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How’s it going today guys welcome back to the channel hope you’re having a great day so far so in this video today we’re gonna be taking a look at my personal stock market investment portfolio exactly what stocks i own how many shares of each of these stocks that i own and basically you know what my cost basis are on these shares as well and i wanted to real quick

Give a shout out here to financial education he recently did a video as well where he basically went through his entire stock market portfolio and his returns are looking a lot better than mine right now too so props to that as well but i thought it was great to see that level of transparency here and i think it’s great for people who are you know doing these kinds

Of videos on youtube talking about investing of any kind to actually share their real results you know opening up their brokerage account and i will say that in the past i have been hesitant to share my own personal trading account just because you know sometimes you make good moves in the stock market sometimes you make terrible moves when it comes to investing

And even if you study people like warren buffett arguably you know the greatest investor of our time if you read his biography there the snowball you read about a lot of different investments that went very wrong for him over his career of investing and so having this goal of every single one of your investments being perfect is just not a good goal and it’s not

A realistic goal either and so that is my goal with this video is to be transparent talk about the stocks that i own why i own them and basically show you what my portfolio looks like now i also want to preface this by saying you know i would not recommend replicating my portfolio or just going oh ryan or you know jeremy or some other financial channel owns that

Stock i’m gonna buy that stock you should always do your own research and as you’re going to see with my portfolio here this there i am not a perfect investor by any means and there are some stocks in my portfolio that are down one especially that’s down quite a bit and so always do your own research when it comes to investing but merely you know i’m showing you

Guys my portfolio more or less as a curiosity topic a lot of people are curious you know what stocks i own what my positions look like and my cost basis on those shares now before i get into showing you guys my portfolio i just wanted to mention if you are interested in picking up a completely free stock we bull is currently doing a promotion where if you open

An account with them you don’t even have to fund the account they’re going to give you a completely free stock just for opening that account and they’re going ahead and doing a promotion here for my channel only if you guys open and fund an account with weeble in the month of february you’re going to be in the running for a $500 amazon gift card and this is only

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Offers more technical indicators and it’s more for active traders than it is long term investors i’m a long-term investor so i don’t use that platform but if you do rely on technical analysis it might be a platform that is interesting to you and if you want to pick up that free stock and get yourself in the running for that 500 dollar amazon gift card that link is

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In the description it’s an affiliate link you guys do have to use that link if you want to get the free stock and be entered in the giveaway but you certainly don’t have to you know use that link and support me if you don’t want to it’s just an option available if you are interested okay so let’s go ahead and take a look at my portfolio now starting off with what

Is the dollar value of my portfolio as of today’s close it is thirty six thousand nine hundred twenty three dollars and sixty seven cents over all across my portfolio i am down ten point four two percent and then we’ll get into my largest holding right now which is general electric i own 1045 shares and my cost basis on those shares is around fourteen twenty per

Share as i’m sure a lot of you guys know i started buying ge in 2017 late 2017 started buying it close to $20 a share which was way way way too early to be getting into general electric stock so i was one of those people that caught the falling knife and got burned by general electric in the shore term 2017 and you know well i guess mostly 2018 was not such a fun

Year here for general electric investors but right now i am very confident in the long term picture here with ge i was able to average down with general electric and buy some more shares lower than my cost basis and i have no doubts that i will be able to at least sell ge at a break even if i want to in the near future here but i do intend on holding the stock

Here for the next two to three years and i would like to double my money with general electric a lot of you guys are gonna say i’m out of my mind for saying that but that is my goal here is to sell general electric down the road for $30 per share now do remember you know they are spinning off the healthcare business and selling assets here and there so it may

Not be just one stock it may be multiple different stocks here that i end up selling off down the road but that is my plan here is to you know be able to sell all of those shares at a combined value of about double what i had invested in this stock whether that happens in the next two years or five years that is my goal with general electric number two the second

Stock here is actually the only stock i’m currently up in right now that is alibaba so i have 36 shares of alibaba stock and everybody always makes fun of the way i say that too i’m sorry if it’s if you’re getting triggered by that but anyways i have 36 shares at 158 89 per share currently up 6.6 1% and this is a stock that i’ve bought shares all the way across

The board i’ve bought them as low as 130 997 and as high as in the 180s in the 190s but because i’ve been buying their stock regularly over you know probably the last year or so i’ve been able to average down and be in at a cost basis that is under the current market value and i believe these chinese stocks in particular are very undervalued right now because of

All this uncertainty going on with the trade war and once we do get some clear narrative on that i expect to see you know alibaba stock going into a nice uptrend just because this company is really killing it and they are still seeing very strong growth for a company of that size number three here we have jd comm that is like the chinese amazon stock i own 105

