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Going over some basic tips on how to get a high credit score. But once you get a high credit score, what do you do with it? You take advantage of it to get all the great cash back deals of course!

Hey what’s up everybody today we’re gonna talk about credit cards so why should you listen to me about finances is because i just got my credit report and look right here it says eight hundred and forty eight points you can only get up to eight hundred fifty points and i don’t think anyone ever gets eight hundred fifty points i remember reading a while ago that

Some guy had the highest score in the nation and it was eight hundred forty eight as well so here you go i’m gonna explain to you how you can get such a high score and a little bit about other little finance tricks mainly today i’m just gonna talk about credit cards and how i deal with them i’m just gonna highlight some points the first point is the total amount of

Debt you have running on your credit cards compared to how much credit limit you have so you happen to have a really large credit limit either it doesn’t affect you very much if you just have one person of that let’s say you have i don’t know a hundred thousand dollars of credit line right and then you a thousand all the time 1% then it’s not gonna affect it very

Much but if you have half of it let’s say 50,000 if you owe then then it’s gonna be a big deal but at the same time if you have a really low credit limit like let’s say $1,000 and then you’ll you know just five hundred dollars then you’re also gonna get a really bad score very important thing is i always pay the credit card on time i always pay in full you need

To make sure you don’t have a running balance on it which affects the first criteria if you have a whole bunch of crappy credit cards laying around and you don’t really use them it’s not really good to cancel them because then they’ll reduce your total amount of credit you can borrow how do you pay on time all the time you just make sure you have auto pay on and

Make sure that it pays all the time and every single time some cards that don’t allow you to do auto pay is bank of america which is a bit tricky so i just tend to not use those cards at all just because i can’t do auto pay in those one other thing i noticed the credit report will show how active your card is if you have a card that’s sitting there and you’re not

Actively using it it’ll kind of be labeled not actively use i’m not sure how much that deals with the credit score but what i try to do is always just use a little bit on the card and if it’s on auto pay it doesn’t really matter just just you know they’ll just pay the small amount every month i have been late couple times on my credit card before and they charge

Me something like thirty five dollars so you can call them up and tell them you know this setter that happened and then they’ll just simply waive it for you if it’s your first time and we can save yourself thirty five dollars except a lot of times that miss payment is still gonna go on your credit score this was quite a long time ago of course that doesn’t factor

In the high credit score i got now credit score assigned out what i really want to talk about is how to use your credit cards mainly for the amount of cash back you can get there’s a way to optimize all of this so that you get the maximum cash back so you can have a high credit score you probably have some of these credit cards up in the top of opperating let’s

Say you bought something for $100 and at the end of the month you paid your credit card $100 and they pay out the ninety five dollars to the merchant and then they keep five dollars of it as a fee for the transaction fee what you’re doing here as a cash back program type of thing is if you use it wisely you can actually take this five dollars and put it back into

Your own pocket so essentially you’re giving the merchants $95 so if you spent $100 on the restaurant meal then you’re really only given $95 i’m gonna pull out my wallet here and kind of show you some of the cards i use most often you can basically get about 5% cash back on almost everything a lot of times like chase freedom would would give you like these rotating

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Categories which i don’t even deal with because i have i have this set of credit cards that is not rotating and i don’t have to keep track of which one or which month to use or what not so basically it’s like a fixed category and there’s a there is a upper limit on how much you spend on each one those r’s like smaller details but if you just keep within this limit

Then you won’t go over and you always get the 5% back so for example if you have a target card you just get one of those or whenever you shop at target you get 5% you get the target card and you get 5% back immediately off so i just get that card and whenever i go to target i use the target card i have a sally me rewards card which gives you 5% on groceries and 5%

On gas up to $250 per month so it’s a good amount you know the if you spend over that then you might need to supplement it with another card that will allow you to get 5% africa trees or whatnot so this is this is kind of enough for me to spend 5% to spend $250 on gas and $250 on groceries next you there is this card called us bank cash plus card which gives you 5%

