a really

Rough day for us we’re down 105 dollars oh my goodness guys i might be in ramen noodles this weekend okay as far as the total gain loss on this account we’re up about thirty-one thousand seven hundred and seven dollars about thirteen and a half percent on these positions we hold right now and once again we got a little over two hundred you know pretty close to two

Hundred sixty six thousand dollars in this account in total no in terms of diversity of the account if we look at this account one of the things i love most about it is i feel very very diversified in this account okay so we obviously have a tech giant out of china okay we say e-commerce player whatever you want to call it their cloud business is gonna be huge in

Future years that’s a position of ours we obviously have an audio chip supplier and cirrus logic we have elf beauty which is a cosmetics company we have facebook that let’s just call it a tech tech giant i hate when you know people just call facebook or social media company like really they’re a tech giant at the end of the day they should be respect to the same as

Like a google or an apple or an amazon or something like that okay this is obviously a drink maker then we have at home which is a retailer we have nvidia which is a gpu company we have skyward solution which is really a play on 5g and that’s my only direct play on 5g i hold right now then we have tesla which is obviously a play on electric cars and you can say

Maybe even more than that but obviously the focus right now for tesla is electric cars it’s just a company with huge opportunities in front of itself over the next three five seven years and then we own twin resorts which is a casino so if we kind of look at that account in general i would i would say it’s a very diversified account a lot of different companies

Will from a lot of different industries and that’s kind of where i want an account like that that is that size when you know when we’re talking about these bigger amounts of money you know account like that 265 thousand dollars i want you know to be in at least like eight to ten stocks and have my money diversified around a lot of different stocks because there’s

Always gonna be at least one or two stocks in the short term that’s kind of dipping and i can go ahead and maybe you know sell some profits and some of the other stocks go and reinvest that money in some of those other stocks and things like that and it just makes me kind of sleep well at night when you kind of have a diversified account like that guys so anyways

I hope you enjoyed today’s video the becoming master of stock market course is still on sale it’s the month of june if you’re watching this is still on sales link down there in the description in july that’s going to go off sale so if it does of course you’re interested in knowing exactly what i look for when picking stocks definitely go ahead and check out that

If you want to join my private stock market membership group that should be linked in the description as well right thank you for watching you have a great day

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