My Experience Retiring Early

I retired into a life of no commute and minimal work load. One can argue if this is really retirement as I am still doing some amount of work I enjoy. Which ever you want to call it, the way of life is drastically different than working a 9 to 5 job. Let me share all the outstanding things I have noticed with you.

How’s it going everybody it is a beautiful ish i think if you’re subscribed to this channel a lot of you are looking to retire early and since i sort of did it you know some you retire or whatnot you might want to get a glimpse on what to expect when you do retire so that when it does happen you’re not completely shocked you can get a taste of it today i am on

My car seat think this is salvaged from my mr2 back in the day and it does still work i have this you know i can it’s like a car seat thing and i like to put it next to this fireplace thing so that you can sit lower to the ground because you know you either just sit on the cushion and you don’t have anywhere to lean back against so this thing serves a very good

Purpose i like it myself so anyway i’m gonna go through the 10 things 10 different things on what i notice when i retired early so the dirt the first thing is you might think that i’m doing these daily videos because maybe i need the money that the truth is i don’t need the money i do need a little bit of it but i estimate that i might be able to get away with

Making only maybe one video a month maybe once every two weeks and i can probably still make enough money to sustain my burn rate because my burn rate is roughly $1,350 right now if i don’t go travel if i don’t go buy expensive electronics which i have plenty of already out of this camera i have tv and everything i have basically most of the things i actually

Need so therefore i don’t really need to buy more electronics unless i’m trying to upgrade forevermore which you guys know that i don’t really do so that’s one thing to say about these daily videos another one is the second thing is i work many people would say that i should have worked another year or two in engineering wow you know you make six figures and you

Could have made a lot more money and maybe retire come probably the way i look at it is this i have 30-some years before i actually retire these are what i think might be capable working years i might not i might you know get disabled or something next year but to me you know reasonable thinking i should be able to do 30 more years so instead of working another

One year which is at the time when i quit it was ruling it was really long i he did the commune and stuff so to me why not spread these 30 years why not spread this one extra year of working over let’s say two or three years of kind of coasting along and doing whatever the heck i want such as making these youtube videos which is a lot more fun for me i rather do

This for two years then work one year something i want to say is that out of this it’s been it’s april right now i think it’s been one a year and a half or so of me not working at a real job i feel like i’ve lived my life like at a rate of about five times as much i feel like i’ve completed that much over someone or over myself that at a time when i used to work

Let me explain this a little bit further during the time when i was working you know this five year span it just passed by so quickly and i would have things on my to-do list and i would never get those done it was it would usually be like my personal passion projects but now whenever i have some random idea i just get those done and i feel like really it’s it’s

About five times a little bit more than that maybe depending on how hard i push my eyes open and i’m not even pushing myself that much so that’s why i say when you’re living your life on your own terms you know after during this early retirement thing you’re really like kind of living it in in in high speed you your time kind of either feels like it slowed down

By 5x compared to someone who is you know doing their full-time job you know doing the grind which i feel like time passes by superduper quickly another thing about early retirement is that i feel like once you’re doing this you dictate what you do yourself every single day you are then really really a free person to me working you are you know you’re not a slave

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Really but then it’s kind of halfway in between there’s a huge gradient over here and i mean it’s kind of costly to try to retire early it costs a lot of money so although when you have a job you might like it but there are always certain things you need to do even right now you know in this whatever i’m doing making youtube videos there are certain things i still

Have to do sometimes they’re self-imposed for example i’m making daily videos these days i just kind of feel like it it’s is it slavery is it is it like not being as free when you choose to do it am i absolutely free because if you’re a youtuber you might not be absolutely free you are essentially required to keep on uploading i don’t know consistently every single

Week so there’s a broad range of freedom and even in this state i’m not completely free but certainly it’s a lot free than daily requirements of commuting to work i wake up whenever i want for example sometimes i would like to wake up at 6 a.m. sometimes i did that for a while for one reason or another and then today i woke up at about 10 a.m. sometimes i would wake

