My Biggest Investing Mistakes Revealed!

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Good day subscribers thank you so much for joining me today i am jeremy this is a financial education channel in today we are talking about investment mistakes i have made i have made many mistakes over time investing i know it seems glamorous sometimes the stock market lifestyle investing these stocks and they just go up and you make money and everything’s great

But sometimes mistakes are made when i first got started in the stock market i thought it would be easy to never make a mistake i thought you know everything is just gonna be good i’m just gonna make money bla bla bla sometimes you really screw up and today i’m gonna talk to you about my three biggest screw-ups i’ve ever made in they’re all huge huge huge huge

Screw-ups so they’re not like old it’s a little mistake you know they’re big mistakes in something you got to understand as an investor there’s many different types of mistakes you can make a lot of people think oh the only type of mistake you can make in the stock market is just if you invest in something and it goes down and you sell it for loss no that’s one

Way of making a mistake but you can also invest in a company and sell it too soon and it goes up a ton you can also short sell something and that stock goes up and you get burdened that way you can buy call options or put options but do them for too short of a date instead of doing them for a longer date there are so many different ways to screw up in investments

And today i’m sharing my three biggest with you guys so starting off at the lisa bad of the three but still horrible there’s this company you may have heard of named facebook and in it was around i believe 2012 they had i peeled about six nine months before that and this was in 2012 when i invested in the stock and the shares at that time were twenty one dollars

A share that’s when i bought in twenty one dollars a share it i peeled at about thirty eight dollars a share and i liked where the business was going i saw the growth and whatnot and they were doing some interesting acquisition and i just really like this facebook company they were growing fast they were adding lots of users you know there are a huge name even back

Then at that time i really liked it so some time went by about a month shares went down a little bit then they went up then they went to about 23 dollars a share 23 dollars a share i decided me now i don’t know about this facebook company they’re not profitable and at that time they were not profitable and at that time i didn’t really mess with companies that were

Not profitable right then and there now facebook said profitability was right around the corner and they were right about that it came like a year or two later but at that time they were not profitable and i felt uncomfortable with it i sold out made a slight profit the i bought it at 21 sold at 23 made a decent profit in one month but facebook now is approaching

A hundred and twenty dollars a share four years later four years later its approaching a hundred and twenty dollars a share and i sold out at 23 imagine how many times i could have made a return on my investment over time if i would have just held that freakin facebook stop so what i learned from that because each one of these situations you have to learn from as

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An investor what i learned from is i can invest in non profitable companies facebook has a ton of money on the balance sheet at that time they were promising profitability would be coming very soon they delivered on that so what i learned from that feel comfortable if you’re investing in a company that may not be profitable right now but they’re promising profits

And if you can see the profits coming soon and then if they have a strong balance sheet there’s really nothing to worry about so don’t worry about it in facebook they did so many great moves they bought instagram for a billion dollars now i know that sounds like a lot of money a billion dollars but for instagram that’s nothing instagrams arguably the second or

Third most popular entire social media platform by itself now you know you can see facebook’s number one then you can argue is twitter or snapchat or instagram i would say instagrams probably second biggest social media outlet out there so what acquisition by them let’s go on this mistake number two mistake number two was this company i came across in around 2011

I was working as an assistant manager at that time of a very popular convenience store chain name kwik trip and i saw there’s this drink we were so so much of these guys landscapers and everybody early in the morning five six in the morning they would bring them up one by one and we were just selling like crazy they were called monster energy this monster energy

I wasn’t really familiar with it it’s an energy drink i started looking at the sales it was a number one selling drink violet it was out selling arrowhead bottles of water and the error the other water brands and everything it was number one buy a lot even though the less popular kind of monster energy which was like the sugar free kind that would still i believe

The third best selling product in the entire store it was unbelievable so i’m like i think i should check out this company so i checked him out they were trading at that time at a market cap of around three billion dollars and they were growing fast i could see that on the charts and everything the income statement they had a strong balance sheet it was looking

Really good their pe was a little high from what i used to i was used to investing in i believe you at that time it was around the 20 or 22 in a lot of stocks i invested in were under 17 so i bought it in i made a very good profit in about a six months time six or seven months down the road i sold that stock i sold it for i believe a fifty five fifty seven percent

Profit which is unbelievable i was like holy smokes did i kick ass on that one i made a huge profit in such a short time but i sold way way way too soon at that time the pe was now approaching around the 30 estrange and i felt uncomfortable with that i really did because you know i’m used to investing in his lower p companies well now monster beverages market cap

