My 7 Stocks Earnings Recap

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Holy smokies guys it has been an absolutely crazy earning season the earning season now has officially wrapped up for myself and my wife we had seven core positions going into this earnings period so seven core positions meaning you know seven big possessions we’re substantial amounts of money we’re in these stocks so what i want to do is i want to go over all seven

Of those stocks in kind of the numbers those companies reported the revenue the eps and whatnot and kind of show you guys you know the the differences in some companies some companies report phenomenal earnings in their stock didn’t move some reported bad earnings and their stock went up or you know broke even or something and it’s just like crazy crazy earnings

Period let me know in that comment section if you guys had any crazy earnings trades i would love to hear from you guys so the first position the first one that kind of kicked off the earnings for us was goldman sachs so goldman sachs one of our core positions this one blew numbers out of the water it was unbelievable revenue came in at ten billion dollars versus

Expectations of eight point seven billion dollars guys i read ikkyu lessly massive peak there on revenues earnings per share came in as $6.95 versus five dollars and 58 cents unbelievable earnings beats out of goldman sachs this was just kick it all off and this was like a really good feeling seeing those earnings and you know that’s type of stock that you know when

They report numbers like that numbers that just kill and you know you expect that stock to maybe go up 10 15 maybe even 20 percent the next day and what goldman sachs do it went down 2% the next day not only did it not go up the next day went down 2% after reporting like the most amazing numbers you could possibly you know ever report as an investment bank and that

Was kind of a worrisome you know a little a moment in my time because i’m like as the first company is reporting here they report these killer numbers and the stock can’t go up what’s gonna happen if one of my companies reports bad numbers or just okay numbers what’s gonna happen to the stock at that point guys crazy crazy so the next one up was apple maíam i don’t

Have any apple shares in my specific portfolio but my wife’s portfolio is loaded up on apple shares by far biggest position by far in a way so apple did earnings per share of two dollars and 73 cents forces to 67 was expected so nice little they’re bevin who came in at 61 point 1 billion versus sixty point eight billion louisville the slight beat their own revenue

Iphone units missed slightly fifty point their fifty two point two million came in at versus 52 point 5 was expected fisk oq3 titans came in 51 point five billion to fifty three point five billion 51 point six billion was expected so they did very well there that was a you know a better guidance expected than what wall street was expected netting him came in at

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Almost 14 billion dollars up from a little over eleven billion dollars the previous year guys a massive jump in net income there and apple stock did end up moving up and continue to move up after those earnings were reported basically everybody got way too downbeat on apple thinking it was like the end of the world or something really they like apple you know they

Ended up beating all the numbers and their guidance is pretty strong and so the whole end-of-the-world theory for apple has just proven wrong once again there that always happens like every year too you know these theories come out that apple sales could go down or something like that and they’re always always proved wrong guys and it’s happened once again so that

Was good one now cirrus logic okay cirrus objects the only stock i hold in have been holding you know going into this earnings period where i felt like their earrings were straight garbage okay q4 revenue came in at 303 million that was versus 318 was expected so big myths their q4 gap earnings came in nineteen cents wall street was expecting way more than that

It saw q1 revenue to expected to be between two hundred and ten million and two hundred and fifty million that would be down quite a bit year-over-year guys the cirrus logic just reported garbage numbers okay just straight garbage like it was horrible numbers like missus across the board and i thought you know cirrus logic you’re gonna be down massively the next

Day and what ends up happening is cirrus logic it goes up the next day okay after hours it was down massively like i think it was down 10 percent after hours of 12 percent of something like that next day it ends up going up and so it bottoms out after hours that day i think at $33 and some change and now here we are today about a you know less than a month later

And if it’s i think 38 or 39 dollars so amazing that ended up bouncing back like that but cirrus logic you know obviously with all my stocks i’m in them for several years out like i buy these stocks i’m playing hold them for years cirrus logic the long term plane is still you know in tact and everything’s going good there it’s just a short-term the numbers were

Just awful guys awful but the stock goes up i think that was just karma kind of coming back around because you know goldman sachs s talks should open up huge the next day and it goes down so the cirrus logic reports bad numbers that stock goes up who knows guys that’s crazy wall street for you ebay was the next big position that reported so ebay they reported numbers