Up even at 2 p.m. so there is no requirement and sometimes i would forget when what day of the week it is sometimes i’m like hey how come people are willing to buy stuff off of me more so on amazon i’m sorry facebook marketplace on sunday and i had to really think about it say oh yeah i don’t remember people are more free on sunday because they’re not actually

Working so you know you get into this super kind of not realizing it kind of mode you know after a year and a half of this stuff you’re not in the mindset that you’re so busy every single day monday through friday anymore if you are ever sleepy sometimes i get sleepy because sometimes maybe i not might not have very good sleep for whatever reason sometimes i don’t

Know random event happen and i wake up in the middle of the night then you can actually take naps in the middle of the day any time that you want whereas if you’re at a job of course there’s unless you’re at one of those you know those big companies that have nap pods or something i kind of suspect on those if you can really go and take a nap for like two hours or

Something but anyway for me every single day monday through friday saturday and sunday if i ever really need a nap i can go take one so this is what comes with early retirement i’m never trying to push myself because i remember so while i’m was working usually maybe on sunday if i party too hard or something or maybe on thursday if i go out with friends party too

Hard the next day i would just be slogging it through and i would be pushing myself sometimes i would just be at my computer and i’m like kind of dozing off and stuff so i try not to do that but you know it happens to some of us sometime unless you’re really good about it but you know it’s it’s a kind of pain to me because if you’re pushing yourself to do something

While you’re deprived of sleep it’s you’re not really good at doing it so it’s better that you get rested first and then you know wake it back up and then you do your thing which is exactly what i do at anytime that i want same thing with being sick when you are sick at work a lot of times people rather push themselves to go to work so that they can save up that

Pto time sometimes is combined you have to take days off and it counts against you other times you can we use sick days for sick times but most the time you i feel like you’re pushing yourself a little bit because if you are ever a little bit sick i got sick very rarely over the past year actually because i have less contact with co-workers usually when i’m at

Work someone you can hear someone coughing maybe like kind of further down you know across within the same building but kind of across away and then you’re like oh shoot is that coming for me next and you know most the time you know after you know in the afternoon even you know just within a few hours you start feeling your throat kind of feeling congested and

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Then you get sick yourself what being early retired allows you to do is if you ever feel sick you can immediately just rest and then you tend to i feel like your sickness period is a lot shorter because you can go okay i’m just gonna take whatever time needed for my body to heal and you need it right away versus if you’re at a job it’ll you know you might try to

Push it all the way through to the weekend maybe three four days before friday comes and then you can go okay finally i’m a little bit sick so i’m gonna take it easy this weekend so this kind of postpones your your time to get well earlier i no longer have to fight traffic anymore if you guys are interested i tend to not go out during traffic hours sometimes i

Still need to do that for one reason or another but i try to schedule things so that i kind of leave during right after traffic hours over here in the bay area it’s between 7 a.m. and 10 a.m. there’s lots of traffic then and also between 2 p.m. and 8 p.m. so those times if you’re ever on you know a main artery freeway there’s gonna be lots of traffic so i try to

Like not go out during those times unless it’s absolutely necessary another thing that i was talking about at the very beginning is my to-do list i always have these ambitions to do during when i was working i always have these ideas all got to do this or do that sometimes there i guess my own interests you know and i realize that when you have time to actually do

It it could either be actual time or mental ability time when you’re exhausted from work when you look at that to-do list you might just be a mentally exhausted you’re not ready to tackle it versus are in early retirement then you have more mental ability and i realized that most of the taught time things on my to-do list actually does not take me all that much

Time to complete so these days i have the mental ability to and then i look at my to-do list and go oh okay that item okay let me just go do it and then lo and behold and you i didn’t even realize it i can actually get it completed in 15 minutes mental requirements is high however the actual time is low if that makes sense so these days my to-do list is is zero i

Don’t even have a to-do list whereas before when i was working i remember having like pages and pages of it maybe at least 15 20 items and it would just kind of go on for months i would have like five ten items that are you know i think it’s important and i want to do but then it would just keep on getting delayed i come home i’m tired i might forget it weekend