On restaurants so i think there’s no limit on that so you can just go to any restaurant every time you go to a restaurant it’s a visa so you can use at more places than american express and you just whip out this us cash plus car and get 5% on everything $100 meal right you get 5% off of that becomes $95 and it adds up quite quick if you’re a big big restaurant

Eater like i am my restaurant every non other fidelity investment rewards card which gives you two percent on everything else you don’t actually get this back in cash you get this back in your investment so if you’re going to put money in there any way you could just you didn’t just pretend oh i’m gonna put money in there let me just not put as much in there and

Then pretend you know it’s it’s 2% back it’s really you know all and it’s all really the same anyway so it’s it’s kind of it is it is 2% except that you don’t get that in cold hard cash so the last one i want to mention is the chase inc business card it’s a business credit card so you need a business to use this one you get 3% back on office supply so office max or

Whatever or you can get the 3% back home improvement like home depot or lowe’s you can get 3% there whenever you go to these places you use this card for those things and it seems like out of all these things you got everything covered pretty much everything you would spend normally anywhere you can go to have these covered if you’re paying bills you would use the

Fidelity investments such as my dsl cable whatever insurance car insurance you just pay that with the fidelity so let’s say your car insurance is $1,000 a year two percent off of that is 20 bucks if you set it up properly this is like you get all this cash back and you don’t have to do much more whenever you pay you gotta be conscious of which car to use sometimes

When i go to a restaurant and i had a few drinks i would forget to use the us bank card and use another one and i don’t get the rewards so the next one i want to talk about is the special one you have your base ones that you use all the time and then sometimes maybe if you have a really big purchase then you can get these credit cards and then buy that really big

Item or you can get you can get these credit cards and put all that spending in there instead and get your rewards back so if you’ve got the patience like i do then you would go around getting credit cards getting the offers and getting the rewards for them and after you yeah but you get the rewards you can cancel the card because usually they have a yearly fee so

If you’re thinking about getting the snaprite car it’s actually pretty cool because the card is actually made out of metal it’s sandwiched between a little piece of metal and it feels noticeably heavier when you hold it like whew cool look at this it’s it’s a little heavy it got a lot of credit in here that’s why it’s so heavy so one of one of the deals is you can

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Get a chase sapphire card and if you spend about 2,500 dollars over the course of three months or get forty thousand points the forty thousand points will convert into about five hundred dollars if you spend it within their little travel network thing that’s the most bang for the buck you can get is buying plane tickets because if you if you use that for anything

Else for example transfer to an amazon account or something like that you only get $400 so your best bet to get airplane ticket or something and increases by another 25% so right there you spend 2500 you get $500 back that’s pretty darn good that’s like you know you can buy whatever you want for you know 20% off really the next one i want to talk about is the amex

Goal this might have been in a special deal because they got some letter in the mail asking me to apply basically what this card is is you have to pay a yearly fee of 100 but first years free you spend $1,000 and they give you five hundred dollars after you spend a thousand what the heck is like you get 50% off of something so i promptly spent $100,000 of on you

Know whatever stuff i need to get for example this camera that you’re seeing me through right now i bought with this what the with these with these cards and you get $500 off like i got a $500 home depot car which was one of the better deal because for a home depot card you can actually use that car for quite expensive things this is actually the card i got from

Them and there you go i’m going to talk about a few other cards so there’s this bank of america cash rewards card there was some deal about it and you know i mentioned all these cards so there’s always deals with credit cards and whenever they give you a big bonus on top make sure you can meet the requirements and jump on top of it and make sure that if there’s

Some sort of annual fee make sure you cancel the card so you don’t pay the annual it’s never a good idea to pay the annual fee even though they make it really attractive for you because you might go oh i’m gonna spend enough of it and the the points gonna make up for for the annual fee well for me none of my cards have annual fee and i enjoy that that i don’t have