Uh basically revenue numbers of two point five eight billion they barely missed what the wall street was expecting they’re expecting around two point five nine billion revenue did rise twelve percent year-over-year okay has a very nice rise there for ebay it reported diluted earnings per share of fifty-three cents per share matching consensus estimates ebay said


It expects second quarter revenue to range between two point six four billion and two point six eight billion the midpoint in two point six six was slightly below what wall street was expecting around two point six eight billion guys ebay solid numbers there okay solid numbers i think the stock ended up going down the next day and that was kind of disappointing

Because it’s like the you know they got good growth with that company fairly low p/e and whatnot but you know it is what it is shares a callaway uh this one just reported unbelievable numbers and the stock was actually rewarded for them fell away the maker of golf clubs and other golf related products reported first quarter profit and sales well above wall street

Expectations callaway said earnest sixty three million dollars or sixty five cents a share in the quarter compared to twenty six million or twenty seven cents a share in the year ago period sales rose thirty one to percent to four hundred and three million compared to three hundred nine million a year ago you know as pulled by fact-check had expected 51 cents a share

On sales are three three seventy two so basically big beats there the company also raised this 2018 guidance saying expects 2018 net sales of 1.17 billion to one point one nine billion compared with a previous guidance of one point one two to one point one for its eps expectations increase to between seventy seven cents and 82 cents for the year compared with the

Previous eps expectations of sixty four cents to seventy cents there guys phenomenal numbers out of callaway i’m killing on that position i think we’re up somewhere around twenty five percent in total on by different accounts on callaway’s so things are just going they’re companies reporting great numbers just a beef stock right now let’s just put that way on the

Flip side the bad one was toll brothers okay toll brothers it wasn’t a big miss by them but my goodness gracious did that stock get hammered that next day okay toll brothers profit misses estimates due to higher cost nitin compelled at 111 million or seventy two cents per share in the quarter ended april thirtieth from 124 million at 73 cents a year earlier while

The company recorded inventory charge a thirteen point eight million which her earnings obviously revenue rose to one point five nine billion from one point three six billion a year ago analysts had expected seventy six cents a profit and about one point five eight billion so i barely beat on revenue they missed by about four cents there on eps and as that company

Is probably gonna do somewhere around you know four dollars maybe even four dollars and fifty cents somewhere around there eps this year right you know at least expect to do that and they slightly be meal miss by four cents it’s like such a small miss guys but the stock got hammers down like nine or ten percent the next day it has bounced back the last few days

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But i will see where that one goes over time i’m obviously in that one for a long-term period elbrun so l brands was super interesting here okay l brains looked like it was all bad okay it would look like it was all bad so elbrun stock plunged more than six percent after the bell this was yesterday the parent company of brands like victoria’s secret in bath and

Body works reported first quarter fiscal results that beat analysts expectations on top and bottom line but weak in second quarter guidance l brands issued guidance for the second quarter of earnings per share between 30 cents and 35 cents wall street was expecting 41 cents and after hours you know stock was down six seven percent and then i wake up today and l

Brands was actually not only not was it was it not down but it was actually up okay l brands was up two to three percent i’ve seen it up as much was four percent today at one point and so unbelievable there i usually say with cirrus logic and l brands like i guess i kind of got lucky because those ones you know obviously you know miss numbers and then their stock

Still went up the next day so i’m kind of thankful there but goldman sachs that the flipside was you know one that reported these unreal numbers and the stock went down 2% the next day it just depends on situations one of the great things about value investing investing in lower p/e companies is there’s only so much room for the downside right when i start buying

These stocks like elle brands i’ve added shares like crazy over the past month or two right it’s such a low p/e company that in order to really get that stock to move down again in a big way their numbers would have to be like disasters mode okay same thing with cirrus logic guys cirrus logic has a lot of things going for it for the long term but right now it’s

Got all the short-term stuff going on but at the same time cirrus logic is at a four p of somewhere around 10-ish okay so when you buy these stocks that have really low 40s but they still have you know good potential future long-term growth it’s hard to push them down even further so that’s why i like jumping in some of these ones are they a little bit dangerous in

The short term and that they could go down more yes but they’re there there i guess you could say floor is much limited from let’s say a high p/e company their trades out a really high valuation and also in the growth slows or something sometimes those stocks can get just absolutely destroyed in a very short amount of time so but anyways that that was what happened

Over the earnings period let me know how things went for you guys i would love to hear from you as always anyways thank you for watching guys and have a great day

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