Comes i have something to do forget it this goes on and on and i’m sure you you you know have the same things you know even before you actually have to try out early retirement so this is just something i want to bring up too to let you realize that wow that’s why i can speed up my life at five times this rate of someone that is still working some of you might

Be concerned if you retire early you’re not gonna have a job anymore you’re not gonna have that commodity with coworkers yes that’s true you don’t have something where you go in every day and then you see the same people where you see more often than you actually see your own family eight hours a day you see your family what two hours a day but i had to say there

Are other substitutes okay you can go to meetups with other people as a youtuber i can meet other youtubers i go to conventions there are financial conventions i’m thinking about going to in those things you can kind of supplement kind of this social interaction with other people certainly it’s you know you can see right now i am at home there’s nobody around if i

Can go outside and and just yell and there’s nobody out in the street right now so it’s a lot different certainly suits people that are more solitary and kind of introverted like myself so i am perfectly comfortable in this position and know sometimes you know when you when i go to work before i’m like i don’t want to see those people certain people right there’s

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Always people that you don’t really want to see i remember not have to bring this up because i suddenly remember there’s this guy this is more like politics back at one of my previous jobs and i i tend to try to shy away from any of this politic stuff but i totally think it was this guy that keeps on complaining about me you know i tend to be very blunt at work

And maybe it might not be the best way to get along with people but this guy he i feel like he got offended and you know he just tried to work the system to to make things goes goes against me anyway something else about vacation time vacation time it’s almost like it’s not yours for reina early retirement obviously you know i have that t-shirt that says infinite

Occasion you basically go on vacation anywhere you want but i found out that there’s something more important for me than vacation right now i already did ten weeks of it the past 12 months got plenty of it you know went to new york going to hong kong went to barcelona went to japan just whole bunch of places went to disney world just within the past year and this

Is something i could not do while getting you know while at a job they give me two weeks vacation three weeks maybe four weeks if you’re really good about it maybe you have one of those jobs with infinite vacation about ten weeks i don’t know if i can do that it at many different jobs and they’ll still be ok with it so this timed this time allowed me to go on all

These vacation and just get my you know get my share fair share work no get my feelings work you know so that i feel like i am you know i’m full from having vacation having said that i start to think about ok sometimes when i go to certain places i feel like oh my gosh this is just kind of all the same thing especially the tourist stuff i’m sure there are places

That would be interesting and stuff but also you know when i’m fake asian again i get a little bit tired from walking everywhere you kind of feel like oh i’m here i’m spending fifty dollars a day a hundred dollars a day to be here i better make the most of it so you just kind of compelled to go out walk around some more just kind of wear yourself out it kind of

Sucks to go on vacation for two weeks and then you you kind of force yourself which you need to to kind of have a rest day of not walking anywhere at all actually i feel like after i vacation for a week or two i feel like i need to come back and i actually need to rest for a whole week from those two weeks of vacation these days what’s more important to me is

Current kind of more of what’s internal i have a lot of stuff that’s my justification i’m trying to minimize those things and through this effort i feel like i can do something more with myself maybe i can be more mobile maybe i can more easily rent this place out whatever a reason it is i feel like it’s i feel like that’s the direction i need to go versus you know

If i go on vacation it’s just kind of putting all this on pause if that makes any sense that’s kind of more important to me to to reduce the stuff i have you know even if i’m not getting that much money i could you know spend my effort doing other things i just you know there’s something good about selling something and getting some money from it and also getting

Some use out of it you know when someone else is gonna take that item they’re gonna use it some more something about the efficiency aspect of it just really appeals to me so those are all the things i think i covered at least 10 items that is apparent – early retirement thanks for watching this video i hope this was not too long let me check how long it is oh 20

Minutes i probably gonna cut out there’s only gonna be like two or three cuts in this video i hope you guys enjoyed it don’t forget to give me a like on this video push that subscribe button and ring that bell icon thanks for watching

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