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Hi i’m tasha with one big happy life on behalf of the financial diet and this is the lifestyle fix brought to you by skill share the lifestyle fix is all about helping you build the life that you want on any budget and in today’s video i am going to be talking about my own budget and in particular how much money i spent in february so this is my february spending

Diary now i did do a spending diary back in january so if you haven’t seen that one you should definitely go check that out and i will drop a link to that down in the description box so january was a no spend month for our family so our goal was to stick to our budget and spend the least amount of money that we could you know within reason we were kind of flexible

With ourselves during that month to help facilitate our debt payoff so february was closer to a regular spending month for us but we did have some special things come up that where we spent more than we normally would so let’s get into how much we spent in february so first off the thing that you should know is that i am an attorney and so is my partner joseph and we

Each make a six-figure income we also have a business that is a six-figure business so in the month of february our full income after taxes after saving for retirement after paying for most of our insurance was $23,000 for the month of february 60% of that came from our day jobs and 40% of that came from our business in january i went over our recurring household

Expenses they total approximately six thousand dollars and that equals our mortgage utilities car insurance cell phone childcare and some supplemental insurance that we pay for outside of our regular insurance so i’m not gonna go into detail with those but if you want to know a breakdown of what our household budget is you should head over and check out the january

Spending update ok so now let’s get into the specifics from my february spending diary so first let’s talk about food normally we budget around $1,000 a month for groceries and eating out this month we did go over budget and we spent 1,100 sixty-five dollars on food and eating out and the reason why that happens is we do work full-time and we run a business that

Makes six figures and in order for that business to make six figures we have had to take on a lot of new things than what we did in the beginning when the business first started out so what that means is sometimes we just don’t get a chance to go to the grocery store and we end up just grabbing some food especially at having our teenager swing by a fast food place

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On our way home and just bring home some food so that happened a couple of times this month unexpectedly because we did have a few big projects that we were pushing through to get done next let’s talk about gifts so we do set aside money every month for gifts and this month we actually spent some of that money because it was our son reeves birthday he turned three

Years old so we spent two hundred and fifty dollars this month on reeves birthday that includes $30 for balloons and a couple other things from party city a hundred dollars in gifts from target and seventeen dollars from build-a-bear workshop and we also used a hundred dollars worth of gift cards that we bought back in december for $80 but that’s not included here

And then we also spent $60 for breakfast at ihop and $50 for cupcakes for his class party so it was race for day these were planned expenses when we did our one-year spending plan we did account for basically three hundred dollars worth of gift expenses for this month so that’s perfectly basically on budget for us and if you don’t know what a one year spending plan

Is i will drop a link to a video that explains the whole thing next up we spent four hundred and thirty dollars on date night this month this was our first romantic night away from the kids in three whole years we spent two hundred and fifty dollars for a hotel suite that has an awesome jetted bath tub for two people it’s the same hotel suite that we went to on our

Babymoon when i was very much nine months pregnant with a baby and just wanted to float in a bathtub we also spent $40 on parking and a hundred and forty dollars for dinner which was a six chorus prefix dinner at a cute peruvian restaurant nearby i actually even left my computer at home for the first time which in i don’t even know how long so it’s the first night

That i only worked a tiny little bit since we started our business just over two years ago i do have to say that i did work a little because i used my phone to get pictures and video for my instagram stories but when we were away from home i don’t post in real time so i didn’t post them until we were back at home with the kids so i still did work but it was really

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Light work and let me tell you yes it was a lot of money but oh my gosh did joseph and i need a break we do work all the time we work a lot in between our day jobs and then our business and then also of course spending time with our kids taking care of our toddler and so it doesn’t leave us as much time for one-on-one a couple time maintaining our relationship

Keeping that spark alive as we would like and so that money it was totally well spent we also had $400 in medical expenses this month so joseph and i are in the midst of undergoing ivf treatment we’re actually right in the beginning so we just did a lot of the diagnostic testing and that included three hundred dollars to do a semen analysis for joseph and to

Freeze his sperm because he’s also planning on having some surgery in a couple of weeks and just in case there’s a conflict we wanted to have some backup sperm on hand and we also have $70 worth of co-pays for our ivf consultation and a $30 copay for joseph’s surgery next we spent eleven hundred and fifty dollars on travel this month five hundred dollars of that

Was for ticket changed fees for our trip to london and i’ll try to make this story as concise as possible but basically my parents were supposed to come with us because my mom and i are no longer speaking they’re not coming and they decided that they were not going to pay us the money for the tickets so they didn’t get to keep the ticket and meanwhile we gave

Them to friends of ours who actually came to our rescue when the situation happened with my mom that led us to not talking to her and staying with our kids for three days while we were out of town while alexis was sick with a fever while reeves took off his clothing and smear to poop all over the place and while our dog who is getting older and used to be perfectly

House trained also pooped all over the house so they deserve this trip to london so we needed to change the tickets away from my parents name and over to their names and so that’s where that $500 came from and we also spent $400 for our amtrak tickets because our flights actually leave out of new york city so we’ll be training from the dc area up to new york city

And then flying over to london in march we also spent two hundred and twelve dollars on clothing now normally we do have a separate clothing budget but this clothing budget was specifically allocated for our london trip because again we do have an online business and part of that is having photos and pictures and content for our instagram account and also making


Videos for youtube and so we want to make sure that we are budgeting for clothing to create that content so we have pictures where we look really cute and so that clothing budget was part of the planned budget for that trip now let’s talk about where the overwhelming majority of the money went this month and we paid off $13,000 worth of debt we paid off some roof

Work that we had done and an ac loan that we took out three years ago when we first bought our house and so with that we are done with our major push towards debt payoff this year and it’s really a wonderful thing to have been able to pay off that much money very easily all because we spent well the past two and a half years building a side hustle to an online

Business which gave us the opportunity to be able to drop a big chunk of cash on our debt all at once if you want more details on our current net worth you can check out our february net worth update and i’ll drop a link to that down in the description box that i’ve shared how i spent my money in february let’s talk about a great place to go shopping for some new

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My February Spending Diary | The Lifestyle Fix By The Financial Diet

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