My Dream of Riding a Helicopter

One bucket list item that stands out from all the rest is riding a helicopter. I actually was okay with riding one anywhere but I thought making it dual purpose would be even better! So then I strung it together with touring around grand canyon which turns out to be an excellent choice. Being able to see it from the sky and moving at a slow rate really gave a perspective you cannot obtain any other way.

How’s it going everybody this is beat the bush today i am riding a helicopter ever since i was little i was very interested in helicopter to the point where i spent every dollar i had at the time almost like a thousand three hundred or something back in junior high and i bought my own helicopter radial controlled one because i was so fascinated that these things

Vertically takes off and ever since i mean i never dreamed of i could even ride one i think i’m gonna be paying like $300 on this thing they’re not sponsored by the way and there are a lot of helicopter companies that would offer a similar tour i picked this one in particular because i like the look of it yes the appearance of the helicopter weighed in on my

Choice for this particular company i like how it sleek looking because they do have other helicopters where it’s the more traditional kind and you know you you will get the experience but i also wanted to ride a really cool one maybe they have nicer windows or something so that i can record better out of the windows for you guys so with that’s it i am waiting to

Get on one of these things and this is gonna mean so much to me i kinda like how the rear rotor is enclosed it kind of gives it this kind of sleek looking style to this helicopter alright we’re getting on you got the window seat yes awesome oh i really like helicopters during hot weather they can actually not carry as many people because they’re not moving as

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Much mass from the blades so for a very hot weather they have a lower capacity weight limit so they have to know the weight of every single person ha oh wow my good to tell you guys the truth i don’t really know what they called each one of these canyons they had a name for it like dragon head or something like that but i was just looking at the views with no

Reference to names or anything and what was going on in my head at this time is that the floor was up there like in the middle of the screen over there and you thought you were on ground level and then you look over the edge and it goes a mile down that just kind of gives me kind of like a reflection of how grand things can be took my breath away to see that it

Really is that grand and gives you perspective on on how big nature can get to give you guys some context here i was sleeping in the car for a good couple of days while traveling to this grand canyon thing and i mean you might think oh oh my gosh you know this guy you spent $300 on on a helicopter flight this is kind of something that you can’t really substitute

Because okay our commendations i don’t really care about that so then i slept in my car all it was also an experiment and i can save a lot of money i didn’t really eat very very cheaply so you know when you look at the way i spend it’s highly highly concentrated in what i want to do so some people might go oh my gosh you’re sleeping in the car you’re just kind of

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Like you know you’re basically homeless and i had some people in the commons kind of look down on me and kind of go oh yeah you know this is where you want to take it you know you you save a lot of money but why don’t you just get a place to stay the thing is i don’t care too much about where i’m staying especially when i can double duty and kind of test myself

Out to see how much i can push myself but then when it comes to helicopters i’m late ha ha you know it’s something i really like i’m gonna spend money on it so this is my reasoning and i would say it probably is very strange for a lot of people they’re not gonna have the same way of spending money as some people want to spend a lot on accommodations some people

Don’t and some people would not ever dream of paying $300 when you’re not even traveling one spot to another just taking a tour taking a look at grand canyon you know it might be a lot very expensive for a lot of people but this is how i choose to spend my money yay we did it don’t want to get our heads chopped off when those blades wait till it stops okay watch

Your step thank you so that was it thanks for watching everybody don’t forget to give me a like comment down below let me know what you think of this grand canyon tour and hitting those bucket list items and as always don’t forget to push that subscribe button and ring that bell icon sometimes you just want to sit around and think i think rather than just rush

Through things just sit around here and hear two crows squawk it’s about 6,000 feet from over here all the way down like a mile and it looks that way too it’s kind of scary and i think some people i mean they want to take great some people they want to take some people some people some people some people people people people people people some people some people

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Some people i don’t know what that crow wants some people wants to just do it really fast and look at everything and you know what coming here i feel like the helicopter ride is oh no you get to see like 20 times as much stuff because when you come to the rim and you’re looking at this view you only get one view you can drive around to different points but then

It’s not like the helicopter where you can go across the valley so because of that wow i think it’s it’s worse than $300 here you pay what was it $35 so if you want 20 times this $35 view you’ll pay $600 but seeing the difference between seeing this view and what you see on the helicopter i would have to say you do see a lot more so all for that ride now i would

Recommend it to other people to ride it and if you come from vegas where the helicopter is gonna shuttle you from vegas so you don’t have to drive this three four-hour long drive it’s gonna cost another two hundred dollars course i didn’t have to really pay this other than gas cuz i’m driving this borrowed car from my sister so anyway i’m gonna turn off the camera

Now and enjoy the view until no no it looks like there’s like couple hours left until sunset so i’m not gonna wait around that long this looks pretty scary i’m on my way back same view different angles

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My Dream of Riding a Helicopter By BeatTheBush

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