To pay an annual fee in apt it you know makes some sort of minimum purchase in order to you know go over this catalyst hump here i just want to remind you that you cannot do auto pay on this you have to manually pay so it’s kind of annoying but i remember getting about a hundred dollars of free free money from this card transferred into them account one when you

Do the direct transfer you get another 25 percent or something like that so it was actually $125 how do you spend like $100 a great card but the cash back on it it’s not very good so i’m going to be careful with this card so the next card is the better balance rewards card from bank of america you get a reward every quarter which is every three months of a maximum

Of thirty dollars and what you need to do in order to get this reward is you need to use a card once and make sure you pay it off and you do that three times and at the end of the quarter you get thirty dollars you got to make sure you pay it every month because there’s no automatic pay on this card nor any of the other bank of america i ever had so you gotta be

Very diligent with this card in order to get the reward if you miss it for one month then that’s it you don’t get the reward everyone has this chase freedom it seems and it has the rolling category thing where it’s usually like 5% or this or that but then when they put the category as movies i’m not gonna watch that much movies compared to gas right i watch very

Little movies and so the rotating category a bit annoying so after they started this rotating thing about three years ago or four years ago i think i’ve started using this card less and less and from before you saw that i kind of replaced what this card did with other cards that are not as popular then you would have the amazon card here a lot of people like this


Amazon card from chase because you get 3% back on everything you buy on amazon it’s great you get this card and you don’t have to do any thinking and you can just go and get whatever you want and get through 3% cashback but what you can do as a hack is you can go buy gift cards of that 5% amount from you know some other cards and then you can use those gift cards

On amazon instead effectively you’re getting 5% rather than 3% so 3% is actually a bit on the low side so one thing to say about these thus at chase sapphire and the amex gold is that they do have a yearly fee after i get these great deals i’m planning to cancel them right before they charge me the membership fee the way i remind myself how they do it is i put

It in my google calendar and then i remind myself hey cancel this before i charge you 100 bucks for membership fee just just do it you got to be diligent about this and can do it if you’re not on top of things like that you can miss it so make sure you’re the type of person where you can handle these kind of extra tasks over over the course of the year so here

I’m just calling up all the rewards i’ve gotten over this year these are you know the big chunks of it it’s probably i probably have little things left and right at it in somehow chase sapphire $500 right there amex american express gold gift $500 there us bank sally made 5% on restaurant gas groceries i asked them in about $500 a month i’m a spent it’s probably

Closer to 700 but let’s just say is 500 that’s about 300 dollars a year in cash rewards and this actually you’ll cash that gets credited in this into the statement then you have these one-off cards this better balance one is gonna cancel because it doesn’t not have very good percentage cash back bank of america better better balance rewards got under twenty-five

Dollars back from there bank of america cash rewards where you do that quarterly thing i just talked about again under twenty well you pull it up you get 1500 45 dollars just spending the money that you already would have spent so i’m curious about you guys if you do the same kind of things with your credit card it takes quite a bit of effort and i know some

Friends of mine do exactly the same thing they may not have the same exact card but it’s roughly the same you try to get all the cash back and stuff and i know at least one other person has one of these little card things they write breakdown which car has which kind of cash back and then you just pull it on and go okay yeah you know for gas i need to use this car

At a hardware store i need to use this car so this is like a cheat sheet for that so if you have any suggestions for any kind of better deals and actually go and apply for whatever car that has a really good deal i’m sure there’s better deals out there than what i mentioned but i think these are pretty good already if you’re interested in the chase sapphire card i

Put a link at the bottom and you can apply to that so those are all the best cards i know of i hope you get something out of this and maybe apply to some of the cards and get all this rebates back as well so if you like this video please click thumbs up for me it really helps me out and subscribing you really like my channel so these are all my credit cards 1 2 3

4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 so you have plenty of credit cards like i do already don’t be afraid to cancel some of them and if you cancel them is actually good for you because you can remove that from the credit card company and let it lay dormant and stuff and maybe years later it’ll come up with another great deal and you can sign up for vs. if you

Have the card already you can’t sign up for any more

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