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Shares at a cost basis of 2584 per share so i’m currently down about four point seven nine percent this is another stock i started buying relatively early i believe the first time i bought this was when it was $32 per share it has gone as low as 19 a share and i bought more shares i believe around the twenty one dollar range and so because i bought shares up high

And then i bought them low now we’re sitting here about in the middle here and so being down about 4.8% nothing that i’m concerned about at all the next stock we have is my former employer national grid this is a utility stock that a lot of people don’t really talk about these utility stocks but they are relatively boring and consistent investments the only reason

Why i believe i’m down in the stock right now is because there was some restructuring of how these power utilities are going to be making money over in the united kingdom and because they do the majority of their business in the uk there was a dip in the share price as a result because they are not going to be allowed to be making as much money this is a regulated

Utility and so as a result they are told how much money they can make and what kind of profit they can recognize on investments into their infrastructure so my cost basis on those national grid shares is 5660 per share and it’s important to remember here as well that national grid is a dividend payer i’ve been earning dividends for the past three years so even though

I may not be up in terms of the cost basis i have been earning those dividends and getting paid you know in two different ways the next stock here we have apple i own 18 shares it’s a relatively small position total market value of around $3,000 and my cost basis on those apple shares is 173 85 like i said down 2% we could literally have a good day tomorrow with

Apple and i could be in the green and so i’m not concerned with my cost basis on those shares at all and then the final investment here as well another smaller investment is facebook stock i own 17 shares of facebook and my cost basis on those shares is 164 oh seven so i’m currently down 4.25 percent with facebook so overall looking at my portfolio here i mean if

You’re really trying to buy stocks at the perfect time it’s gonna be near impossible and i’m very comfortable with the cost basis on all these shares except for general electric that has been a big learning experience here for myself but all the other investments that i have here in these individual stocks i’m very confident with and i’m very happy with the cost

Basis at which you know i have these shares and it will be very interesting to see how 2019 plays out with these companies especially talking about the trade war narrative and what’s going on there and you know a couple of good days in the market and i could be in the green easily with this portfolio and we have been seeing some relatively strong performance here

With general electric i just did a 20-minute analysis video on that if you guys want to check that out i will have a card pop up on the screen where you guys can watch that video if you want to learn more about general electric and then beyond the individual stocks that i own i am investing in three different etfs now i will say this in previous videos i said that

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I had 50% of my money in etfs 50% in individual stocks and it’s important to remember here that i consolidated a couple of different portfolios into this account here i used to have a robin hood account and a td ameritrade account and after i had all these different accounts i said for tax reasons and just for sanity i wanted everything in one place so i moved the

National grid shares and the general electric shares into this account which has now made it to the point where you know i have just about 90 percent of my money in individual stocks and 10% in etfs so if i’m going to be investing more money into the market this year i’m going to be putting a lot into etfs dollar cost averaging might buy a little bit of facebook

And apple just because those are the two smallest positions in my portfolio but right now i’m pretty heavily invested in individual stocks more so than i originally thought so i definitely want to load up more on these passive etfs just because i like the passive nature of etfs and you know they’re they’re just very boring and consistent investments here owning

The market you’re capturing the growth of the market over time so the three funds that i own are be became i’m about breakeven they’re up 0.82% vivi 0.23% up so again just about break-even the only one i’m down on here is vx us which is the international fund that’s probably largely due to the bear market going on in china down 8.2% but overall across my etfs

Down 1.7 8% but anyways guys that is my portfolio here these are the stocks and the funds that i own that is the cost basis at which i own these shares and i think that’s about as transparent as you can get here if i make any changes to my portfolio i will definitely do update videos for you guys and let you know whether i’m buying or selling and i may do a you

Know an update video like this every six months or so if you guys enjoyed this as far as you know my portfolio and a lot of people are wondering to you know do i have other investments outside of this i do have some money with you know fund rise and some other non stock market investments but the majority of what i’m doing right now is investing heavily into my own

Business investing in people and resources and that is a lot of money that’s going into my business that’s where i’m seeing the greatest return right now and i’m also you know keeping a lot of money in cash because i’m planning on having or completing a real estate purchase in 2019 so a lot of my money is just sitting in liquid cash so it’s not in the stock market

And i don’t plan on putting a ton of money into the market i would anticipate maybe growing this portfolio to 50 thousand by the end of 2019 and that’s probably you know about what i will do here in terms of adding more money into this account and capturing some you know gains here with some of these stocks but anyways guys that wraps up this video thanks so much

For watching like i said if you want to grab that free stock and potentially enter yourself into that $500 amazon gift card giveaway that we bowl is offering that is the top link in the description below if not thank you guys so much for watching have a great rest of your day and i will see you in the next video

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