Is getting up close to 30 billion 30 billion so five years later they went from around three billion where i invested to around thirty billion it uh huge insane difference i could have made ten times my money if i would have just stayed in monster beverage rather than get out and sell out there was such a great run company there was so well run and now coca-cola is

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Invested in them and they’re just going to the pluto moon it is unbelievable that company so i sold way too soon and what i learned from that is it’s okay to invest in high pe companies as long as they have the growth to match and monster had the growth to match they were growing at a phenomenal phenomenal clip it was ridiculous revenue was always up profits were

Going up even faster so that’s mistake number two sold way too soon on both facebook and monster buy learn different lessons i learned i could invest in unprofitable company and i learned i could invest in a company with a higher p than i was used to used to mistake number three this one really gets me upset because this one i knew to never mess with it and then

I did it is investing on margin for those of you who are not who do not know what investing on margin means there is something you can create called a margin account i always knew about this almost from the time i was learning about vesting when i was 19 years old or so and it’s basically where you can invest $2 for every $1 you invest you can basically take out

Loan to invest in stock more so your gains could be more well you know what can also be more your losses and i’m a long-term investor but margin may be become very short-term thinking so last year i got i was up almost two years ago now i got going so bad on margin where i was like maxed out i had the most amount of money i could possibly have invested myself plus

As much as paul on the margin account and you know what happened the stock market stopped going up you know what else will happen my companies have some weak parts and they faltered a bit and you know what that did it pushed the stock price down and when you’re investing on margin and the stock price goes down it’s not just like all the stock prices down a while

I’m down a little bit of money no you have what call what is called margin calls when a margin call comes in that means you need to sell a certain amount of that stock so ten thousand twenty thousand whatever worth of that stock within three business days so i was being forced to then sell these stocks at at prices i didn’t want to sell them at but i had no choice

Because it’s not like i had a bunch more money to funnel in to cover the margin call which is what you need to do so i ain’t have had a margin call and then that led to another margin call and the another stock faltered and that led to another margin call and i was losing money left and right there were so many days when i would wake up and i had already lost five

Figures that day five figures there might not be a lot of you’re a multi-millionaire you know lose ten thousand here fifteen thousand here when you’re a normal person and you’re losing that kind of money on back-to-back days it is horrible it’s horrible so i messed around a margin and when i started on it it was going so bad it was going so well and i was like this

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Is great i’m gonna get amplified my return so much more uh you know i got this track record of doing so well and investing like i said when you’re going on margin it is it’s just bad if it’s like margin to certain investors like myself who want to just buy when their stock goes down and they they just can’t say no and they just want to put more money into it it’s

Like some people you know they start off smoking weed and they’re fine in their life’s okay at that point and then they try like cocaine or something and then their life turned completely bad that was like me as far as investing in margin it just went south so fast so i said nowadays i tell no one i told me i tell every to not mess around with margin don’t even

Do it i don’t care how talented you are i don’t care how good you are however well you think i’ll like i’m so disciplined i can hold i cannot do what he did i can not go all in those kinds of things i tell everybody don’t even screw with it it’s not worth it in my opinion it’s really not worth it it was a horrible decision by me and i really screwed up on that one

I last saw a lot of money a lot of money that it’s gonna take a while to get back so you know these were the mistakes i shared with you guys today i’m man enough to admit it and that’s part of investing you got to be man enough to admit or woman enough you got to be man enough or woman enough to admit these mistakes when you make them and then learn on that’s all

You can do there’s only one life to live so you might as well learn and learn and move on and get better the great thing for me is i’ve learned all these mistakes in my i learned them all in my early 20s i learned all those mistakes i’m talking about right now i learned them all before i was even 25 26 years old the monster beverage and the face book and things

Those mistakes for me when i was 22 23 years old so i imagine how much that’s gonna help me later on down the road you know what i mean when i’m 35 or 40 a lot of people would they start investing at that age or 40 or 50 or whatnot and then they’re learning those types of mistakes i was learning in my 20s so that’s why i try to tell you guys try to invest as early

As possible make sure you learn everything first but the earlier you get started the better off you’ll be because you will learn so much more so much faster and then that stuff’s just gonna help you out later in life anyways thank you so much for watching today guys if you haven’t subscribed you may wanna or talked a ton about personal finance i talk a ton about

Stock market type subjects like today investing and i talk about business i’m a young entrepreneur i’m a young business owner i give a lot of tips to other business owners anyways have a great day you

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